The result is brighter, better quality images. So scharf. This fact remains true when you include the neck strap and have both the ocular and objective lens covers on and the eye-cups fully extended. In this light this is to be expected your eyes are being supplied with more than enough light to make a good image. The Swarovski field bag comes with it's own carry strap. Manual & Warranty Information It includes a diagram naming all the parts, how to correctly attach the carry strap, adjusting the eye-cups, interpupillary distance adjustment, focussing, dioptric compensation, attaching a tripod, maintenance, cleaning, storage and general information. For this test I carried out these tests twice, once on an overcast morning and then again in even poorer light just at and after sunset. Remember the longer your lenses stay clean for, the less often you have to clean them, which in turn means less chance of you damaging them and therefore ensures your pristine view is maintained for longer. Fully Multi-Coated This high quality build, continues through to the optics and their coatings, which all combine to deliver a stunning image quality that I really cannot fault. Jetzt informieren! Whilst it is not a weak point as such, I am surprised to find that the focus wheel on these is not made from metal like the eye-cups are for example. Once engaged, you simply turn it as you would the focus wheel, but rather than turning with a smooth action like the standard focus mechanism, the diopter turns with a very fine ratchets, which lets you know that you are adjusting the diopter. The SLC 42 Series is described by Swarovski Optik as "multipurpose binoculars for observing wildlife", which apart from being Slim, Light and Compact, their main strengths and indeed aspirations are to be as tough and durable as possible, offer a very high quality, but also high contrasting image with a wide field of view. Colour Reproduction & Image Contrast Rubber Armored Likewise I thought that the image contrast was strong, with a good differentiation between dark and light areas, but once again not so strong as to make the image look unnatural. Objective Lens Covers Mirror Coatings As well as protection and grip this non shiny and thus less reflective exterior helps to keep your position hidden. However as you can see from the photos, I was able to use my Vanguard one, which is of a similar design to many others out there. The Swarovski neck strap is most certainly one of the very best that I have used. This may seem like a small point and not worth expanding on, but for those who have to clamber about over difficult terrain whilst in search of wildlife, it can be really important. This review was written a few years ago now. Focusing At a depth of 13mm, the objective lenses are set comparatively deeply within the ends of the barrels. Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Save on Binoculars & Monoculars, Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- You may also like. These look to be part of the same mould as the rest of the chassis and thus are very secure and look like they will break very easily. Whilst this armouring is quite hard and so perhaps does not offer quite as much cushioning as some, along with the finely textured exterior it still presents a surface with plenty of grip. Whilst not class leading and falls a little short of the 10x42 EL, for a 10x magnification, it is still pretty good. To increase the reflectivity on the surface of the roof prism that does not reflect all the light that arrives at it, manufacturers will sometimes add a highly reflective mirror coating to it. The official dimensions of the Swarovski are pretty much in line with the majority of other full sized roof prism bins on the market. Dimensions With lens covers and neck strap, this increases to 897g. Mit dem neuen FieldPro Paket überzeugt das EL Range 10x42 auch mit seiner weiterentwickelten Riemenanbindung, integrierten Objektiv- und Okularschutzdeckeln sowie mit der neuen, markanten Messtaste für noch präziseres Bedienen. Field Bag Whilst I suppose it is technically a soft case, it comes with more than enough padding and support to ensure the optics inside are protected from everything but being crushed by a very heavy object. Centrally located on the rear of the hinge is the focus wheel. For most types of birding ,hunting and just viewing larger wildlife they will be more than adequate, but will perform best in open areas and over larger distances. Eye-Relief: Beim Vergleich dieser typischen Ornithologenferngläser liefern sich die 3 Topmarken Zeiss, Swarovski und Leica wie erwartet ein Kopf-an-Kopf Rennen. Unlike the EL's which have an open bridge, these with their single bridge body design keep a closer connection with tradition, but with a few modern twists, that are worth mentioning: The bridge is fairly thin and is positioned a fair bit close to to the eye-pieces than the objective lenses. This Swarovski 10x42 SLC has a viewing angle of 6.3° which when measured out to a distance, produces a view that is 110 meters wide at a distance of 1000 meters or 330ft @ 1000 yards. The covers are also attached to each barrel with a separate loop that goes around it. Objective Lenses This amount is very minimal and far less than most binoculars including those that use ED glass and thus I rate these Swarovski SLC's very highly in this area. This may not help make for the shortest body in the world, but it does provide the lenses with plenty of protection from being scratched as well as keeping them sheltered from light rain and falling dust. Twisting up and down the eye-cups is nice