The Warframe and equipment stats plus mods are taken into account without the Warframe abilities and it can deal up to 300 damage for 10 seconds. They also never seem to run out of ammo if you want to drop amprex, synapse, ignis, soma etc on one of them. Ivara's Artemis Bow). Appears to cast 3 times in a row more rapidly than possible for a player, but this is only an animation bug. But I think the higher tiers should be able to use more abilities. This allows them to use otherwise extremely ammo inefficient weapons and reduces the importance of melee. Although they can heal you, I can confirm that their Radial Blind will blind you as well as enemies. Not like straight up spam that players can do, but more than once would be nice. Tenno Specters have some specific behavior towards some specific kinds of weapons: GamesWise GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL Pokemon edition - Warframe Short. Spawns at the starting level of the enemies in the current mission, plus three levels. General Be wary of their powers. I see my Specter covered in Iron Skin pretty much all the time. The Rhino Specter. Each Specter type can be visually distinguished from each other via their color (Which is applied on their Accents): Vapor Specters have a bronze energy glow. So far I haven't seen Ash use anything but he is just a Vapour at the moment. By default, Specters are set to Follow. Virtually every power is now castable with only a few exceptions! The Kulstar can be good as a "flare" gun of sorts that can let you know if they are down, otherwise, it does not matter what secondary is equipped. Specter corpses do not despawn. -Casts Prowl off cooldown. they use them, but only once, they need to have abilities on cooldown timer like sentinels. These Specters act autonomously from the player, and can provide support by engaging enemies with their weapons and Warframe powers. Weapons with innate elemental damage, high base status chance, or CC potential will make Specters useful past being just another source of damage. Specters can be crafted in the Foundry (under Gear section) and once crafting is finished they must be equipped from Gear in Arsenal.Before a Specter building begins, a Specter loadout screen appears where a player must first set the Warframe and loadout that the Specter will use. Even before they were buffed up to actually use abilities and buff team mates, they’ve always been useful to me. Once Crafted, you can view your saved Specter loadouts under. Spawns at the starting level of the enemies in the current mission, plus ten levels. Crafted They can now do a much wider range of things, like using abilities! Specters will rarely ever use secondaries unless when they go into bleed-out. Specters use them like snipers, but they're quite accurate and the damage is insane. Tenno Specters are spawned from golden balls. Following Tenno Specters will always teleport to a player if left behind far enough. Once you understand the other frames’ abilities you will be able to use your warframe properly by providing proction, buffs or maybe doing nothing at all. The duration of the specter is affected by the Ability Duration but it will not last very much as other specters do. As their health, armor, and shield scales with the mission level, their Effective Health will generally scale far past the player's Warframe. Specters of a particular Blueprint grade use a template loadout that is derived from a player's current Warframe and weapon loadout in their Arsenal. So far the only one I have seen using their 3rd is Loki with Switch Teleport. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fixed Specters’ trying to melee while using ranged weapons that do not allow it. -Does not steal from enemies. Fixed a script error when summoning a friendly Saryn Specter. sedy25, May 5, 2014 in General Discussion. In total, three points can be attained in a mission: one point for rescuing the target, another point for not triggering the execution sequence in the process, and one more point for killing all the Wardens. When spawned during a Nightmare Mode mission, specters will attack the player instead of enemies, forcing players to play without an AI partner. So far I haven't seen Ash use anything but he is just a Vapour at the moment. Depending on the Warframe being used, each of these specters has its own specific AIs tailored to assist the player Tenno in their endeavor. Tenno behind a container or at the corner of the hallway. Warframe Specters are AI-controlled replicants of Warframes. Players c… You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Instead, Specters utilize the Warframe and weapon's base unranked statistics then scale them according to the Specter's level. Inspiration passive activates whenever the Specter casts an ability. Specters are great. By It is possible to revive your Specter if it hasn't bled out yet, though they appear to have a negligible bleedout health limit and often die immediately. Tenno Specters using throwing explosives will only detonate the grenade when the substance limit has been reached. Likely tied to Inaros' passive ability. Abilities used by Specters have different values from their regular versions. Should specters not be allowed to use abilities? Or you can equip them with something with high block rate, since Specters love to channel-block with melee. It's easy! Before a Specter building begins, a Specter loadout screen appears where a player must first set the Warframe and loadout that the Specter will use. For a comprehensive user tested guide, see here. Try to learn when someone uses crowd control without killing enemies or when someone has a way of mowing down hordes. Specters are great. Make it a habbit until you understand all abilities. Warframe and the Warframe logo are trademarks of Digital Extremes Ltd. So Specters, NPC clones you can make of your Warframes to assist you in missions, they got buffed. Lasts indefinitely, until Specter fires an Alarming weapon or until player attacks with any Warframe weapon, even if silenced. Specter Pre-built Specter