Loading... Unsubscribe from ezbasictv? I grew up in what I truly believe to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, the North Fork of Long Island. In NYC, I get on the subway without a second thought. I mean, fuck. Yes, as Leah says, Long Island is a very, very special place to live on and to come home to. I have the same feelings. Why can’t my heart just be content with where I am? I own a little bungalow-style house within walking distance of town, I am in a relationship with a great guy, and I truly love my job. The only time I do feel as if I entirely belong is when I am with my immediate family. Deep down, in the bottom of my soul, I resent her more than any other human being who I feel has “fucked me up” in my existence on this planet. The only time I do feel as if I entirely belong is when I am with my immediate family. I hated the feeling instantly. As a teen, like most, a restlessness invaded my soul. I have blogged about her before, and what her “problems” are. Don’t feel like everything has to be based around everyone else. And, for that, I probably will never forgive. The whole thing really reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, (naturally) from Trainspotting. John Williamson The Whiskey and the Highway ℗ 2005 Tiger Creek Music Released … That apparently was too long for her, so she came and tried to find me. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. This House Don’t Feel Like Home. I wanted to leave. Yes, sometimes we can romanticize what our childhood homes were like, but I go back four or five times a year to see my family and am still enchanted. I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore (often stylized I don't feel at home in this world anymore.) I took a shot of alcohol today because I could not deal with her in my face anymore. This brief entry barely scratched the surface of what she has done. Feeling at home in your house is not just about the practicalities of the building itself; it’s often also about making sure that your family unit is as strong as it can be because you might never really feel at home if you don’t have that The funny thing is… She doesn’t even know the half of it. There is a feeling of being wholly loved and wholly accepted when I’m with my parents and my sister that no place on earth and no other person on earth can create for me. Mix it up. This lovely post produced mixed emotions for me. In Philly, until now, I had to think about where the store was and look at a map.” – Renee, “Home, for me, will always be my family. Why do I get anxious unless another flight there is booked months in advance? ( Log Out /  Great thought for a LI summer. Main Street in Franklin, TN – Photo Credit: City of Franklin Municipal Government. I have blogged about her before, and what her “problems” are. Deep down, in the bottom of my soul, I resent her more than any other human being who I feel has “fucked me up” in my existence on this planet. Why do I scroll through the real estate listings hoping something affordable will magically appear? We have our own way of communicating with each other, and when I’m with my family even the rhythms of conversation are comforting to me. Apart from water, my friends are my home.” – Alicia, “For me, I think home is a place that feels so familiar you can move about your life without thinking about the details. I always love coming home to Long Island after a vacation or a trip. Perhaps I carry it with me or see it in others? (I was never overweight as a child. For whatever reason I tend to feel slightly out of place all the time, and never entirely feel like I fit into my surroundings or social situations. The trick is to constantly keep adding these homey touches to make your home a place I don’t really understand this. So. I had no idea what I had as a kid. My Mom is a huge reason I still use. I don’t quite know what the definition of that word even is, but I sure as hell know that it isn’t the way I was fucking raised. While I was casually strolling her touristy town that she resides in, I stopped and bought cigarettes and made a phone call. Fix-It Friday: Norma “Toolbelt Diva” Vally’s Top Ten List of DIY Do’s and Don’ts, 22 Year Old Artist Challenges Egypt’s Beauty Standard With Revealing Portraits Of Full-Figured Women, 5 Things I Discovered About Laura Ingalls Wilder. The one person I will never forgive: My Mother. “There’s no place like home. I cook my meals. For that reason, I don’t think it would matter if we were in the middle of the Sahara or in the house we’ve lived in since I was 7 years old – wherever we are together, that’s where home is for me. I chose something else.”. Sign in. Women You Should Know © All rights reserved. “Home is what you make of it. Greenport has the best docks, Fourth of July fireworks, and the Maritime Festival in the fall. I now am facing dentures before my 28th birthday. The John Ed Pearce quote above says we “grow old wanting to get back to” our homes, but part of me hopes I don’t simply grow old wanting to. That same night, I remember sitting outside with a friend and noticing that I felt “full”. Because, when I am clean, I have to deal with her voice – whether it be in my head, over the phone, or in person. They don’t matter anymore. My working hours are different from most of my friends “Triggering”, much? I can stay at home for a few days without opening the door once. Part of the reason I haven’t furthered my process in getting an NJ tube in is because