In the years 1034–1038 the city was affected by Pagan reaction in Poland. The town's inhabitants who had not fled, or who had safely returned to their home town after the war officially had ended, were expelled between 1945 and 1949 in accordance to the Potsdam Agreement and were settled in the Soviet occupation zone and Allied Occupation Zones in the remainder of Germany. Seeking information about the Polte family who lived in Waldchen, about 40 miles south of Wroclaw. The original Old Czech language version of the name was used in Latin documents, as Vratislavia or Wratislavia. surely! The Polish population was dramatically increased by the resettlement of Poles during postwar population transfers during the forced deportations from Polish lands annexed by the Soviet Union in the east region, some of whom came from Lviv (Lwów), Volhynia and Vilnius Region. In 2016, the city was a European Capital of Culture and the World Book Capital. I hope to learn more about my great grandfather and hope to visit Silesia sometime in the near future. I have a question for you - how are you aware of your family history back to the 13th century? If any of you should know this address (across the street was the Odra River –where in winter I ice- skated) or can take few pictures of the locale; I would be forever grateful… Yasha (Jack), Just wanted to see information about the area my Schoengarth family came from. There are also minor associations practicing and promoting Rodnovery neopaganism.[99][100]. This could possibly be my Great Grandfather. Later this settlement was absorbed into Czech territory from where the name Wroclaw is thought to have been derived - after a Czech leader by the name of Wrocislaw. Have a good day, Jonn, Thank you for your response. Don’t remember much of what we had to drink. History! The remainder of the German residents were expelled and the city was re-populated by Poles from Lwow (now the Ukranian town of Lviv), which was lost to the Soviet Union, Wilno (now the Lithuanian town of Vilnius) as well as many arrivals from Warsaw and Poznan. Qué ver en Wroclaw, la ciudad más sorprendente de Polonia. Once in a while we were taken in by some nice people who also fed us, probably our on,y meal of the day. Traditionally, the city is believed to be named after Duke Vratislav I of Bohemia from the Czech Přemyslid dynasty, who ruled the region between 915 and 921. Arrests were made for speaking Polish in public, and in 1938 the Nazi-controlled police destroyed the Polish cultural centre. My grandfather Wegehaupt worked for the Postal Service and was born in 1872. I, too, was born in Silesia/Slonsk, though not in Wroclaw. My great grandparents, Samuel Black, a tailor, born 1841 and Rosalie Frankel Newman, born1840, immigrated to U.S. in 1876 from Breslau to California. I've been to wroclaw. I am now a grateful, proud, and very patriotic Canadian. 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My mother and I escaped from Silesia a month before the Russians arrived.) Thank you for sharing. I can be reached at Wrocław is the historical capital of Silesia and Lower Silesia. [64] Traces of the German past such as inscriptions and signs were removed.[65]. Had the privilege of visiting the city two years ago. In the Polish language, the city's name Wrocław derives from the name Wrocisław, which is the Polish equivalent of the Czech name Vratislav. In the 1241 battle of Wahlstatt against the 10000 strong Hun army of Baidar Khan he was one of the many German knights and simple farmers who fought for and under their Polish liege the Duke and died with the Duke. Ans if so, do you have info about Deinert family? Precise record-keeping of births and deaths by the city fathers led to the use of their data for analysis of mortality, first by John Graunt and then based on data provided to him by Breslau professor Caspar Neumann, by Edmond Halley. [101] Four years later, in 2014, it celebrated its first ordination of four rabbis and three cantors since the Second World War. After some digging i have found out that my Great Grandfather changed his last name. Wroclaw, or Breslau as it had then been known for 200 years, was so Germanised by that time that it eventually became the last stronghold of the Nazis. However when the warring factions of Europe eventually signed the Treaty of Westphalia and brought an end to the fighting, it was business as usual for Wroclaw and an economic and cultural revival began. I'm sorry I also forgot to mention, Clara Simon/Simmon's father, Albert Simon, was a surveyor for the French government. I don't have any knowledge of his family and would be very happy if anyone new him or could tell me about him/ He was married to Mitzi and they had 2 children: Ursula and Klaus-Peter who is my father. It wasn't until around 990AD that Prince Mieszko I, of the Piast dynasty and founder of the Polish state, seized control of Wroclaw and incorporated the region of Silesia into Poland. . By the 15th century, the Early New High German variations of the name, Breslau, first began to be used. "Breslau" redirects here. Also in 1474, the city was besieged by combined Polish-Czech forces, however in November 1474 Kings Casimir IV of Poland, his son Vladislaus II of Bohemia and Matthias Corvinus of Hungary met in the nearby village of Muchobór Wielki (present-day district of Wrocław) and in December 1474 a ceasefire was signed, according to which the city remained under Hungarian rule. I have questions of anyone who is interested in the history of the area around Wroclaw. Based on that definition, Wrocław has a humid continental climate (Dfb). Wrocław won the European Best Destination title in 2018.