Gear acquired as special mission rewards will use the previous loadout saved under the player's Specter tab in the Arsenal. If no previous loadout was saved, the Specter will not be able to be summoned. Tenno Specters can revive other downed Tenno Specters, but cannot do so to a teammate. Well seeing as Specters are direct clones of Warframe units, they should be able to use them. The template loadout can be changed upon creating another Specter of the same grade, or the player can choose to use their previously saved loadout. RhinoCharge: Strength: 150 / 250 / 450 / 650: Energy: Rhino charges towards a target, clobbering any in his path and goring his victim. This allows Specters to be spawned at a desired spot by throwing the ball to that location. There are four ranks of Specter based on their acquisition difficulty, namely Vapor, Phase, Force, and Cosmic. Only a single Tenno Specter per player can be active at any time during a mission. Affinity earned by the specter goes to the player's frame. When holding position, melee combat may cause the specter to become unresponsive. Vapor specters are logically more efficient, despite the 'default' survivability, due to being able to craft 10 each time instead of waiting the 8-hour crafting timer for a single Cosmic with only marginally higher stats. Fixed incorrect Status Effect for Specters using Radial Blind and Radial Javelin. Reloading time shouldn't be taken into account as they have infinite magazine size. Bleedout Force Specters have a golden energy glow. Fixed enemies in the Simulacrum not recovering from Stomp cast by a Rhino Specter. Specters can be crafted in the Foundry (under Gear section) and once crafting is finished they must be equipped from Gear in Arsenal. But I think the higher tiers should be able to use more abilities. They can be summoned via consumable Gear wheel items in all Missions except Archwing and Sanctuary Onslaught. However his abilities will not be as potent early on due to lack of mods. Your Specter only uses the base weapon it wont use any of your modifications or customizations sorry to say. Before their release, specters were referred to as Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum specters, matching their current color distinctions. Players can choose to change a Specter's loadout by changing their own loadout, which the Specter will replicate upon creation. Brought a Valkyr with a Tigris into the Pacifism Defect, and the level 70 specter was still 1-hit killing level 150 Ancient Healers through their 90% damage reduction. A Specter is crafted from the Foundry by copying the player's current loadout. There are no requirements for this strategy, you can use whatever warframe and weapons you like. Attempting to summon a second Specter will result in the previously active Specter being killed when the second one spawns. Some have speculated that these Warframes were heavily tied with Requiems due to some of their abilities being named after Requiem symbols. Thus you might prefer to give them long-range heavy hitters such as whips, polearms, and heavy blades. They can also revive the objective during, Stationed Tenno Specters are quite vulnerable to ground slamming enemies, Arson. Specters can be customized with any Warframes and weapons that the player owns, allowing for a wide range of versatility in Specter loadouts. They will, however, detonate the, Tenno Specters do not lose shield or health after life support runs out in, Tenno Specters are not affected by the Shield loss from. Don't you dare take away my pocket desecreter. I have dread on one of mine and its straight aimbot. Tenno Specters cannot spawn if the Specter Ball is thrown to an out-of-bounds place, e.g. The Vapor Specter (or Bronze Specter) blueprint is rewarded from Easy and Medium difficulty Rescue missions, and yields 10 Specter uses per build. Specters CANNOT cast the following Abilities: Vauban's Minelayer, Ivara's Zipline, Titania's Razorwing, Nekros’ Desecrate and Shadows of the Dead, Excalibur’s Exalted Blade, Valkyr’s Hysteria, Wukong’s Primal Fury, Cloud Walker, and Defy, Atlas’ Petrify and Tectonics, Limbo's entire kit (save for the damage aspect of Banish), and finally Zephyr’s Dive Bomb. He offers abilities that can offer high damage, crowd control, utility, and support. The most important part about Tenno Specters' weapons is that they are not bound by normal ammo limitations. They are already using their powers it just that it's mostly their 1st or 2nd, that they use. You should avoid most projectile weapons and special weapons such as Synoid Simulor (Specter AI does not understand them). The Force Specter (or Gold Specter) blueprint is rewarded from Medium, Hard, and Nightmare difficulty Rescue missions, and yields 3 Specter uses per build. The Specter possesses a passive but does not use it intelligently. Note that the loadout it copies only reflects the base statistics (scaled by level) and not the mods, and the only way to change their loadout is to finish crafting and claiming a new set of specters from the foundry. The stats are better is all I have seen so far with the more resource intensive specters. Fixed Specters not being able to use Ability weapons with 0 max clip size (eg. The 22.10 Warframe update hugely increased the AI of Warframe specters so that they can both use weapons better and use their actual Warframe abilities. WARFRAME Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The only good reason to pick Volt over the other 2 starter frames is that he is … Regeneration will give them a slow heal, abilities like blessing will give them the standard benefits. Im soo tempted to put my 5 forma'd Straith into a specter just to see, how good the aim of the specters is, since if that thing gets a solid hit then it kills its target deploying that to rails would annoy people to no end. Faction Type Cooldown of 13 seconds, starting when Prowl's effect ends.-Casts Artemis Bow when enemy is within 25m. I'd prefer it if they use their abilities more often.


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