of the fact that she constantly puts me down for it whenever I try and explain it to her. In continuation, she is the reason I stare at my food aimlessly after she gets done telling me how badly I need to eat, how I am losing muscle mass, looking sick again. So why is it that I still read the local paper online everyday? If you're stuck on one color and need some inspiration, look at the color wheel for no-fail color pairing ideas. I was hungry, but declined because I knew that it would piss my Mom off if she knew I had eaten something unhealthy. On average, people leave their parent’s house when they get married. And I realize this now, more than ever before, as I sit outside her house, smoking (she chastises me every single time I go outside for a cigarette), crying. I then came back to her house, and she exclaimed that she now “needed time to calm down because I got her too worked up.” I can remember, as a child, when I started lying to her. View all posts by flawlessinsanity. For others, it’s a feeling. It just doesn't feel like home. Whether barren, windy, frozen sand, and frigid waters, or sun-kissed, refreshing waves, overflowing with bathers, water is home. This is not a thing I can do. So when my Mom comes at me about how I am 23, probably heading back to some sort of treatment soon, and “Why couldn’t you have changed yourself for the better and not for the worse after your Dad died” type of bullshit, I only have ONE last reply: I should make it known that while I will probably never forgive her, I do not “hate” her. There’s no place like home. We wanted to hear their perspectives, since all have different backgrounds and experiences with living other places. Living and growing up with a maternal figure who has been orthorexic my whole life, and bulimic before it, has (obviously) shaped the way I view and viewed food growing up. I choose not to. For some it’s a person or a place. I am also now lactose intolerant, and it goes further back than my eating disorder.) I can’t answer any of these questions, all I know is that it’s still home to me. Home for Leah… one of her favorite beaches on East End of Long Island, WYSK Contributor Leah LaRocco is a Long Islander who lives in Franklin, Tennessee and works in the music industry for the Recording Academy.Her greatest pleasures include hiking in the national parks, traveling, seeking solace in nature, and gardening. For whatever reason I tend to feel slightly out of place all the time, and never entirely feel like I fit into my surroundings or social situations. What is interesting is that some people who live in other states do not realize how beautiful Long Island really is and what we have here. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. For me, I left and am accomplishing what I set out to do, but never had a clue how ingrained Long Island was into my psyche. Home can be a sanctuary. ... Don't like this video? We were recently on vacation, and were asked where we came from. We asked some WYSK readers to tell us what “home” means to them. ( Log Out /  When we told the person we came from Long Island, she actually asked us if we had trees and lawns where we lived!! Change ). After all, this is your house. “I chose not to choose life. So I have lived on Long Island all of my life. This is my home, but the longing to return to my real home has never left my heart. Don't go nuts color-blocking every room in your house. Me, my man and my kiddles and Kim too? Your email address will not be published. I have realized that a large part of what “triggered” the downward spiral that is my now almost 23 year old life is due to her. Maybe someday I actually will. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. A Social Experiment: How Easy Is It To Drug A Woman At A Bar? But, on the offchance I do, I am most certain that I will sadly never forget. But also not at all. ( Log Out /  The casual culture that affixes itself to the commanding power of water also resonates with me, but it is the water itself that calls me. I wanted to work in the music industry, and I was determined that Nashville, music city, would be my destination. The proximity to Manhattan, and yet the separateness, make the North Fork an ideal place to live. I hate what she did and continues to do to me. There is something very comforting being back here on The Island. There is a sense of belonging in that place that I don’t feel anywhere else. Bailie Beach is still my favorite place to walk because it has some of the best sea glass around. (It seems I am always outside crying and smoking.). Tech Tuesday: GoldieBlox Breaks Into Toys R Us [VIDEO]. You don’t have to make all these changes at once. I miss our old property (rented) terribly even though it's only a few streets away. As you create a workable strategy to handle your entire home and break up your bigger jobs into smaller, manageable tasks that can be timed, you can conquer your work around the house – even when you don’t feel like cleaning. Maybe not. It’s easy to take bike riding during a brilliant sunset next to a sprawling farm field for granted when it’s all you know. It stars Melanie Lynskey, Elijah Wood, David Yow, Jane Levy and Devon Graye.. There is a pretty main street that looks like a movie set lined with small businesses, a recently renovated theatre, and a history soaked with the blood of those who fought in the Civil War. I don't feel like doing any household chores after I get home very tired from work (which