Gedichte von Friedrich Schlegel. From this time on, he became more and more opposed to the principles of political and religious freedom. He lectured on modern European history (1810),ancient and modern literature (1811), the philosophy of life (1827),the philosophy of history (1828) and the philosophy of language(1828–1829, a lecture series that was never completed because ofSchlegel's death). This turning eastward for inspiration goes back to two fathers of German intellectualism, namely Immanuel Kant and Johann Gottfried Herder. With his brother, Schlegel founded the Athenaeum (1798–1800), the organ of the Romantic school, in which he dissected disapprovingly the immensely popular works of the sentimental novelist August Lafontaine. Ganon becomes in Latin cantus, from the root gi, giyote [he sings]; in the Persian khöndan [to sing and read]. Friedrich Schlegel war kein einfaches Kind. Karl Wilhelm Friedrich (after 1814: von) Schlegel (/ˈʃleɪɡəl/;[8] German: [ˈfʁiːdʁɪç ˈʃleːgl̩];[8][9][10] 10 March 1772 – 12 January 1829) was a German poet, literary critic, philosopher, philologist, and Indologist. Those that came after him would build on what he had begun. See R. Haym, Die romantische Schule (1870); I. Rouge, F. Schlegel et la genie du romantisme allemand (1904); by the same, Erläuterungen zu F. Schlegels „Lucinde“ (1905); M. Joachimi, Die Weltanschauung der Romantik (1905); W. Glawe, Die Religion F. Schlegels (1906); E. Kircher, Philosophie der Romantik (1906); M. Frank "Unendliche Annäherung". Atmoh, which signifies ipse and spiritus, has already been noticed in the Greek and German, atmé and athem [breath]. The first to notice what became known as Grimm's law, Schlegel was a pioneer in Indo-European studies, comparative linguistics, and morphological typology, publishing in 1819 the first theory linking the Indo-Iranian and German languages under the Aryan group. The Latin video is somewhat different in signification, but more closely resembling the Indian in form. Momoh monoson, in the Latin mens, the verb monyote [he thinks] is found in the German meinet. Meanwhile he had published his collected Geschichte (Histories) (1809) and two series of lectures, Über die neuere Geschichte (On Recent History) (1811) and Geschichte der alten und neuen Literatur (On Old and New Literature) (1815). Change ). The root re signifies speech or language, rede in German. In 1808, he and his wife joined the Roman Catholic Church in the Cologne Cathedral. [Trans. In 1808 Schlegel converted to Catholicism. 2. by E.J. Friedrich Schlegel's Sämtliche Werke appeared in 10 vols. For two years he studied law at Göttingen and Leipzig, and he met with Friedrich Schiller. This was an early break from bible-based Judeo-Christian cultural centrism and genealogy, and put the origins of European people somewhere in the mountains of Asia as opposed to the biblical Middle East. At long last, we finally have what was so desperately needed:  a clear demonstration of the common origin of the Indo-European family of languages. Here Schlegel exhorts us to see Indian literature as a worthy companion to the writings of classical Greece and Rome: The study of Indian literature requires to be embraced by such students and patrons as in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries suddenly kindled in Italy and Germany an ardent appreciation of the beauty of classical learning, and in so short a time invested it with such prevailing importance, that the form of all wisdom and science, and almost of the world itself, was changed and renovated by the influence of that re-awakened knowledge. His religious conversion ultimately led to his estrangement from family and old friends. By her first marriage she had two sons, Johannes and Philipp Veit, who became eminent Catholic painters. In 1806 he and his wife went to visit Aubergenville, where his brother lived with Madame de Staël. Karl Friedrich von Schlegel was born on 10 March 1772 at Hanover, and his father was the Lutheran pastor Johann Adolf Schlegel in the Marktkirche. In 1814 he was knighted in the Supreme Order of Christ. That this happened is principally due to the efforts of a passionate German Romantic philosopher and linguist named Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel (commonly cited as Friedrich Schlegel). Another form, closely connected with this and with the German muth [spirit, courage], is found in amódoh [pleasure], anmuth; the a in the Indian amódo (which probably is also allied with the Persian oméd [hope]) is used merely as a prefix; from the same root we shall then have unmadoh; un being the regular form adopted for the sake of euphony, instead of ut; unmadoh [desperate, furious], literally the same as ermens, may have been contracted into the English mad. Schlegel published Die Griechen und Römer (The Greeks and Romans), which was followed by Geschichte der Poesie der Griechen und Römer (History of the Poesy of the Greeks and Romans) (1798). the Th irty Years War) in 1792. Life is a stern struggle between conflicting powers. As we have noted, he was not the first to make this observation; but he was able to articulate his points in a way that the public could understand, and this made all the difference. Wir bieten Lebenslauf, Biografie und eine Werk-Übersicht von Friedrich Schiller. To make pleasure the sole object of life is to defeat our own intention; for man exists but in accordance with the decrees of nature, and her laws stand in constant opposition to his own desires. Before we begin, I cannot resist here quoting a favorite passage of mine from his essay “On the Limits of the Beautiful.”  