[68]. I also do not have his parents names or birth dates. De Polonia se conoce Varsovia, se conoce Cracovia, pero no se conoce mucho Wroclaw.. Wroclaw. During his poorly organised evacuation in January 1945, 18,000 people froze to death in icy snowstorms and −20 °C (−4 °F) weather. An I loved the place and the people. """""" you may find what you are looking for. Could this be the same family? By the end of the Battle of Breslau (February–May 1945), half the city had been destroyed. In July 1997, the city was heavily affected by a flood of the River Oder, the worst flooding in post-war Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic. somethings appear to be true or resemble fractions of true. and 5 children behind. Picasso's lithograph, La Colombe (The Dove), a traditional, realistic picture of a pigeon, without an olive branch, was created on a napkin at the Monopol Hotel in Wrocław during the World Congress of Intellectuals in Defense of Peace. I could send you some photos if you like. Petra, have you tried contacting me? In the sixty years since the war Wroclaw has had to undergo a painful rebuilding process, as well as having to survive and recuperate from the terrors and hardships of Communism and Soviet oppression. My Aunt and Cousins lived in Öls and spent many happy times there with them. In our case my grandfather was only interested in the male inheritors who carried his last name and to his luck, there was always at least one. [41] The population was 58% Protestant, 37% Catholic (including at least 2% Polish)[42] and 5% Jewish (totaling 20,536 in the 1905 census). Numerous movies include: Ashes and Diamonds, The Saragossa Manuscript, Sami swoi, Lalka, A Lonely Woman, Character, Aimée & Jaguar, Avalon, A Woman in Berlin, Suicide Room, The Winner, 80 Million, Run Boy Run, Bridge of Spies, Breaking the Limits. Prior to 16th century. Wroclaw is now a really great City to visit and spend time in. [citation needed], In addition, the city is notoriously plagued by bold rats (especially in the Market Square with its many eateries). It's beautiful city living in peace. The Protestant Reformation reached the city in 1518 and it converted to the new rite. Just repeating the correct address:"". Today it is a town rising from the ashes of World War II and Communism, and once again is emerging as a cosmopolitan centre of commerce - a face that has defined its character through so much of history. I would have been thrilled to meet him. SLAV: the Poles did not just expel Nazi criminals--my grandfather and other family members were among the expelled, but while they were Germans, they were not Nazis. The ground were our house stood is an empty lot. [27] In 1941 the remnants of the pre-war Polish minority in the city, as well as Polish slave labourers, organised a resistance group called Olimp. [69] Air pollution mainly occurs in winter. She was married twice, her first husband was Grunert and her child, my great grandmother had married Alfred Demort who died in the war a soldier .their child Ella had married Gerhart Sundermann, my grandparents who had three children at this stage. Also, the Tabula Rogeriana a book written by the Arab geographer Muhammad al-Idrisi in 1154, describes Wrocław as one of the Polish cities, alongside Kraków, Gniezno, Sieradz, Łęczyca and Santok. So much of th, My parents and grandparents were born in Breslau. The new settlers, or 'pioneers' as they were called, inherited a foreign city that was 70% destroyed. Her mother's name was Klara Fiebag (Fiebak?) I do know that at least one of my great-grandmother's (Agnes Schlicht) sisters was still in the area during WWII and at that time, the return address on those letters say Poland as the place of origin. I would be very interested in talking to you and share what we each have found. My great great grandmother,Anna Schmidt, born Niesler had a brother called Reinhold. The people who rebuilt this city must be very proud. [18], The city became a commercial centre and expanded to Wyspa Piasek (Sand Island), and then onto the left bank of the River Oder. . Wonderful to see. Anyone know any Nieslers in or from Breslau? .many thanks. [44] In 1920 a Polish consulate was opened on the Main Square. Habsburg empress Maria Theresa ceded most of the territory in the Treaty of Breslau in 1742 to Prussia. etc…etc…"". My Grandmother, Elsa, wrote that he died at age 42 (struck by lightening). In addiotion the Kotoffelflocken Fabrik close to Nieder Wilkau and the Ritttergut in Lauben. Wrocław is twinned with:[127][128][129][130][131]. Good luck! Every year in November and December the Christmas market is held at the Market