“He can’t hear you. [4/8/12/16/20 (+0-6.6 based on level) (+0.32-0.4 AD)], 4/8/12/16/20 (+0-8.2 based on level) (+0.32-0.4 AD), [4/8/12/16/20 (+0-8.2 based on level) (+0.32-0.4 AD)], [0.33 bonus armor and magic resistance (max of 50 at 150 unit kills)], [Grants 30% extra damage reduction and Tenacity for the first 0.75 seconds], Grants a shield for 10% of his maximum health and 60% Tenacity for the first 0.75 seconds, 7 (+1 per 20% attack speed from items and levels), 8/12/16/20/24 (+0-8 based on level) (+0.32-0.4 AD), [175/350/525 (+0.286 /0.333 /0.4 of the target’s missing health) as magic damage], 150/300/450 (+0.2/0.25/0.3 of the target’s missing health) as true damage, No longer deals reduced damage to monsters (still reduced vs. minions), Fixed a bug where Judgment was dealing less damage than intended, Garen has received a visual upgrade! League of Legends Releases Newest Champion: Garen. Lux pressed her hands to the side of her head, as if seeking to push the awful visions from her mind. The man lifted his head, and Lux’s eyes narrowed as she felt a prickling sensation of...something pass through him. After reaching maximum stacks, increases bonus armor by 10% and bonus magic resistance by 10%. Starfire whinnied at the sight of her, his ears pressed flat against his skull and his eyes wide. “How can you know that?” demanded Sabator. It looks like a wider shot of the Demacian throne room, this time strewn with wreckage after what looks like a battle. “Why do you ask?”. Garen’s blade clove the man’s head from his body in one titanic blow to a roar of approval from the crowd. Patch 9.21 He thrashed in the grip of the guards, frothing at the mouth and spitting bloody saliva. 1 Lore 2 Abilities 3 Patch History 4 Additional Content 4.1 Champion Information 4.2 Related Lore 4.3 Skin Release 4.4 Other Garen is a champion in League of Legends. Garen and the Dauntless Vanguard met them with shields locked and blades bared. A marble slab set into the base of the mound depicted the legend of her illustrious forebear; Fossian and the demon falling from the cliff, her great grandfather mortally wounded, the nightmarish entity with a Demacian blade piercing its black heart. That, Lux could deal with. Hits after the 6th refresh the debuff. A storm was brewing in that frozen realm, breaking on the far side of the peaks to fall on verdant swathes of Demacian pine bent by hostile winds. He smelled rank grave dirt; the reek of fetid earth over a centuries-old sepulchre. Patch 10.4 A tear rolled down her cheek. What’s inside you? “They woke me, nourished me. It wasn’t real – just a game. Passive: Garen permanently gains  0.25 bonus armor and  0.25 bonus magic resistance every time he kills an enemy, up to a maximum of 30 bonus resistances at 120 unit kills. The air grew colder, freighted with the deep ice of the Freljord, and the walls of each settlement grew higher with every mile she rode. W resistances increased. “We are the Dauntless Vanguard,” said Garen, lowering his sword so its quillons framed his piercing eyes. Ask us anything! Instead, he sheathed the sword and sat on the ground. She smiled, waiting for him to haul the blade up and bring it screaming down toward her head – he’d be in for quite the surprise once he did. Making big changes to our resident good guy, namely removing the Villain mechanic on his ultimate. He was guilty of a crime and paid the price.”, “Of course it matters. Terror filled her mind; a nightmare of clawed hooks dragging her beneath the earth, of fetid mud filling her mouth and darkness smothering her light forever. In their rush to judgement, any chance of understanding what caused his murderous acts was lost.”. “But you have to come back with me.”, He shook his head. “I didn’t mean anything.”. Varya fought on, her shield arm hanging uselessly at her side, but her sword arm still strong. Garen performs a dance of death with his sword, dealing damage around him for the duration and shredding the armor of enemy champions hit. Aldo Dayan was their friend and neighbor,” said Lux. “How?” said Garen, without taking his eyes off the approaching demon host. An icy, northern deluge fresh off the dogtooth mountains that separated Demacia from the Freljord. Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for … Quaint. That he is the very thing they hate. They were monsters! Don’t stop moving. Dark of hair and keen of eye was Diadoro, the bearded swordsman who’d held the Gates of Mourning against the armored host of the Trifarian Legion for an entire day. “You have come for your lost soldier. Garen hates those. “Look at me,” she said, and the man’s good eye tried to focus on her. The ground underfoot became spongy and damp with brackish pools of stagnant water – like a grove abandoned by one of the fae folk. The old seer chuckled until she realized he wasn’t joking. Magistrate?”