A defeated Kuze admits to himself that he'll never beat Kiryu and then warns the three that Shibusawa knows about Sera's hidden base and that he's mobilizing all his men to attack it and kill both him and Makimura. Before they leave, however, one of the jail's guards guns down Billiken in front of a horrified Nishitani. The Pager is one of the items in Yakuza 0. Yakuza 0 (jap. When the lieutenants inform him that Patriarch Dojima has offered the position of Family Captain to whichever one of them acquires the Empty Lot for him, Kiryu suspects one of them is behind the murder and is trying to frame him so they can hold his foster father responsible and remove him from the Family as well. Oda overhears her, pulls a gun on them both, and takes Makimura hostage. Now Shimano needs Majima to use that trust between them to get her to give him the Empty Lot, so he can use it as leverage to become the next Tojo Clan chairman. Immediately afterward, an anonymous man calls Majima and claims to be the one who carried out the plan. Majima pursues them and eventually rescues Makimura, taking her to one of his hiding spots. Er bringt es nicht übers Herz sie zu ermorden und entführt sie stattdessen, um sie vor ihren Verfolgern zu schützen. There is also a set of telephone cards of her. The following morning, Majima meets with Lee and the duo sees a news report that reveals that someone else carried out Lee's body double plan for them. Tachibana joins the pair and tells Kiryu that he is actually working with his foster father, Kazama. Awano repeats his offer to Kiryu: If he turns on Kazama and Tachibana, not only will his life be spared, but he'll be promoted and get to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle that Awano does. Just as Oda arrives in his own car, Tachibana loses consciousness. PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox One Kiryu reports to the Dojima Family office for a meeting with the Family's three lieutenants: Daisaku Kuze, Hiroki Awano, and Keiji Shibusawa. Kiryu and Makimura flee, leaving Oda behind, but not before Oda begs that they do not tell Tachibana the truth about what he did. Oda reveals that his sale of Makimura happened before he met Tachibana and that later when he realized that the woman he'd sold to sex traffickers was his best friend's long lost sister, he resolved that he could never let them reunite since Tachibana would never forgive him if he learned of his past as a human trafficker. Ultimately, Nishiki can't bring himself to actually kill him. Single. As it turns out, Kazama fears that Sohei Dojima is becoming too powerful and that the acquisition of the Empty Lot will make him too wealthy to stop. Just after the police's intervention, Sagawa also arrives at the Grand to talk to Majima about the job's completion. Awano offers to spare Kiryu if he turns over Tachibana since this incident was not the first time that he messed with Dojima Family schemes and the Patriarch wants him dead. Das Spiel biedere sich nicht dem westlichen Geschmack an, sondern sei den japanischen Wurzeln treu. The client requests that they help him get rid of a squatter occupying a property he recently bought at auction. Majima tries to dissuade her from her intentions, since getting further involved with the Dojima Family could get her killed. Since he wants her to move on from her ordeals, Majima doesn't tell her who he is and instead walks away. After Kuze fails, Awano pulls a gun on Kiryu, but before he can kill him, Tachibana speeds down the street in a sports car, forcing the Dojima Family thugs to get out of the way. Yakuza 0 is an action-adventure video game developed and published by Sega. After Kiryu beats him, Oda reveals that this had all been a test to see if Kiryu had the cunning to find out more about them and the strength to take them on in combat. In a post-credits scene, Makoto returns to the Empty Lot to leave some flowers for Tachibana when she hears soft music coming from the burial mound. Lee insists that there is no other way and that he has to save Makimura at any cost. Nach einer Konfrontation stellt sich heraus, dass Tachibana früher ein Mitglied der chinesischen Mafia war. Ishin • Majima ultimately finds Sera at the brothel's roof garden but discovers that Makimura is no longer with him. For chapter titles, the original Japanese characters would be displayed with transparency, shortly after followed by the English translation, which