and smooth and there is no undesired free-play or movement of any sort. Welche Punkte es vorm Kaufen Ihres Swarovski Fernglas 10x42 zu analysieren gibt! Image Flatness The metal shell has a small rubber padded area on the end for comfort and whilst this is quite hard and the diameter of the eyecup (38mm) is perhaps a millimeter or so less than some, I never felt any discomfort whilst using the bins, even when pushing them quite firmly against my face to get a really steady view. However should you really need excellent low light performance, you would probably still be better off with the larger exit pupil that you get with the 8x42 version. Note I measured the minimum distance that I could focus on something with my test pair as being 2.67 meters (8.8ft) which is substantially closer than the advertised minimum, but still falls a little short of what I would call excellent. Das Swarovski Fernglas EL 10x42 ist der überzeugende Alleskönner in der EL-Reihe! Weight wise, they are a tad heavier than most 42mm bins, but having said that, their weight really was never a problem for me and I would much rather be carrying a few extra grams about, but safe in the knowledge that I have in my hands a very high quality instrument made from premium quality materials, rather than a very lightweight plastic one. Swarovski advertise that they use their Swarobright coatings on the SLC range, which if I am not mistaken is their marketing for the very best dielectric coatings that reflect as much as 99% of the light. Free delivery for many products! Once again this is a very small point, but which shows that Swarovski Optik have really paid attention to the finer details on this product. Unlike the neck strap, it is un-padded, but can be adjusted for length and attaches to the bag via the two quick release clips located on the rear. {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}. Whether hunting or simply watching nature, the powerful Swarovski EL will deliver distant vistas into your view. This I am really glad to see that Swarovski have not made this mistake that so many others do. 1600 € ... Kahles Helia 10x42 oder 8x42 Versand frei Haus 18.11.2020 - 16:18 9710, Feistritz an … I can't tell you how annoying it is to have to twist in the eye-cups every time you wish to place your optics into it's bag, so whilst this may be a small detail it is something that can really start to annoy after doing it all day long when out in the field. Whilst the one on my test pair worked very well: it turned smoothly, without any sticking points or undesired free play, I would have to say that being made from plastic it just lacks a little in terms of class when compared to the rest of the binocular, especially the eye-pieces. However because it protrudes nicely above the barrels, turns smoothly and has a deeply grooved track running across it, I never had any problems in firstly reaching it or accurately adjusting the focus, even whilst testing with my gloves on. Besides I would rather carry a little extra weight and be safe in the knowledge that what I am holding is a quality instrument made using mostly metal parts, rather than a very lightweight, cheap looking and feeling plastic pair. Note: If you are specifically after really wide FOV, you may be better opting for the 8x42 SLC, which boasts a massive FOV of 408ft @ 1000yards. Better still are the more expensive silver mirror coatings that are said to reflect around 95% to 98% of the light that arrives at this surface. All the time carrying my binoculars as well as my camera (hunters will have their weapon). Inter-Pupillary Distances (IPD) A point to note about the bag is that the binoculars fit perfectly into the case, not too loose so that it rattles about and not so tight that it is hard to get in or out. Also there is easily enough friction to movement for you to position the eye-cups at any point should you need to and they should remain in position. Near Focus Once quite simple and the other an elasticated mesh one. Ideal Uses: As Swarovski advertise, for these are a perfect multipurpose set of binoculars. Swarovski employees, Swarovski partner and retailer employees, and any of their family members are excluded from this Offer. by closing the hinge this reduces down to 11.6cm. Without doubt this is one area on these binos that beats that of most others out there. Hidden from view, but located on the top of the front face of the bag is a small recess that is designed to be used should you wish to carry the bag in your hand rather than using the strap. Swarovski Fernglas. What does 10x42 mean when describing Swarovski sets? View basket for details. So kontrastreich. Swarovski NL Pure 10x42/12x42. To me it also looks like they could be a great option for birders who perhaps do not quite have the budget needed for the flagship EL series. If you do most of your birding, hunting or wildlife observation at closer ranges and in darker conditions like forests or after sunset then you may be better of selecting the 8x42 SLC instead. As this is one of the most vulnerable external areas on a bin, it is a part that takes the lions share when it comes to the parts of a bin that do get damaged (especially when dropped) and thus it make's sense that it can be easily replaced. However where I think these do differ to the EL range is that Swarovski do not advertise that they use their Swarovision technology, which I will take to mean that they do not use field flattener lenses as which is found in the Swarovski EL 10x32 for example. Image Softening Nachteilen und Preisvergleich. Everything seems to twinkle when looking through these. Rain