Sims. Dine Out 15: 28 Hour Wellness GymThe Gym is a great, free place to raise your Sim's athletic skill level. The Sims Wiki. Rock mural with the sun, plants, snails and snakes. This is second only to playing in subways in the Late Night expansion. Sims can take an art class and will be able to take on the Teaching Career with Ambitions. “The New Sunset Valley” is a brand new world for The Sims 3 created by German Fansite 10: Pinochle PondOffers a beautiful view and Red Herring, Piranha, Black Goldfish, Shark, Angel Fish, Vampire Fish, and Lobster to catch. You can Learn More Here. Don't buy that the moodlet you get here increases athletic skill gain -- it doesn't. Sunset Valley is full of places to explore and has a very diverse cityscape, leaving players hours of fun while exploring alone. A night view of an intersection of the library, grocery store, movie theater, town square, and Bistro. Sims 4 Realm of Magic is Available Now. Spa Day 7: Pleasant Rest GraveyardPleasant Rest Graveyard features several Special Speed spawners outside its fences. If you have Ambitions, it will be the place to be for registering as a Self-Employed Sim. This is one of the two hottest spots to play for tips along with the Theater. Sims 3 Late Night Upcoming Sims News & 10 Years in The Game Category page. It's really not a great destination. It's worth a visit almost every day for the butterflies alone. 17: Papyrus Memorial LibraryThe Papyrus Memorial Library makes the book store almost unnecessary for skilling purposes. Sims 3 Ambitions The best package lasts a full week and gives a hefty mood bonus. The Sims 3 Sunset Valley A Tour of Sunset Valley with Town Maps, Secrets, and Collecting Locations. Here are some of the Packs available: There are plenty of low-level fishing spots for Sims just getting started in that skill. These Sims are pre-made, but homeless when Sunset Valley is first loaded. Be sure to pay the nearby Pink Diamond spawn location a visit, as well! Too bad your Sim can't really dig graves... 8: Llama Memorial StadiumTake a class in Athletics here, or become a Pro Athlete. Retail (GTW/Open for Business) Unfortunately, the art displayed here your Sim can buy. 7: Le Petit Shark Pool CenterThis is a fancy pool open to Sims visiting the downtown area of Sunset Valley. Edit source History Talk (0) Trending pages. High-dollar metal spawns are also included, such as plutonium and palladium locations. Koffi family 433 Sunnyside Boulevard 1. We've got Pink Diamond locations, special seed spawns, and rare metal spawns to help you find Plutonium and Palladium. Sunset Valley mixes modern and futuristic building ideas with nostalgic architecture and design rooted in American suburbs of the 1950s. Sims can now visit all their friends' and neighbors' homes and call up their friends with the new cell phone, for a night on the town. The surrounding area is a great place to partake in some collecting even for non-scientists. It is however the subject of many opportunities across various skills, careers, and professions. Head there around the start of a show in the early afternoon or evening and you can hook up to or more than a dozen Sims. Bunch family 16 Maywood Lane 1. You may choose this spot if it's a faster commute to work for your Sim, as the career working at either is identical. 3: Little Corsican BistroThe Little Corsican Bistro is a high-class place to eat in town. Many varieties of fish are also sold here, including the high-end lobster. There are placed Lots in this version. It would be redundant to list all the information about the various prices, upgrade requirements, and earnings here -- if you need that information or would like to learn more, have a look at the Real Estate and Venues Ownership Guide. The Sims 4 Realm of Magic Features Deep-Dive 4: Old Pier BeachOld Pier beach offers up some areas for Sims to hang out. Your Sim can take a tour of the theater, but its most common use is to go to a movie for $30. It's about 4x more expensive than Hogan's Deep Fried Diner, but serves much better food. 180 Redwood Pkwy +20 They are priced from §1200 at the cheapest, to §14,700 as the most expensive. You can read up on all