is written with a new font. When the real Makimura returns from the store, the hitmen kidnap her and shoot Lee. However, before he can get to Patriarch Dojima, Majima is stopped by Awano, who recognizes him as one of Shimano's enforcers. Chairman Nihara informs those present that, due to the police interest generated by Patriarch Dojima's recent troubles (including the arrest of both Kuze and Shibusawa), he is being removed from handling the land acquired for the Kamurocho revitalization project. Insert the required amount to get a randomized item based on the number of yen inserted. Before he can kill them, however, Sagawa is shot from behind by a stranger in a white suit. However, when Lee gets on the van to start it, he sets off a bomb that Sagawa had rigged there, getting killed in the ensuing blast. The Yakuza Wiki is a dedicated, community-driven encyclopedia for all things concerning Yakuza and Judgment, by fans, for fans, that anyone can edit ! A disgusted Kiryu tells Awano that those luxuries would be meaningless if getting them involved betraying the people who helped him when he was in need. Despite Awano's insistence that his men will keep hunting him until he's dead, Kiryu rejects his offer once again. PlayStation LifeStyle's review of the PS4 version was a 9/10, calling it the best in the series and "the result of 10 years spent not just perfecting a formula, but adding to it." Developer The two men load Tachibana into Oda's car and they drive away. The guard tells Nishitani that Shibusawa ordered his death for his failure to capture Makimura and then shoots him repeatedly. When the conversation turns to Makimura's blindness, she explains that it isn't physiological, but rather it was caused by psychological trauma that she doesn't want to discuss. Dojima tells Makimura that he doesn't actually need her to sell the Lot to him. Eine Umsetzung für Windows wurde am 1. Convinced of Majima's pure intentions, Sera reveals Makimura's ownership of the Empty Lot, thus explaining why Dojima wants her, and that he sent her to Tokyo under the custody of a Tachibana Real Estate employee, since he's been working with them as their liaison in Osaka. As it turns out, the Empty Lot is in the middle of a portion of land that the city of Tokyo plans to buy for a massive redevelopment project. The following games are included in both cities: Yakuza 0 debuted at number 1 on the Japan software chart in its first week of release. Satisfied with this plan, Tachibana tells Kiryu that the Empty Lot's owner is his sister: Makoto Makimura. Both men are then called into a meeting with Little Asia's local triad leader, Elder Chen. In order to celebrate, Oda tells Kiryu to meet him later at a bar called Serena. Much to the lieutenants surprise, Dojima briefly considers the idea, before turning Makimura down. 龍が如く0 誓いの場所, Ryū ga Gotoku 0: Chikai no Basho, wörtlich etwa „So wie ein Drache 0: Ort des Eides“) ist ein japanisches Open-World-Action-Adventure von Sega aus dem Jahr 2015. Majima wanders the city in search of Makimura, furious at himself for how easily he was manipulated by Shimano, but also aware that having her give him the Empty Lot is probably the best way to get the Dojima Family to stop pursuing her. When questioned about Makimura's location, Nishiki attacks Majima, believing him to be another one of Shibusawa's goons. The duo split up to search for Sera and end up having to fight their way through the many guards that patrol the building. Zur Auswahl steht eine Vielzahl an Spielen, von Rhythmusspielen und Sportsimulationen bis hin zu Glücksspiel, die zum Teil in verschiedenen Varianten spielbar sind. However, Kiryu learns from them that the man was killed with a gunshot to the head, not beaten to death, so he insists that someone is framing him for the murder. In Kamurocho, dozens of Dojima Family thugs prowl the streets searching for Kiryu, who is trying to keep a low profile after seeing his apartment get firebombed by Kuze's thugs. It was well received by the western market, with Metacritic giving it a score of 85/100. Das Spiel ist Teil der Yakuza-Reihe und weist serientypische Anleihen aus dem Genre der Beat ’em ups auf. The PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4 version sold 146,000 units and 90,000 sales respectively. Kiryu finds him in Little Asia, but the place is attacked by Shibusawa's goons, who found the hideout's location from a card on Oda's body. With no other place to go, Kiryu goes to West Park to take shelter with the local homeless population, who also owe Tachibana a favor. Yakuza 0 (龍が如く0 誓いの場所 Ryū ga Gotoku Zero: Chikai No Basho, lit. In exchange, Shimano promises to restore Majima back into his Family. Die PC-Umsetzung wurde außerdem zeitgleich im Microsoft Store für Windows 10 veröffentlicht.