involves both desk work and field visits). The culture has a flavor all its own. I would describe this as being common, rather than normal. Ten years after moving to Nashville, my dream has been realized, but I have never missed Long Island more. When home doesn’t feel like home anymore can be a hard topic, so I found more articles on people talking about their experiences. The sheer natural beauty of the place is what captures me. Or clean. But you still want a home that people enjoy coming to in order to hang out, celebrate holidays, etc. It is over and done with, but the fact of the matter is… When the person who was supposed to be your biggest “role model” throughout life criticizes your every fucking move, it makes it pretty hard to be sober. So, somehow, it ends up not being tied to a geography. Just your average, disordered, 20 something, trying to make the weight of living a little lighter by writing about it. I mean, fuck. I have arrived where I belong. I know that I won’t get any better without it. “How could you let your health get this bad, when all I ever did was try to help you?” she asks. Try one or two a day though, and your house will feel like a home before you know it. I spent my whole life not living up to her standards. I remember a time when I was young, I went over to my neighbor’s house and they offered me cookies. I really love my life in Franklin, Tennessee, a historic town just outside of Nashville. My familiar wanders around. Maybe? Some people confuse Long Island with Manhattan, but I can assure you, a quiet world of farms, beaches, and vineyards exists at the end of that long strip of land floating in the Atlantic. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. 1. And yeah, they have been some fucked up standards. There’s no place like home.”. So I chose not to choose her’s. I could go on and on. The irony is never lost on me. We said “Yes, we do, and lots of beaches to go with the trees and lawns.”. I know I am taking a rather large step by putting this on Facebook, for my “family” to see – but… They never have been considered family to me anyway. She doesn’t want to hear it, she says, but then tells me that I will never get any better with a tube in me. We need a bit of work doing upstairs which admittedly is cosmetic mainly; the old tenants carpeted AROUND the wardrobes so when they moved them, we were left with huge gaping holes in every bedroom. Some people grow up moving from place to place and never really land in a space that feels like home. That is not something I would have done had I not been around her. I already have the eating disorder voice in my head… Why the fuck do I need her’s too? She is part of the reason I rebel. EZ Basic - This Place Don't Feel Like Home ezbasictv. On the other hand, my spirit sees broadly and long. I miss our old property (rented) terribly even though it's only a few streets away. Writer Monica Byrne’s Response To Rejection? What matters is that she has shaped me into who I am and who I largely am not, simultaneously. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Sooooo… shall we book our next tickets at the same time then? Sign in to make your opinion count. It doesn’t really matter. It all started with her asking, “How long did you brush your teeth for?” My six year old mind knew that I hadn’t brushed my teeth well enough, long enough, blah blah blah. Try, Try and Try Again! I think home is something unique to everyone. “Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.” – John Ed Pearce. She watches every bite I eat, making small talk about food and discussing nutritional info the whole time we eat. I never think of home as a physical location, because obviously that can change with time. I remember being ten years old, and her telling me to stop eating so much pizza and dairy, because I was beginning to gain weight. I find the familiar everywhere. is a 2017 American comedy thriller film written and directed by Macon Blair in his directorial debut. It’s fun to piece together just as long as we remember that it’s not about making things perfect but appreciating the character.” – Marcy, “Home is where the best of the tangible and the intangible collide in warmth and welcome, where the pretense drops away, and we become children wrapped in blankets of familiarity and peace.” – Amy, “Home, more so than a town, or a street, or a house, is the water. New Suffolk has some of the prettiest inlet views on the East End. Is this normal? The thing I realized is that first of all, there are no plans. The inlets and creeks are such a part of daily life that you could miss them if you were in a hurry, but there is a deep subconscious awareness of the water. The roads are so familiar I could drive some of them blindfolded if I had to. The moment where we start being independent it’s when we find a steady job, and sometimes not even that lets you leave your parents house. Others grow up in the same place, leave, and never look back, establishing thriving lives for themselves somewhere else. If I’m honest with myself, the reality of a move back to Long Island would mean an exponential increase in my living expenses, a real lack of career options in the small community of the North Fork, and a simpler way of living that would require incredible patience and resourcefulness in which to be content. I never think of home as a physical location, because obviously that can change with time.


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