It is an idea that resonates in my own experience, and encapsulates the classical ideal of reasonable moderation: The soul needs a certain amount of intellectual enjoyment to give it strength adequate for the daily struggle in which it is involved. März 1772 in Hannover; † 12. He edited the journal Europa (1803), where he published essays about Gothic architecture and the Old Masters. In collaboration with Josef von Pilat, editor of the Österreichischer Beobachter, and with the help of Adam Müller and Friedrich Schlegel, Metternich and Gentz projected a vision of Austria as the spiritual leader of a new Germany, drawing her strength and inspiration from a romanticised view of a medieval Catholic past.[17]. Without understanding a territory’s language(s) and culture, an occupation is going to be much harder and much less rewarding, as the distinguished American sage George W Bush can attest. He went to Vienna and in 1809 was appointed imperial court secretary at the military headquarters, editing the army newspaper and issuing fiery proclamations against Napoleon. März 1772 geboren . Jones was also one of the first Europeans to translate a major work of Sanskrit literature, the play Shakuntala (अभिज्ञानशाकुन्तलम्), authored by the revered dramatist Kalidasa. The energies of the mind are as completely shattered and destroyed by constant restraint, as they are relaxed and enfeebled by perpetual enjoyments. What was once exotic and inaccessible now became comprehensible and accessible. Schlegel died in 1829, at the age of 56. In April 1804 he married Dorothea Veit in the Swedish embassy in Paris, after she had undergone the requisite conversion from Judaism to Protestantism. [16] Lucinde, in which he extolled the union of sensual and spiritual love as an allegory of the divine cosmic Eros, caused a great scandal by its manifest autobiographical character, mirroring his liaison with Dorothea Veit, and it contributed to the failure of his academic career in Jena [15] where he completed his studies in 1801 and lectured as a Privatdozent on transcendental philosophy. He moved to Austria in 1809, where he became a diplomat and journalist in service of Klemens von Metternich, the Foreign Minister of the Austrian Empire. Others, on the contrary, who devote themselves to glorious deeds, and seek enjoyment only in the intervals of more serious exertion, will have their best reward in the pure, unchanging happiness purchased by such self-denial. [12][13], Karl Friedrich von Schlegel was born on 10 March 1772 at Hanover, where his father, Johann Adolf Schlegel, was the pastor at the Lutheran Market Church. Einführung Wer sich der Aufgabe stellt, Schlegels fragmentarische Äußerungen zur Kritik systematisch oder im systematischen Zusammenhang He lectured on philosophy in private courses for Sulpiz Boisserée, and under the tutelage of Antoine-Léonard de Chézy and linguist Alexander Hamilton he continued to study Sanskrit and the Persian language. Januar 1829 in Dresden), seit 1814 von Schlegel, meist kurz Friedrich Schlegel genannt, war ein deutscher Kulturphilosoph, Schriftsteller, Literatur- und Kunstkritiker, Historiker und Altphilologe. [11] In 1799 he published Lucinde, an eccentric and unfinished novel, which is remarkable as an attempt to transfer to practical ethics the Romantic demand for complete individual freedom. He accompanied archduke Charles, Duke of Teschen to war and was stationed in Pest during the War of the Fifth Coalition. He began a career as a writer and lecturer, and founded journals such as Athenaeum. Here he advanced his ideas about religion and importantly argued that a people originating from India were the founders of the first European civilizations. Schlegel separates his book into discussions on (1) the Indian language generally; (2) the affinity of its roots; (3) the grammatical structure of Sanskrit; (4) the classification of language groups; (5) the origins of language; and (6) the differences between languages. Friedrich Schlegel war neben seinem Bruder August Wilhelm Schlegel einer der wichtigsten Vertreter der „Jenaer Frühromantik“. Fichte, Goethe, Kant, Lessing, and Rousseau, were signifi cant infl uences. Kant was convinced that all European arts came from India and Herder, a romantic nationalist, considered India the birthplace of mankind. In 1808 he published an epoch-making book, Über die Sprache und Weisheit der Indier (On the Language and Wisdom of India). ( Log Out /  Learn how your comment data is processed. