", "You... hateful abomination. I'm going back to where I belong, no matter the cost. When that happens, just look around for an unmarked tunnel leading to a wide-open cave, where you'll have to use an Apothic at a pile of stones for a Specter to spawn. I can only survive short bursts - linking to Titania the way only Tenno can stand. Русский (RU) Theme . ", "Titania, is that you? And then suddenly I felt a familiar presence...", "One by one, the mighty Dax began to fall, swatting hopelessly at some unseen menace. Would you rather this world, a wasteland, in spite of me? Thank you, whoever you are. When the fires subsided, I knew what it was. I will fight them the best I can... You have just a moment to escape. 简体中文 . I will seed a mighty forest, stronger than history... and by my will, use it to bring life. ", "Give me the final Apothic, I need clarity to fight back. I know I left my soul behind back there. Warframe- Farming And Locating Silver Grove Specters And Apothics. I'm... fading... please, wake me again. Apothics are the items used to summon the Silver Grove Specters in Warframe. Others were snared, drifting upward in a mesmerizing light and then, all at once, shredded by that unseen force. Get. Deutsch . Grove Guardian: Kill 3 Silver Grove Specters This is the tough one. HA-HA! Your actions have meant more than your origins. If you have finished the Silver Grove Quest but still need to find it. I'm going back to the trees to find myself again. A tortured presence, like an evil ink, staining my mind. ", "Titania? ", "I long for the discomfort of my damp tent. This video took quite a while to compile, kudos to Ceejay Radford for suggesting to do a guide on this! I always run into one when cache hunting on Cervantes. The Silver Grove is connected to the room where you found the capture target. I've never felt anything like it. If you haven’t then you need to complete the quest to collect Silver Grove Specters. Go to Mantle, on Earth, it's a capture mission. I think my knees almost gave out! ", "Beware! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. In Warframe there are tons of quest and you will come across tho a quest named Silver Grove. I can't believe I'll be working with one of my childhood heroes, Archimedian Margulis! Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Upon me. A way back to that wounded land I call home. ", "Child of truth, you reject me but are blind to our shared purpose. Now. At first, the project seemed therapeutic and nurturing. Titania, stop them! Are you ready to help our Silver Grove? I've tried everything to accelerate the ailing vegetation, to guide and nurture the soil, but nothing comes of it. Most likely farming. I'm sorry to tell you but the information you provided isn't really useful. Completing this quest will reward players with parts for the Titania Warframe. My dream to see green and blue return to this sick and dying mother of us all. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The game is currently in open beta on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Contact Us; Powered by Invision Community × Existing user? But now... Transference therapy is being turned into a weapon. Out. I am Silvana, welcome to my forest. "My bags are packed, I'm all set to leave! ", "These past weeks, I've been secretly testing Transference on myself. ", "Operator, the Codex system just pulled another voice entry from that Apothic. ", "There, that's it, the clarity... And now I realize you're not my beloved Titania, but another like her that has come to protect me. This page contains the entire transcript of The Silver Grove quest. When the Orokin found out what I had done here, they sent their Dax upon the great trees. I was myself. The map maybe different but the the Grove is connected to the room where the target is located in away from the exit. ", "I once thought the same of Warframes. I'm lost... in this soil. Reddit community and fansite for the free-to-play third-person co-op action shooter, Warframe. If you have finished the Silver Grove Quest but still need to find it. I'm getting control. ", "There is something different about this place, but Ordis is not quite sure what it is. ", "Ballas is beyond pleased... but when I look at what I've built... at Titania, I feel sick creep up my throat. Hope this helps. Now I build these vile weapons called "Warframes" all for one purpose: death. You will need to have completed the quest once to access the necessary Apothic blueprints, too. Plant Locations for Silver Grove! I've become everything I hate. Titania's old guardians will still attack. ", "As I log this, I'm looking out the stained plastic of my field tent into the dead-yellow sky of Earth. I'm going to use this wrong to make right. ", " Titania is the next Warframe I've been commanded to build, but in secret I've been siphoning resources from the project. ", "The sun in my skin... my voice is the wind. And so it was here, within this grove, that she died to save me. ", "My childhood dream has become a nightmare. Why? I have no will over them. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. For what ever reason. By ang3l191 in PC, PS4, Xbox March 28, 2019. ", "The fire infects me, I am fueling my own destruction. The last Apothic, quickly, please. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/The_Silver_Grove/Transcript?oldid=2168436. Sign In; Sign Up; Browse. Operator, you are a product of similar meddling and yet you are good. The Silver Grove is connected to the room where you found the capture target. Allow Ordis to display it for you. English (CA) (Default) 繁體中文 . Most likely farming. Warframe Light 4.5 (Default) Warframe Dark 4.5 . I smell the vague sulfur and toxins leaking through the seals, yet somehow I'm going to miss this place. Now I have that opportunity, and thanks to Margulis, I'm relieved I won't be drafted into some Orokin War Project. Ordis believes we must complete our mission. ", "But I'm frustrated with my lack of progress. I don't blame Margulis, she's as much a victim as the children we're working with. Go to Mantle, on Earth, it's a capture mission. Hope this helps. I hate her, a killer made by a healer. My shamed creation. Scour the System and scan the required plants with your Codex Scanner. You'll get 7,000 Nightwave on the spot if you find one and kill it, but that's a lot easier said than done. Use https://rwarframe.github.io/#flair to set user flair and text. ", "What a dogmatic- IDIOT -perspective! For what ever reason. As the skies grew hot and my roots split into cinder, I let out a deep earthen-scream. It's away from the exit. The Silver Grove is an optional quest introduced in Update: The Silver Grove, which sees the Tenno working with New Loka to uncover an ancient, mysterious power. This page contains the entire transcript of The Silver Grove quest. This time I'm going to fix it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ", "You, you fight with the same determination she did. I can help too. We need to create the Apothic to awaken its defences! Leaving her feels like I'm giving up on my dream. But... it worked. As usual the map is randomly generated and I'm aware of at least 3 possible tiles that the silver grove can be connected to on that particular map. ", "Titania. When your batch of Apothics is done crafting, just equip one in your Gear Wheel and go to E Prime mission node on Earth.When you're there, Lotus will let you know that you're close to the Silver Grove. I need a change. You have enriched our souls, and for that we are beholden to you. Just my Apothics and these slapdash Somatics I've stolen. Have you returned to protect me once more? I guess she loved trees so much that she became one! I was dying. Here’s how to find Silver Grove Specters so you can complete the Grove Guardian Nightwave act in Warframe.. Back; Forums Discord Fandom Facebook Twitter YouTube Twitch Activity. Language . WARFRAME Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Me, the one who had hated her most. By nightfall I'll be home again in a my tent under those bitter, acid skies. ", "I am grateful, but the workers are here with their torches and violence. Hold on. doing? I felt her beating wings through my branches. I felt her mortal wounds, her weeping burns as she fell beneath my canopy. It's away from the exit. Español (España) French . No more. A way for me to forget this war and remember what I was. ", "The forest and myself are in debt to both of you. I have an idea. Did the Operator enjoy this witticism?". -unique. If you're here, it's probably because Nora is asking you to kill a Silver Grove Specter as part of the Grove Guardian Act. ", "The Silver Grove, in all the Operator's missions on Earth, Ordis has not scanned an area quite so- MAGICAL! And yet I have always found the Silver Grove on Mantle each and every time I go there looking for it. ", "I'll stowaway with Earth-bound cargo. Players need to be Master Rank 7 and have completed “The Second Dream” to access the Silver Grove quest.


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