. Lux and her mount flew through the night, eventually reaching the crossroads where the roads diverged. He grunted and punched his sword into the belly of a dark-fleshed beast with the head of a dragon. It gave me little in the way of real substance, but childish fears are a banquet after I had gone so long without. Now, his life was being sapped with every breath. We ride,” said Garen, raking his spurs back. “Luxanna?” said this rider, his voice muffled by the visor of his helm. Active: Garen rapidly spins his sword around his body for 3 seconds, dealing 226-788 (based on level) physical damage to nearby enemies -- 14/18/22/26/30 plus 36/37/38/39/40% of his attack damage (+35-69 (based on level)), 5/6/7/8/9/10/ … I had to do it. Luca knew that. A mage. No room to swing. “He killed innocents.”, “That’s true,” agreed Lux, “but do you understand why?”, “Does it matter? v4.12 People knew him as honest and direct, with a sound grasp of tactics and war stratagems, but few ever thought of him as subtle or cunning. The few townsfolk she’d seen on the streets walked with leaden steps, their bodies weary. The man’s clothes were soaked in blood and he wailed piteously. One had to respect it. Judgment can critically strike for (33% +  8% to 40%) bonus physical damage. “I just do,” said Lux, knowing she couldn’t stay here to fight. Grasping claws of demon creatures reached for her, but she and Starfire evaded every attack. No. She let it come, feeling the light at the center of her being spread through her body like an elixir. North, the forested haunches of the highlands were craggy with cliffs and plunging chasms. At the age of twelve, Garen left the Crownguard home in High Silvermere to join the military. He joined my battalion only recently,” Garen replied. At her first bite, the taste of grave earth filled her mouth and she put the food aside. Magistrate Giselle collapsed, her flesh ashen, weeping in terror. Much could be said of the gray-skinned seer, but nobody could say she didn’t live by a code. He is popular among his fellows, and respected well enough by his enemies—not least as a scion of the prestigious Crownguard family, entrusted with defending Demacia and its ideals. “They don’t want understanding,” he said at last. Giselle’s grief was all-consuming, but Lux saw past it to a secret shame beneath. Rock Hag. Lux rode hard through the forest, trees flashing past to either side in a blur. The Dauntless Vanguard fought with brutally efficient sword cuts and battering blows from their shields, but they could not fight forever. 」「 0.15% − 1.01% (based on level) of his  maximum health every 0.5 seconds. He was too big, too lumbering, too slow to ready his cumbersome sword before she would descend upon him. We really dug that ‘justice’ part, which led us to discovering Garen’s identity - he leads the charge against the most vile scoundrels and makes them pay (and boy, does he never stop talking about it). Increased Q empowered basic attack damage ratio. She snatched up every single one she found before pulling out of his mind. Only now did Lux notice just how bone-weary Pernille was. “Aldo Dayan, I declare you guilty, and call upon Garen Crownguard of the Dauntless Vanguard to dispense Demacian justice.”. “Why do you think? https://lol.gamepedia.com/Garen?oldid=2211279, About Leaguepedia | League of Legends Esports Wiki. The closer she came to the tomb, the more the landscape began to change, taking on an altogether different character – like something from a tale told to frighten small children. One of her sentinels, no doubt. That’s what they say. She felt something cold inside of her. He had the nerve to think one of his memories would outweigh the lifetime she could absorb from his colleague? Long and golden, it framed a youthful face of high cheekbones and ocean blue eyes that sparkled with determination. Lux turned from the sobbing magistrate, and felt magic race around her body in a surge tide. Though their enemies were wrought from shadow and spite, they fought with ferocious strength and skill. Lux saw a soul-aching grief etched in the woman’s face. Sabator and Diadoro were down, skin darkening. I think maybe it’s not in the tomb anymore, but it’s gone from here. “I’m going to pay my respects to great grandfather Fossian!”. Even from the back of the room, she could smell something sour in his armor – some sort of acidic tang that calmed the magic flowing through her veins in a way she did not like. “Do you really think he deserves such mercy?” said Garen. Her skills would be best employed elsewhere, and the Dauntless Vanguard could hold their own here. Renewing. Rodian, her twin brother, had sailed north to Frostheld and burned the Freljordian harbor city to the ground, so that no others would dare sail south to wreak havoc again. Her brother had brought four of the Dauntless Vanguard. All the changes below are to ability effectiveness against monsters to avoid accidental impacts to lane strength. Dark lines snaked across the great stone slab telling of Fossian’s deeds. No smoke rose from the forges, no smell of fresh bread wafted from the bakeries and only a very few sullen-looking merchants had their doors open for business. Garen’s a man of simple tastes; he spins, yells, and most importantly fights for his friends. Dawn was already an hour old, but the town was still to fully come to life. Rivulets of blood ran down his chin. Lux sighed as the knight removed his helmet to reveal dark hair and granite-hewn features that so embodied Demacia it was a wonder they weren’t yet on a coin. Active: Garen reduces incoming damage by 30% for 2 / 2.75 / 3.5 / 4.25 / 5 seconds. A pall of fear hung over Fossbarrow, but it was worse than Lux imagined. She pushed deeper into his mind, past his conscious memories. That, knew Lux, was a mistake. The boy jumped back; too slow. She smiled. As a squire, his days and nights were consumed by training and the study of war, honing his body and mind into a weapon as strong and true as Demacian steel. The scent of pine and wildflowers hung heavy in the air, and Lux savored the heady, natural aroma of the northern climes. She could tell he was an unyielding fellow by the persistent slamming of his heavy boots onto the wet cave floor, announcing his long approach.


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