Watergate Hotel (2650 Virginia Avenue NW). [90] When the DCZC appeared on the verge of giving its approval as well, the Kennedy Center argued that the DCZC had no jurisdiction over the controversy. [148], The Watergate East apartment building is probably the second-best known of the five buildings in the development. [4][57] SGI agreed to shrink three of the planned buildings in the development to 13 stories (112 ft), with the remaining building rising to 130 feet (40 m). (Bob) Haldeman, and the special counsel to the president, Charles Colson, Nixon’s close political aide, spread alibis around Washington. [4] In October 1972, several high-end fashion boutiques, jewelers, and a restaurant opened in a retail space named "Les Champs. In June 1968, the NCPC held a hearing at which more than 150 Watergate apartment residents clashed with SGI officials over the nature of the final building. [56], By the time the DCZC met to consider approval in mid-April 1962, the cost of the project had been scaled back to $50 million. [20] In 1977, one of the Watergate's financiers (Nicholas Salgo) and Continental Illinois Properties bought SGI's stake in the development for $49 million. [23], In his 2018 book The Watergate: Inside America’s Most Infamous Address, author Joseph Rodota gave three accounts of the origin of the name, based on sources inside the development team: Author and playwright Warren Adler, while working as a publicist for the developers, came up with the name; Nicolas Salgo, a New York financier who suggested the original site to Societa Generale Immobiliare, acquired the name from Marjory Hendricks, owner of the Water Gate Inn; and three local executives—Giuseppe Cecchi, an employee of Societa Generale Immobiliare, Nicolas Salgo and Royce Ward—came up with the name, inspired in part by the Water Gate Inn, and recommended it to executives in the Rome office for approval. [91] The Kennedy Center then argued that the DCZC had not properly considered its objections, and should delay its approval pending further hearings. The group Protestants and Other Americans United for Separation of Church and State began a national letter-writing campaign opposing the project, alleging that the zoning waivers would not have been given had the Vatican not been a major investor in SGI. [163] A year later, the company said its design team, led by the architectural firm BBGM, had completed a plan to increase the number of luxury hotel rooms to 251 to 348, renovate the lobby to add a bar and lounge, add a restaurant with some outdoor seating, and add a rooftop bar with a small water feature. [42] Blackstone began managing the hotel, and put it up for sale in the fall of 2002 (with an asking price of $50 million to $68 million). [162], Euro Capital announced its year-long, $85 million renovation of the hotel in January 2013. [76] In November, a Safeway supermarket, a Peoples Drug (now known as CVS pharmacy), beauty salon, barber shop, bank, bakery, liquor store, florist, dry cleaner, post office, upscale shops, and high-end restaurant took up residency in the retail space on the ground floor. [4][173] The victim was Rose Mary Woods, President Nixon's personal secretary. In May 1962, it editorialized: "It is true that the so-called 'curvilinear' design is at variance with most commercial architecture in Washington. [77] SGI said the problems were similar to those with any new building, and that it had already spent $300,000 on repairs. [33], The Watergate complex was developed by the Italian firm SGI. "Watergate Blends Luxury, Convenience. Black Friday Sale! [69] But the group's attempt to stop construction failed, and the project went forward. [42] The entire development was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on October 21, 2005. Additional revisions in the design plan pushed the cost back up to $65 million, even though only 17 villas were now planned. [167], The office building portion of the building contains 198,000 square feet (18,400 m2). [98][99], The fifth building was completed in January 1971. [4] The complex enjoyed a renaissance during the early 1980s and became known as the "White House West" due to the large number of Reagan administration officials living there. [58] The Commission of Fine Arts also had concerns: it felt some of the land should be preserved as public space[44] and objected to the height of the proposed buildings as well as their modern design. [2], In 1970, as the Watergate was nearing completion, SGI proposed building a "Watergate II" apartment, hotel, and office complex on the waterfront in Alexandria, Virginia, across the Potomac River from the original Watergate. "[100] On March 2, 1971, residents of the Watergate West filed a lawsuit against SGI in which they claimed their units had defective stoves, faulty air conditioning, leaky windows and balconies, and deficient plumbing. [8][9][10][11], The name "Watergate" and the suffix "-gate" have since become synonymous with and applied by journalists to controversial topics and scandals in the United States and elsewhere,[12][13][14][15] even extending to contexts where English is not a major language.