[3]. The trio sneaks to Lee's massage parlor, avoiding more of Sagawa's men on the way, to get to Lee's van, which they intend to use to leave the city. Kiryu insists that he's not fit for civilian life and that, since Kazama will soon be released from prison, he's going to need help from both Kiryu and Nishiki in running the family's operations. Das Spiel ist Teil der Yakuza-Reihe und weist serientypische Anleihen aus dem Genre der Beat ’em ups auf. There is also a video clip of her that you can watch at Gandhara Sotenbori. Upon hearing this, Nihara agrees to pardon Kiryu. 4 • Having no further leads, Majima goes to the Empty Lot in the hopes that he can pick up Makimura's trail from there. Nishitani offers Majima a position within his family, telling him that he's impressed by his fighting skills. The assassin claims to be acting on direct orders from Patriarch Dojima to capture Tachibana alive. Tachibana promises that, if Kiryu is spared, then all three of them will carry out Tachibana's plan to stop Dojima from becoming so powerful that he can control the Clan all by himself. Download and install Yakuza 0 Mahjong Numbers Mod Download Yakuza 0 Mahjong Numbers Mod; Extract it and copy to \media\ System requirements . [4] Auf der Tokyo Game Show im September 2014 wurde das Spiel mit einem Trailer der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt. [16], Das Onlinemagazin 4Players kritisiert, dass sich das mehr als zehn Jahre alte Konzept, das schon bei den vorherigen Yakuza-Titeln zum Einsatz kam, mittlerweile verbraucht anfühlen würde. Majima goes to the warehouse and informs Lee and Makimura about what happened at the Cabaret, insisting they must leave town immediately. Tools for unpacking the par archives and modding the PC version of Yakuza 0. However, they are eventually interrupted by the sudden arrival of more yakuza. The game takes place in Kamurocho and Sotenbori, fictionalized recreations of Tokyo's Kabukichō and Osaka's Dōtonbori areas respectively. Kiryu, however, will not be granted sanctuary since he is an outsider, and harboring him would bring the Dojima Family's wrath down on Little Asia. Entgegen all seinen Erwartungen handelt es sich bei Makoto Makimura allerdings um eine blinde junge Frau. Yakuza 0 was originally released in Japan on March 12, 2015. Majima macht sich auf die Suche und findet Makoto Makimura schließlich in einer chiropraktischen Klinik. In search of answers, Majima tracks down Lee to a small underground clinic run by a Chinese doctor. [6] Erst am 24. In December 1988, junior yakuza Kazuma Kiryu runs into trouble when a debt collection goes wrong, and he finds himself under suspicion of murder. Wie sich herausstellt wollen die Dojima-Familie und weitere Fraktionen, wie Immobilienspekulanten, das leer stehende Grundstück, auf dem sich der Mord ereignet hat, in ihren Besitz bringen. The lieutenant tries to run over Kiryu with his motorcycle in the narrow tunnel, but he fails and instead resorts to attacking him with a lead pipe. Elsewhere, Kiryu gets wind of what transpired at Dojima's penthouse from Sera. Kiryu tells Nishiki to go find Makimura and bring her to them since he fears Tachibana will not make it. Disable with 3D Vision Fix; Install Yakuza 0 3D Vision Fix. "Sega president on current console market, potential Tokyo Game Show announcement". Nishitani tells Majima that he's fascinated by his skills and determination, so he asks him for two things: He wants him to hand over Makimura, since he's been hired to take her alive, and he wants Majima to fight him. Apparently Makimura isn't the ruthless pimp Sagawa made him out to be, but rather a bodyguard of sorts for the city's sex workers. As she digs in that spot, she finds her brother's old watch, which she'd lost back in Sotenbori. This turns out to be a trap set up by Kuze. The stranger takes Kiryu to his luxurious penthouse and introduces himself: His name is Tetsu Tachibana and he too seeks to own the Empty Lot. By the time Kiryu, Nishiki and Kashiwagi arrive at the Nikkyo's headquarters, Shibusawa's attack has already