Guard EL 10x42 binoculars pdf manual download. Their width with lens covers on and the IPD set to maximum is 13.5cm. Click here to open it up in a new tab. I think for me their weight is in no way excessive and the overall balance of them feels good. At 16mm, the amount of eye-relief should just be enough to ensure that most eye-glass wearers are able to view the full image, but as you can see from the table above you do get a little less than some. The soft rubber objective lens covers are simple but very functional. This is mostly an aesthetic thing and metal ones, apart from feeling more robust and solid do not really work any better. This non-stick material not only means less debris will cling to the lens, but it ensures that when you clean them you do not have to apply as much pressure. For a number of reasons, I really love the diopter adjustment on the Swarovski SLC 10x42 binoculars. As well as these mirror coatings, phase correction coatings, which Swarovski call this their P-Coating are added to the roof prism, which corrects "phase shift" and thus results in a better image resolution and contrast. Im Team von SWAROVSKI OPTIK finden sich viele Naturbeobachter. This means that they have added these coatings to every single air to glass lens surface and which they claim can reduce the amount of light that gets reflected away from about 4% - 6% to almost nothing (0.2%). As you would expect to discover, the Swarovski SLC 10x42 binoculars are fully sealed and are thus both water and air-tight. Thus if I am not using a harness, I often find myself carrying them in one hand and protect my camera with the other and this is why a good grip like these provide is for me an essential feature. It is because of these core strengths, the 42mm Swarovski SLC binoculars tend to appeal to the needs of people like adventurers, general wildlife observers and hunters. Leica Noctivid 10x42. By opening and closing the central hinge, you can adjust the distance between the eye-cups to match that of your own eyes. The 10x magnification gives you just that little extra reach, yet you still get a view that is wide enough to easily spot and then follow birds and larger wildlife. The rubber coating that covers almost the complete exterior of the binocular is looks to be both very tough and quite thick, providing plenty of protection to the delicate parts inside. See Clearly With Swarovski El 10x42 Hunting Binoculars. The carry case or "Field Bag" that you get with the SLC is exactly the same design as the one you get with the Swarovski EL models and is the only manufacturer I know of that includes separate instructions on how to use it properly!. These Swarovski SLC binoculars have a minimum IPD setting of 5.6cm and a maximum of 7.4cm, which as you can see by comparing the IPD with others is a good range for a bin in this class and means they should accommodate most people. For me a Zip is the most secure way of keeping the carry bag closed, but unlike a magnetic or quick release clip, you do have to be careful so as not to make too much noise when opening it should you wish to stay hidden or prevent yourself from flushing out birds and even larger wildlife. Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Best-selling in Binoculars & Monoculars. The advantage of this is that it is in theory easier to make fine adjustments to the focus to get it spot on, but on the flip side, making large changes in the focus takes a little longer than those that require less turning of the wheel. Awards: Winner Binocular of the Year 2015. I rate a minimum focus of under 6ft as being excellent, thus at an advertised 10.5ft, you can see that these Swarovski binoculars fall way short of that and thus would probably not be the ideal choice should you spend a lot of your time observing insects or flowers at very close ranges. Awards: Winner's Best of the Best Binocular 2010 The 10x magnification and 42mm objective lens make for a very versatile binocular and these are most definitely one of the best wildlife observation binoculars available, with some people even going as far to say that the Swarovski EL 10x42 binoculars are the perfect wildlife and hunting binoculars. To get inside the bag, or to keep it closed, there is a long Zipper that runs the length of the two sides and over the top of the bag. One aspect to keep in mind however is that there is not a huge amount of room between the barrels and this combined with the fact that the bridge is set far back from the ends of the barrels, means that you may have some difficulty fitting some adapters into the gap. The rain-guard also has a loop on each cup that you can push the neck strap through, if you wish. Chassis Generation Fernglas at the best online prices at eBay! Made from metal, they are not only far more classy looking, but undoubtedly stronger as well. llll Aktueller Swarovski EL 10x42 Fernglas Test bzw. So I am not sure as to if it is Nitrogen, Argon or something even more exotic like the blend of Argon and Krypton that Leupold Optics use in some of the models, but as you can read in this article on Fog & Water-Proofing in Binoculars, for the most part it does not really matter as all seem to do good enough job of preventing the internal glass surfaces from misting up. I really like this and found that I would use it a lot. By removing the objective lens covers their height decreases to 5.3cm. View and Download Swarovski Optik EL 10x42 user manual online. Whilst not class leading and falls a little short of the 10x42 EL, for a 10x magnification, it is still pretty good.


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