Square. and Galewski - my grandfather owned a department store with the name Berman on the building - We are Jewish - those of us whom could fled Breslau pre WW2 - does anyone have any recollection of this family ? You may be matched up with cousins who will have more information about your background. On 5 June 1443, the city was rocked by an earthquake, estimated at ca. Along with the Bishoprics of Kraków and Kołobrzeg, Wrocław was placed under the Archbishopric of Gniezno in Greater Poland, founded by Pope Sylvester II through the intercession of Polish Duke Bolesław I the Brave and Emperor Otto III in 1000, during the Gniezno Congress. Later we learned, that when the Russians came into a town or village they would burn the houses down, and kill those people that stayed behind, like my grandparents. Piastów Śląskich we Wrocławiu", "Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego we Wrocławiu", "Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny we Wrocławiu – Najlepsze studia ekonomiczne", "Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Teatralna im. [15] In other languages, the city's name is: modern Czech: Vratislav, Hungarian: Boroszló, Hebrew: ורוצלב‎ (Vrotsláv), Yiddish: ברעסלוי‎ (Bresloi), Silesian German: Brassel, and Latin: Vratislavia, Wratislavia or Budorgis.[16][17]. My great great grandmother moved into germany with her children as refugees. In 2017, the city was host to the IFLA Annual Conference and the World Games. This article is a very simple and brief review of a city. I think you will get the answers you are looking for. [13] The Protestant Viadrina European University of Frankfurt (Oder) was relocated to Breslau in 1811, and united with the local Jesuit University to create the new Silesian Frederick-William University (Schlesische Friedrich-Wilhelm-Universität, now the University of Wrocław). My son spoke English to me, I spoke German to the Grandfather and he spoke Polish to his daughter in law, and then we reversed it Had a lovely afternoon with some great people and very good food. The "BRESLAUER URKUNDENBUCH" (Digital Library of the University of Zielona Gora) dates the first document in the GERMAN LANGUAGE the 3. they had 4 children Arthur, Ida, Alfred, and Rheinhardt (Reinhold) Jr. They left in the 1870's. It has amazed me very much of how well and accurate Germany and Poland have been rebuilt. The history of the name "BRESLAU" in all its variations over 700 years is recorded in Paul Hefftner's "URSPRUNG UND BEDEUTUNG DER ORTSNAMEN IM STADTKREIS BRESLAU - Breslau 1909" ( as follows: ""These are the names for Breslau in early GERMAN documents: 1280 "stat Wratislaw", 1295 "Wrezlaw", 1301 "Wraislaw", 1302 "Bretzla", 1314 and 1334 "stat zu Breslau", 1314 and 1357 "Brezlaw", 1324 "Bretzlav" and "Bretzlau", 1327 "stat czu Wretslaw", 1333 until 1370 on a number of occasions "Breczlaw", 1337 "Wratislauia" (Latin), 1339 "Breslou", 1348 and 1351 "Breslaw" and "cives Wraczlauiensis" (Latin), 1350 "Bresslawe" and "stat zu Presslaw". Did you get any response? In 1863 the brothers Karl and Louis Stangen founded the travel agency Stangen, the second travel agency in the world. Does anyone have more information on Zimbals (Zimble) or Kuhnerts in Breslau? [53], The last big event organised by the National Socialist League of the Reich for Physical Exercise, called Deutsches Turn-und-Sportfest (Gym and Sports Festivities), took place in Breslau from 26 to 31 July 1938. Another interesting way to explore the city is seeking out Wrocław's dwarves, small bronze figurines found across the city, on pavements, walls and even on lampposts. Beautiful people and hospitality and history and..........memories. [54], During the invasion of Poland, which started World War II, in September 1939, the Germans carried out mass arrests of local Polish activists and banned Polish organizations,[52] and the city was made the headquarters of the southern district of the Selbstschutz, which task was to commit atrocities against Poles. My mother and I fled the Russian Army in Jan 1945. The city was the centre of Prussian mobilisation for the campaign which ended at the Battle of Leipzig.[32]. Sieg Paulsen, I am also on facebook. Email me if you'd like: After I reread my comments I realised I forgot to write down the full name of my grandfathers. I have a late 17th Century Piano marked Julius Mager, Breslau. 1037 - Uprising. Information that the family name came from Breslau, led me here. [24] The enlarged town covered around 60 hectares (150 acres), and the new main market square, surrounded by timber-frame houses, became the trade centre of the town. Ich wünsche den Menschen die dieses Gebiet jetzt ihre Heimat nennen alles alles Gute.Möge nie mehr ein 39-45 in Europa geschehen. Sorry, but I have not heard of Klein Wilcowa, but you were closer to the Czec border than we were. When I read how it was 70% destroyed after WW2 and how it is now, the people of Wroclaw must be very proud and rightly so. Free wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) is available at a number of places around town. I am in the early stages of writing a book about my father's life. A very nice short