begun, but the men they brought with them help even the odds. The two men find and interrogate the Shibusawa sergeant who led the attack on Little Asia and discover that Tachibana is in a nearby abandoned building, being tortured by Kuze and his men to get him to reveal Makimura's location. Convinced that this is the only way, Kiryu decides to seek out the Patriarch and ask him for that, despite Kashiwagi and Nishiki's objections. Back in Kamurocho, Majima breaks into Dojima's offices. CERO: D (17+)ESRB: MaturePEGI: 18USK: 18 He finds his way to Kazama's offices, where he confronts Kashiwagi and demands to know where Kiryu and Makimura are. Disable HUD . Number Description 106-0-9-"106" would be phone and "0-9 is... "OK." I guess the call came in? The Dojima Family has been acquiring that land for the Tojo Clan to sell to the city at an inflated value and the murder has complicated those plans, so the investigation must be resolved quickly. Nishiki tells Kiryu that, since he can't stop Dojima's men, all he can do for him is give him a quick death. Classic Sega Arcade Games from the 1980s are included and can be played in Club SEGA, along with classic mini-games such as Bowling and Karaoke. Kiryu fights his way across the city streets until he stumbles upon a sex worker who takes pity on him and tells him of a secret tunnel in the sewers leading out of Kamurocho. ), was released on 26 February 2015. It was ported to Microsoft Windows on August 1, 2018. Majima goes to the Grand to find the place entirely rented out by the mysterious caller: Homare Nishitani, Patriarch of the Kijin Clan. Kiryu goes to the Kazama office, but is stopped in the street right outside of it by Kuze, all on his own. In retaliation, Awano forces Kiryu out into the alley behind the bar and sets several of his thugs on him. In a meeting with both Majima and Sagawa, Shimano reveals his plan to both of them: He knew from the start that Majima wouldn't be able to go through with murdering Makimura and would instead protect her and gain her trust. Kurohyō • Nishitani tells Majima that it was his men who'd tried to kidnap Makimura the night he was sent to kill her and that he'd been keeping him under watch ever since he thwarted his plans. Shibusawa explains that, after years of being passed over for promotion because of more charismatic yakuza like Kazama, Kuze and Awano, he is finally getting the recognition he feels he deserves, and he won't let a low-ranking thug like Kiryu threaten that. Majima, no longer intimidated by Sagawa, quickly beats him and his men back before continuing towards Dojima's offices. The trio travels back to Tokyo by car but are ambushed by Shibusawa and his goons, who attempt to shoot and ram them off the road to kidnap Makimura. As it turns out, the thugs who hired the squatter to occupy the client's new apartment were his employees, and Kiryu and Oda's intervention cost him a good deal of money. [3], Das Spiel enthält Text im Umfang von 1,8 Millionen japanischer Schriftzeichen. After all the humiliations Kiryu subjected him to, all Kuze wants is to defeat him in order to recover his lost pride. He tells Kiryu that if he manages to acquire the Lot, he'll have enough leverage over the Tojo Clan's headquarters to force them to stop Dojima's expansion. Januar 2017 auch weltweit veröffentlicht. [9][10] Am 26. He also informs them that the third Dojima lieutenant, Keiji Shibusawa, has also been sending men to Sotenbori, so he fears he may know as well. Rina Ito is a Japanese model. Das Spiel beginnt als Kazuma Kiryu im Dezember 1988 in Kamurocho. Kiryu and Oda meet with the squatter, who at first refuses to vacate, even when offered a sizeable cash reward. Geld kann unter anderem durch das Verprügeln von Gegnern verdient werden. The target is a pimp called Makoto Makimura, who has been supposedly operating in Sagawa's territory without paying him tribute. The two friends, together with the owner, Reina, have a fun evening of drinking and chatting...Until Oda arrives at the bar. Oda tells Kiryu that Tachibana requires this treatment daily due to the blood loss he sustained after losing his arm. Chinese Während das Spiel ab März 2015 nur in Japan für PlayStation 3 und 4 verfügbar war, wurde im Dezember 2015 eine Veröffentlichung für den Westen angekündigt. Das Spiel wurde im August 2014 von Sega für PlayStation 3 und 4 angekündigt. He proposes that they murder her, disfigure her corpse's face, put