[16]. The president, his chief of staff, H.R. "[25] That gate (near the Jefferson Memorial) is about 1.5 miles (2.4 km) downriver from the Watergate complex. However, after the first segment aired on October 27, Colson threatened CBS’s president, William Paley, and the second segment was truncated. [157][158] The bank began marketing the property for sale, and Monument Realty submitted a bid in October 2009 to buy the hotel back. Some residents even felt the construction of the units was substandard. [6] The new owner renovated the building again, a project which included expanding its lobby and restaurant space. They kept up a steady stream of scoops demonstrating (1) the direct involvement of Nixon intimates in Watergate activities, (2) that the Watergate wiretapping and break-in had been financed through illegally laundered campaign contributions, and, in a blockbuster October 10 front-page article, (3) that “the Watergate bugging incident stemmed from a massive campaign of political spying and sabotage conducted on behalf of President Nixon’s re-election and directed by officials of the White House,” part of “a basic strategy of the Nixon re-election effort.”. Four of them formerly had been active in Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) activities against Fidel Castro in Cuba. [83] Apartments in the unfinished building, priced from $30,000 to $140,000, began selling in October 1967, an indication of how popular the complex was with District residents. Grunley Construction will oversee all the renovations. [86] But in June 1965, as excavation and clearing began for the Kennedy Center, its advocates began agitating to lower the planned height of the final Watergate building. Der Richard war der 37. [4][75] Prices for the 238 cooperative apartment units ranged from $17,000 for efficiencies to more than $250,000 for penthouses, and were almost completely sold out by April 1967. [42] Among the many notable past occupants are the following: Alfred S. Bloomingdale,[108][109] Anna Chennault,[110][111] Bob and Elizabeth Dole (Watergate South),[108][112][113] Plácido Domingo,[108][114][115][116] Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Watergate South),[108][112] Alan Greenspan,[4][108][117][118] Monica Lewinsky (she stayed briefly at her mother's apartment in the complex),[108][119][120] Senator Russell Long,[2][121][122][123] Clare Boothe Luce (after 1983),[124][125][126] Robert McNamara,[4][108] John and Martha Mitchell,[108][113][121][127][128] Paul O'Neill,[129][130] Condoleezza Rice,[108][131][132] Mstislav Rostropovich,[108][133][134] Maurice Stans,[113][116] Ben Stein,[135][136][137] Herbert Stein,[138][139] John Warner and Elizabeth Taylor (during their marriage),[108][140][dead link] Caspar Weinberger,[141][142] Charles Z. Wick,[108][109][143] and Rose Mary Woods. [28] Swissôtel was purchased by Raffles Hotels and Resorts, and Raffles' management contract ended in May 2002. [56] Because the District of Columbia lacked home rule, DCZC planners were reluctant to act without coordinating with agencies of the federal government. At the time of the break-in, Liddy had been overseeing a similar, though uncompleted, attempt to break into and surveil the headquarters of George S. McGovern, soon to become the Democratic nominee in the 1972 U.S. presidential election. [17][36][38] The Watergate's curved structures were designed to emulate two nearby elements. [20][62][63] SGI officials also lobbied the USCFA. 2005 wurde bekannt, dass der damalige stellvertretende FBI-Direktor M. Felt der Presse die entscheidenden Informationen geliefert hatte. [106], The entire Watergate complex was initially owned by Watergate Improvements, Inc., a division of SGI. [19][27][28][30][31][32], The music venue was depicted in scenes in the motion pictures Houseboat (1958) [19] and Born Yesterday (1950). Watergate East (2500 Virginia Avenue NW), cooperative apartments. TH. It became the most sought-after living location in the city when it opened in 1966. Wortwurzel zerlegt den Wortkorpus von "WATERGATE" in einzelne Bestandteile und durchsucht das Referenz-Wörterbuch nach Übereinstimmungen. [20][69] By mid-November 1962, more than 2,000 protest letters had been sent to Congress and another 1,500 to the White House. [44], Initially, the project was to cost $75 million and consist of six 16-story buildings comprising 1,400 apartment units, a 350-room hotel, office space, shops, 19 luxury "villas" (townhouses), and three-level underground parking for 1,250 vehicles. [4], The Watergate East was also the site of a major protest in 1970. [4][173] The burglars took jewelry and some personal items. [89] In November 1967, the USCFA reaffirmed its approval of the Watergate project. [55], In December 1961, 14 months after the project was publicly announced, the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) voiced its concern that the project's 16-story buildings would overshadow the Lincoln Memorial and the proposed "National Cultural Center" (later to be called the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts). [57] The USCFA gave its assent to the revised construction plan on May 28, the White House withdrew its objections, and the DCZC gave its final approval on July 13. [3][157][175] BentleyForbes put the office tower up for sale on March 12, 2009. Nevertheless, the White House successfully framed Woodward and Bernstein’s reporting as the obsession of a single “liberal” newspaper pursuing a vendetta against the president of the United States. Er gewährte Nixon Straffreiheit für alle ungesetzlichen Handlungen im Zusammenhang mit der Watergate-Affäre. [77][84] The Watergate West topped out on August 16, 1968, at which point the cost of the project had risen to $70 million. Newspapers that were sympathetic to Nixon hardly mentioned Watergate at all. [7][11][113][169][170] A plaque on the sixth floor of the office building portion of the Watergate Hotel commemorates the break-in. [5] Several buildings were sold in the 1990s (for details, see below). [160] But the renovation never occurred, and the building sat empty—consuming $100,000 to $150,000 a month in security, heating, electricity, water, and other costs. The 336-room hotel reopened in 2016, nine years after it closed. [81] On May 28, 1972, a team of burglars working for President Richard M. Nixon's re-election campaign bugged the phones of and took photos in and near the DNC chairman's office. Öffnet mich Hallo, mein Name ist Tom und ich bin 18 Jahre alt. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Articles using NRISref without a reference number, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with dead external links from January 2018, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [91] The DCZC disagreed, and re-asserted its jurisdiction. U.S. Pres. [96] The fight now moved to the NCPC. [171] The sixth floor space, occupied by SAGE Publishing since 2015, houses a private exhibit commemorating the break-in and ensuing scandal. Later, this order, revealed in what became known as the Nixon tapes (Nixon’s secret recordings of his phone calls and conversations in the Oval Office), became the “smoking gun” proving that the president had been part of a criminal cover-up from the beginning. [64] The White House announcement surprised many, and offended federal and city planners, who saw it as presidential interference in their activities. [27][28][29] The steps had been originally planned as a ceremonial gateway to the city and an official reception area for dignitaries arriving in Washington, D.C., via water taxi from Virginia, though they never served this function. In his 2009 book Presidential Power on Trial: From Watergate to All the President's Men, William Noble wrote that the Watergate "got its name from overlooking the 'gate' that regulated the flow of water from the Potomac River into the Tidal Basin at flood tide. Die Affäre begann am 17.06.1972 mit dem Einbruch in Büros der demokratischen Partei im The first stage considered the proposed project as a whole as well as the first proposed building. [56] By the end of April, DCZC had announced that it would delay its decision. Mai 2017. Haldeman (seated). The project won its $44 million financial backing in late 1962, and its construction permits in May 1963. The first break-in, however, shares a remarkable connection with the DNC burglary. [61], With the support of the NCPC, SGI dug in its heels: It declared it was not interested in developing the unsightly, abandoned commercial site unless its basic curvilinear design (now called "Watergate Towne") was approved, and it lobbied DCZC commissioners in late May, lecturing them on the District's architectural heritage and the beauty of modern architecture. Watergate Office Building (2600 Virginia Ave NW), the office building where the Watergate burglaryhappened. [182], In March 2017, the Washington Real Estate Investment Trust (WashREIT) purchased the building from Bradley for $135 million. [172], The break-in at the Democratic National Headquarters was not the first break-in at the Watergate. [108][113] The Watergate's popularity among members of Congress and high-ranking executive branch political appointees has remained strong ever since the complex opened. In October 1963, the USCFA alleged that the height of the Watergate complex, as measured from the parkway in front of it, would exceed the agreed-upon height restrictions. [2][4][41] The average apartment contained two bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths, a dining room, and a kitchen, and cost $60,000. Keine Kommentare. The Watergate complex is a group of six buildings in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington, D.C., in the United States. [145][146] Two years later, Continental Illinois sold its interest to the National Coal Board Pension Fund in the U.K.[147] Salgo did the same in 1986. [105][106], The Watergate II project was eventually abandoned in favor of a much larger complex near Landmark Mall in Alexandria (a site nowhere near water). ", "Formal Opening Wednesday For Watergate East. [20] Efficiency units in that year sold for $95,000, while penthouse apartments went for $1 million or more. Watergate scandal, interlocking political scandals of the administration of U.S. Pres. [158] The hotel was put on the market in May 2009, but once again no buyer emerged. [41] Many residents later said the flowing lines reminded them of a graceful ship. [79] Both opened on March 30, 1967; the Watergate Hotel welcomed its first guests the same day. Über einen mathematischen Wortextraktions-Algorithmus versucht Wortwurzel, Aufschluss zur semantischen Herkunft, Definition und Wortbedeutung von WATERGATE abzuleiten. [4][20][53], Because the District of Columbia is the seat of the United States government, proposals for buildings in the city (particularly those in the downtown area, near federal buildings and monuments) must pass through an extensive, complex, and time-consuming approval process. [181] As with the Watergate East, residents of this building have discussed buying the land beneath their building, but there is no urgency as the