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. In 1796 he moved to Jena, where his brother August Wilhelm lived, and here he collaborated with Novalis, Ludwig Tieck, Fichte, and Caroline Schelling, who married August Wilhelm. Novalis and Schlegel had a famous conversation about German idealism. Friedrich Schlegel's wife, Dorothea von Schlegel, authored an unfinished romance, Florentin (1802), a Sammlung romantischer Dichtungen des Mittelalters (Collection of Romantic Poems of the Middle Ages) (2 vols., 1804), a version of Lother und Maller (1805), and a translation of Madame de Staël's Corinne (1807–1808) — all of which were issued under her husband's name. Philosoph, Kunstkritiker, Historiker, Altphilologe, Indologe - hätte Friedrich Schlegel im 21. Friedrich Schlegel's wife, Dorothea von Schlegel, authored an unfinished romance, Florentin (1802), a Sammlung romantischer Dichtungen des Mittelalters (Collection of Romantic Poems of the Middle Ages) (2 vols., 1804), a version of Lother und Maller (1805), and a translation of Madame de Staël's Corinne (1807–1808) — all of which were issued under her husband's name. He studied law at Göttingen and Leipzig, but ultimately devoted himself entirely to literary studies. The Italian Jesuit Roberto de Nobili (1577-1656) is generally credited with being one of the first, if not the first, learned Europeans who gained an intimate acquaintance with Indian civilization. Those who yield their souls captive to the brief intoxication of love, if no higher and holier feeling mingle with and consecrate their dream of bliss, will shrink trembling from the pangs that attend their waking. Prominent linguists then se… All learning builds on the shoulders of successive visionaries. Er war Schriftsteller, Literatur- und Kunstkritiker, Historiker und Altphilologe. [15] After a controversy, Friedrich decided to move to Berlin. 5 Untersuche, ob es sich bei Schlegels Programm der Universalpoesie um ein modernes In 1797 he quarreled with Schiller, who did not like his polemic work.[14]. At some time in the remote past, Jones postulated, there must have been some original root from which grew the majority of Europe’s languages. Reproduction by written permission from Quintus Curtius only. The prolific root ina, signifying knowledge, science, and understanding, gives us the Persian shuneedun, shunoodlin, shimakhtián. He entered university to study law but instead focused on classical literature. He took up residence in India as a missionary, learned several south Indian languages, and integrated himself into Indian society; but timing is everything when it comes to the propagation of knowledge, and the European public was not yet ready to hear of his discoveries. Consider the following passage, where he provides specific examples of connections between Sanskrit, German, Greek, and Latin: I shall select a few of the most remarkable words signifying mind, thought, science, as affording particularly clear evidence of their common Indian descent. Sanskrit was no longer the exclusive provenance of specialists; it was presented to the European public almost as a fraternal language. Millington]. That this happened is principally due to the efforts of a passionate German Romantic philosopher and linguist named Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel (commonly cited as Friedrich Schlegel). Die Anfänge seines Wirkens reichen bis in die Zeit der frühen Romantik zurück. Jahrhundert gelebt, hättest du ihn wahrscheinlich als Super-Genie bezeichnet. Also note the hand-written caption "Standarte VII Plauen" on the back of the photo. Friedrich Schlegel Die Kritik muß also auch eine eigne Wissenschaft seyn! Zu den Auswahlgesprächen am 22. und 23. More than any other man of his era, he cut away the tangled overgrowths of linguistic speculation and ignorance to see what truly lay beneath. It’s was once suggested that everything is everything – we just forgot because of our own arrogance. In one of the papers he presented to the Royal Asiatic Society in 1786, he proposed that Sanskrit, India’s major literary language, shared a common ancestor with the so-called Indo-European languages. So likewise the root vedo, whence comes vetti, the German wissen [to know]. But he was a dedicated scholar with a solid grasp of the major European and Near Eastern languages, and possessed an intuitive ability to find connections between things that many others before him had overlooked. With his older brother, August Wilhelm Schlegel, he was one of the main figures of Jena Romanticism. Als er klein war, war er sehr oft krank. 95 years feels like a very long lag for the Portuguese & their priest guests to seriously study Indian culture. The great antiquity and depth of Indian civilization had been known to Europe and the Middle East for many centuries; yet the precise contours of Indian advances in mathematics, literature, and philosophy were hidden behind the veils of preconception and confusion. All rights reserved. Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel war ein deutscher Dichter, Schriftsteller (u. a. In the final twenty years of his life in Vienna, Schlegel followed onthe success of his brother's famous Lectures on Dramatic Art andLiterature, given in that city in 1808,with several lectureseries of his own. Januar 1829 in Dresden) war ein deutscher Kulturphilosoph, Philosoph, Kritiker, Literaturhistoriker und Übersetzer. This article incorporates text from a publication now in the, a people originating from India were the founders of the first European civilizations, "Friedrich – Französisch-Übersetzung – Langenscheidt Deutsch-Französisch Wörterbuch", "Duden | Schlegel | Rechtschreibung, Bedeutung, Definition", Review of J. G. Rhode, Über den Anfang unserer Geschichte und die letzte Revolution der Erde, L'épreuve de l'étranger. Motih is the Greek métis. Weil er einsam war, lebte er ein paar Jahre nicht mit seiner Familie, sondern mit seinen Verwandten zusammen. (1822–1825); a second edition (1846) in 55 vols. [11], Schlegel was a promoter of the Romantic movement and inspired Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Adam Mickiewicz and Kazimierz Brodziński. There are some flights of fancy here, and odd digressions into metaphysics and religion that need not concern us; but here, at long last, is a clear and cogent demonstration of the common origins of the speech of Europe and India. ( Log Out /  We know that the caliph Harun Al-Rashid, in Baghdad in the 9th century A.D., commissioned translations of some prominent works of Indian literature, but such knowledge remained in the hands of scholars and was not widely diffused. The Indian pronouns generally coincide with the Latin. He also published a volume of poems and carried on a controversy with Kotzebue. Karl Wilhelm Friedrich von Schlegel (* 10. By 1799 he had become a fervent Romantic and was entirely devoted to literary activities; he was acquainted with Schiller and Goethe, but they seemed not quite to know what to make of this tumescent, artistic soul. In June 1802 he arrived in Paris, where he lived in the house formerly owned by Baron d'Holbach and joined a circle including Heinrich Christoph Kolbe. “More than any other man of his era, he cut away the tangled overgrowths of linguistic speculation and ignorance to see what truly lay beneath.”. Born into a fervently Protestant family, Schlegel rejected Christianity as a young man in favor of atheism and individualism. Every inordinate indulgence involves a corresponding amount of suffering. He died on 12 January 1829 at Dresden, while preparing a series of lectures. Leider machte es … But it was the rise of the Romantic movement in Europe that catapulted Sanskrit to the forefront of intellectual circles. Januar 2009. His Prosaische Jugendschriften (1794–1802) have been edited by J. Friedrich Schlegel, The Sanskrit Language, And The Beginnings Of Comparative Philology, View UC4iYbgNBL9F-lB7R5ef369Q’s profile on YouTube, On Duties: A Guide To Conduct, Obligations, And Decision-Making, Sallust: The Conspiracy Of Catiline And The War Of Jugurtha, Flee From Those Who Drain You, And Seek Those Who Sustain You, "Am I Too Quiet And Withdrawn?" That Schlegel was able to record these connections, and present them to the lay reader in a way that was both intelligible and engaging, was a skill of considerable importance. Certainly tvon [thou] is common to all the derived languages; vhon [I] is, on the contrary, traced only in the Celtic on; the dative moya [to me] is nearest to the Greek moi; the me, which is used instead of man [me], and also in the fourth and sixth cases, is common to both Greek and Latin; but the root svo (whence L. suus, -a, -um [his] are derived, and is often prefixed as a particle in order to express self-reliance, or self-confidence, has in its declension cases which are precisely similar to the Latin, as svon, L. suum, svan, L. suam, etc. By her first marriage she had two sons, Johannes and Philipp Veit, who became eminent Catholic painters. 3 Beschreibe den biographischen Werdegang von Friedrich Schlegel. Here Schlegel made his case that Sanskrit and the European languages shared the same ancestor. He was not the first to suggest this idea; there were other scholars who had offered the same suggestion, but conditions at the time had not been favorable to its receipt. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Schlegel in fact had a Jewish wife and campaigned for Jewish emancipation in Germany, so the role he plays in this history is somewhat ironic. There he met with his wife and her sons. März 1772 in Hannover; † 12. They are now generally recognized as the deepest and most significant expressions of the subjective idealism of the early Romanticists. There he lived with Friedrich Schleiermacher and met Henriette Herz, Rahel Varnhagen, and his future wife, Dorothea Veit, a daughter of Moses Mendelssohn and the mother of Johannes and Philipp Veit. In Jena he and his brother founded the journal Athenaeum, contributing fragments, aphorisms, and essays in which the principles of the Romantic school are most definitely stated. 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