history of beautiful piekna Wroclaw. Born 1878. It was already mapped on Claudius Ptolemy's map of AD 142–147. I would like to know what happened to her parent there? The big villa in Karlowiz the office in the main square...all taken over by the poles, with not a penny paid in reparations! That's what I love about Canada. If your mother was adopted in NY there should be documents, though they would likely be sealed. it was Rheinhardt (Reinhold) Winzig. Anyway city was a part of Chech crown till 1526 when it was taken by Habsburgs. Other Christian denominations present in Wrocław include: Adventist, Baptist, Free Christians, Jehovah's Witnesses, Latter-day Saints, Methodist and Pentecostal. Much digging ahead to unearth this past. Interesting site! Johannes Brahms wrote his Academic Festival Overture to thank the university for an honorary doctorate awarded in 1881. Wondering if there are any Geisters there still. II piêtro, pokój 27 The coldest month is January (average temperature −0.7 °C), with snow being common in winter, and the warmest is July (average temperature 18.9 °C). Additionally, Kaufland Poland has its main headquarters in the city.[86]. I wonder if anyone knows anything about a young German soldier, HANS LIESS, from there in 1945 who was captured in Ireland (no idea why he was there) and while he was being held at the police station he drew a very good portrait of my uncle who was in charge of guarding him, Would love to know more about him. About one-third of the area of the city was flooded. [35] Secret Polish correspondence, weapons and insurgents were transported through the city. Settlements in the area existed from the 6th century onward during the migration period. Our store was next to my Aunt and Onkel Richard Und Liesel Dude. [71], In 2012, there were 71 days, when the PM10 standards, set by Cleaner Air For Europe Directive, were exceeded. But there was a mother & daughter selling sundries in a kiosk. During winter (December – February) 200 bikes are available in the system. Wroclaw continued to grow in the next two centuries mainly due to its thriving trade economy and craftsmanship; however in 1241, along with most of southern Poland, the city fell foul of the marauding Tartar army and was razed to the ground. The number of Jews remaining in Breslau fell from 23,240 in 1925 to 10,659 in 1933. Hi, Yasha, if you look under: As I wrote some time ago: The National Forum of Music was opened in 2015 and is a famous landmark, designed by the Polish architectural firm, Kurylowicz & Associates. "The above article,with reference to the 1930s, suggests that at that time Wroclaw had been known as "BRESLAU" for only 200 years. Breslau became an important railway hub and industrial centre, notably for linen and cotton manufacture and the metal industry. Later this settlement was absorbed into Czech territory from where the name Wroclaw is thought to have been derived - after a Czech leader by the name of Wrocislaw. Can't we all live together in peace and harmony? In 1890, construction began of Breslau Fortress as the city's defences. Due to the proximity of the borders with Germany and the Czech Republic, Wrocław and the region of Lower Silesia is a large import and export partner with these countries. SiegL index Wegehaupt Paulsen, at In addition, the Dobra River and many streams flow through the city. I hope very much that I can continue 'trying' to learn terrible lovely Polish and would love to return there to live one day. Taki jest smog", "Niechlubne zwycięstwo Wrocławia. He was a businessman who eventually moved from Berlin to New York in 1935 with his wife Charlotte and his only child, my father, who rarely mentioned this part of his past. He was a medical doctor and his name was Alex Simon Heimann. The store was on the Main Road that went from Namslau to Bernstadt. The people struck me as upbeat, friendly, and the populations is young. Had a great time. As for Breslau, it was re-founded in 1262 (and thereafter the only name used in official documents) after the Mongol Attack. As in other large Polish cities, the most numerous are pigeons. In my research of my Wegehaupt family, I have read that a Christian Wegehaupt, who I think was my great grandfather, founded the Math Department at the University of Breslau, now Wroclaw. I'd ask my father, but he passed in 1987 ... before I came to my senses and realized how important this is to me. One that night it was extremely cold, and I got to ride in a carriage with my Oma. The town was mentioned explicitly in the year 1000 AD in connection with its promotion to an episcopal see during the Congress of Gniezno. Kiedy otwarcie? Three matches in Group A of the UEFA Euro 2012 championship were played in the then newly constructed Municipal Stadium in Wrocław. St. Vincent and St. James' Cathedral and the Holy Cross and St. Bartholomew's Collegiate Church are burial sites of Polish monarchs, Henry II the Pious and Henry IV Probus, respectively. That is at an end now. One baby daughter died whilst the family were moved around and a fifth child, a son was born after the family re united.


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