lease on the land does not expire until 2070. Penzance retained a small ownership stake in the structure, and said it would continue to manage it for Rockwood. [18][19][20] Gas production ceased at the site in 1947, and the plant was demolished shortly thereafter. [165] The meeting space, which was quite small by industry standards, was expanded to 17,000 square feet (1,600 m2), and the ballroom enlarged slightly to 7,000 square feet (650 m2). Einfach erklärt Viele Dinge scheinen uns im Alltag selbstverständlich: Die Abfälle werden regelmäßig von zuhause abgeholt, das saubere Wasser kommt immer aus dem Hahn und wenn der Schalter betätigt wird, dann geht das Licht an. That night, more than 200 people rallied at D.C.'s All Souls Unitarian Church to prepare for the mass protest demonstration the next day. Mai 2017 10. [17][72] The builder was Magazine Bros. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. [161] Euro Capital Properties purchased the hotel in May 2010 for $45 million, with plans to rehabilitate it over the next two years. The new building owner said it would continue renovating various spaces in the structure, as well as upgrade and expand the rooftop amenities and build a new fitness center and new conference center.[182]. The name "Watergate" and the suffix "-gate" have since become synonymous with and applied by journalists to controversial topics and scandals in the United States[12][13][14][15] and elsewhere, in places that do not have English as the main language. The complex still includes three luxury apartment buildings, the hotel/office building, and two office buildings. [4] The coal board pension fund put the Watergate complex up for sale in 1989, and estimated the complex's worth at between $70 million and $100 million. Early on June 17, 1972, police apprehended five burglars at the office of the DNC in the Watergate complex. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. Covering a total of 10 acres (4 ha) adjacent to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the buildings include: Built between 1963 and 1971, the Watergate was considered one of Washington's most desirable living spaces, popular with members of Congress and political appointees of the executive branch. [40] In 1969, the Vatican sold its interest in SGI and no longer was part-owner of the Watergate. [11][113][168][169][b] During a second burglary on June 17, 1972, to replace a malfunctioning phone tap and collect more information, five of the burglars were arrested and the Watergate scandal began to unfold. [81], The third building in the complex, Watergate South,[20] opened in June 1968. [4][17] In May 1962, the NCPC reviewed the project. [2] The tenants took title to their building on April 8, 1966. The first was the proposed Inner Loop Expressway, a curving freeway expected to be built just in front of the Watergate within the next decade. [74] The building formally opened on October 23, 1965, and the first tenants moved in a few days later. [4], Controversy arose over the construction of the Watergate Office Building, the complex's fifth and final structure. Die Watergate-Affäre hätte aufgrund einer Reihe von illegalen Aktivitäten der Nixon-Administration zu einer sicher erscheinenden Amtsenthebung geführt, wäre der Präsident ihr nicht durch Rücktritt zuvorgekommen. [93], Although it appeared that SGI was winning the legal battle over the fifth building, D.C. city planners attempted to mediate the dispute between the Kennedy Center and the Watergate and achieve a contractual rather than legal solution. The barge concerts ended in 1965 when jet airliner service began at National Airport and the noise impaired the venue's viability. [4] Other critics denounced it as "nonconforming" and decried it as "Antipasto on the Potomac". Präsident von Amerika. Under terms of the agreement, Bradley will also become owner of an operating unit[c] within WashREIT. [44] Thus, initial approval first had to be won from the District of Columbia Zoning Commission. Als Watergate-Affäre (oder kurz Watergate) bezeichnet man, nach einer Definition des Kongresses der Vereinigten Staaten, zusammenfassend eine ganze Reihe von gravierenden Missbräuchen von Regierungsvollmachten,[1] die es während der Amtszeit des republikanischen Präsidenten Richard Nixon zwischen 1969 und 1974 gegeben hat. The fifth, James W. McCord, Jr., was the security chief of the Committee to Re-elect the President (later known popularly as CREEP), which was presided over by John Mitchell, Nixon’s former attorney general. Built between 1963 and 1971, the Watergate was considered one of Washington's most desirable living spaces, popular with members of Congress and political appointees of … "[4], The total cost of the project was $78 million. The remains of the gravity dam across Rock Creek, as well as Waste Weir #1 are at this site. [4] Groundbreaking occurred in August 1963, and major excavation work was complete by May 1964. Early on June 17, 1972, police apprehended five burglars at the office of the DNC in the Watergate complex. [5] In 1997, JBG Cos. and Buvermo Properties sold the office building to the Blackstone Group's Trizec Properties division. [149] By 1970, problems at Watergate East led the press to dub the building the "Potomac Titanic,"[100] and its residents filed suit against the developer in 1971 to correct the structure's problems.


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