her in Makimura's massage clinic uniform, and then ditch the body in the Sotenbori river, where it would be easily found and thus make it look like Makimura has been murdered. Dem Autor zufolge wirke die Fassung für PlayStation 4 zwar technisch altbacken, jedoch seien die zahlreichen Nebenbeschäftigungen ein Pluspunkt. After a brief investigation, Kiryu confirms that it was Lieutenant Kuze who arranged for the set-up. This is because he is based on and voiced by Hong Kong actor Sam Lee. Makimura tells Majima that the shock of hearing her brother die right in front of her triggered something in her and now she can see the outlines of things, but her vision isn't fully back yet. Players Yakuza 0 is a prequel to the Yakuza series. In July 2016, the developers confirmed that the game would be released in both the Americas and Europe in January 2017. SEGA Kiryu is expelled from the Family by Dojima but is informed that despite this, if the police do arrest him and convict him for the murder, then Kazama will still have to be expelled from the Family. It was released on Microsoft Windows on 1 August 2018 and was released on Xbox One on 26 February 2020. Since Makimura never managed to see him clearly before they parted, she doesn't recognize him. In December of 1988, Kazuma Kiryu is a low-ranking member of the Tojo Clan's Dojima Family. Kiryu and Nishiki go to the abandoned building but arrive too late to stop one of Kuze's men from inflicting a fatal wound on Tachibana while torturing him. Feeling sympathy for his plight, Reina offers to let him hide at Serena for the time being. In Sotenbori, Majima bids goodbye to Sagawa, who is impressed that Majima survived the entire ordeal. Kiryu and Nishiki decide to go ahead and warn Sera, while Kashiwagi goes to gather Kazama's men to provide back up. Awano is puzzled as to why Majima would risk so much for a woman he barely knows, to which Majima responds by saying that he's come to enjoy living dangerously lately. Makimura is hesitant about this, but agrees after some consideration. Much to his surprise, Sera and a group of his men arrive soon after, with Sera having survived Sagawa's attack back in Osaka. The two men have a fight, which Majima ultimately wins. Es erzählt die Vorgeschichte zu Yakuza und erschien ursprünglich am 12. While they wait for Oda to pick them up in a more inconspicuous car, Tachibana expresses admiration for how much Kiryu is willing to risk for the people he cares about regardless of personal cost, lamenting that he's never been able to do the same. These new assassins reveal something else to Majima: The man he thought was Makoto Makimura was actually a Chinese gangster named Wen Hai Lee and the real Makoto Makimura was the blind assistant. Kiryu on the other hand would still have to die. Die Kämpfe sind auch während der Haupthandlung ein elementarer Spielbestandteil. Tachibana requests that the Chairman pardon Kiryu's life, offering one billion yen in recompense. Kashiwagi refuses to give them up, leading to a fight where Majima proves victorious. SEGA's official English-language Yakuza Facebook page grew in size from around 2,000 fans to in excess of 50,000 in the weeks after Yakuza 0's western release in early 2017. The game was released worldwide on PS4 on January 24, 2017. While making his way through a park, Kiryu runs into Reina. A few hours prior, Kiryu and Oda had met with Sera at his Osaka base to escort Makimura to Tokyo. He tells him Makimura survived the gunshot and that he'll be keeping her safe at the Nikkyo Consortium's hidden headquarters in Shibaura Wharf. Kashiwagi tells Kiryu that the only way Kazama could avoid being sanctioned for Kiryu's supposed crime would be if Kiryu were expelled from the Family, but that would require the Patriarch's approval. To Kiryu's surprise, Oda takes him to the Tojo Clan headquarters, where Tachibana has arranged for them to meet with the Clan's Second Chairman, Takashi Nihara. März 2015 in Japan für PlayStation 3 und PlayStation 4. Bowling Cabaret Club Czar Darts Fishing Japan Catfight Club Pocket Circuit Real Estate Royale Telephone Club Minigames 龍が如く0 誓いの場所 [14], Der Spieleratgeber-NRW schätzte das Spiel als einen Titel ein, der sich durch die komplexe Story, offenkundige Gewalt und das Setting in den 1980er Jahren mit popkulturellen Anspielungen dieser Zeit, klar an eine erwachsene Zielgruppe richtet.


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