available skill books here, and occupy children with the toys and children's books. Outdoor Retreat Meanwhile, the, There is a Simhenge located far back from. 477 Sunnyside Blvd +25 How Useful Is Fruitcake? This is the public school in town and everyone from Nobodies to the affluent children of the Landgraabs will attend here. Sunset Valley Sims. Here’s My Opinion On the Pack Sims may also take a tour of City Hall free of charge, and will leave with a fascinated moodlet. The Mausoleum is like a random treasure trove. Stardew Valley It is mentioned how "everybody and their mothers used to live at Sunset Valley" and how times have changed, an easter egg directed at The Sims 3. You can learn about features, read strategy guides, and maybe even decide if they are right for you: Just returned from an unexpected bit of personal time away from the site and the worlds, but looking forward to getting back to the game! 14: Doo Peas Corporate TowerThere's nothing particularly special about this building. Real EstateMany of the places in town are available for purchase. Andrews family 378 Skyborough Boulevard 1. }. document.write('
'); The Science Lab is the destination of an opportunity to resurrect a Sim. Sunset Valley 2020 for The Sims 3. It's also a common destination for a variety of opportunities. Wielu mieszkańców nie zgadzało się z tym, że Vita Alto jest przedstawicielem politycznym miasta, a większość parcel publicznych należy do jej męża Nicka. Additionally, there is a social interaction titled "Joke about Sunset Valley" under the funny category. The world is mostly flat with straight roads for easy lot placement like TS2. Many NPC service Sims in Sunset Valley share similar facial features, eye color, hair color and some clothing between each other. Here’s My Opinion On the Pack, The Sims 4 Realm of Magic Features Deep-Dive, Tutorial: Using The Sims 4’s New Stair Customization Tool, New Staircase Tool – Sims 4 Maxis Monthly Livestream Recap, Feeding Sims and How to Best Manage Hunger During Pregnancy, Upcoming Sims News & 10 Years in The Game. 9: Sunset Institute of Modern ArtArtsy Sims will once in a while like to come to this art museum in town. Beautiful Vista Lots in Sunset ValleyThere are more lots with Beautiful Vista in Sunset Valley than anywhere else. Sims 3 Into the Future Terraria, Our site has loads of information on Expansion Packs for Sims 3. Skyrim I'm now working on my site for The Sims 4. There are treadmills, weight machines and an indoor pool for them to use. Note that the Pink Diamond spawner near #8 is actually in between 8 and 11 in the valley. Sims 3 Island Paradise 1: City HallCity Hall is the home of the Political Career, and serves Sims by offering classes in Charisma. Pink Diamonds are just flat rare and you can collect hundreds of gems before ever finding one. Kids Room Stuff Content. Sure, you can buy the statue here yourself but it's a lot to drop on one of the most expensive items in The Sims 3. It's the rabbit-hole employment spot for Sims in the Law Enforcement Career and, with Ambitions, where to join the Private Investigator Profession. Special Agents (Sims Level 10 in Law Enforcement) can raid this place for cash from time to time. 11: Community School for the Gifted...or not so gifted in the case of some Sim children. Spells List Updated & Info on Charge You'll find many of the lot types already installed and many new faces living in town. Category:Sunset Valley families - The Sims Wiki. Sunset … Seasons 10: Sacred Spleen Memorial HospitalThe Hospital is not a very active destination for Sims not involved in the Medical Career. 15,813 Pages. Sunset Valley is the world that shipped with The Sims 3 base game. When you're in the area, pay the path behind the stadium a visit. This version of Sunset Valley has been made for the player who wants to build their own town. { Sims 3 Supernatural Sims 3 World Adventures, 10+ Mods That Add or Improve Gameplay in The Sims 4, Sims 4 Realm of Magic is Available Now. 12: Hogan's Deep Fried DinerThe Diner is a much cheaper place to eat than the Bistro, and an alternate spot to join the Culinary Career and take Cooking classes. Some of the multiple mountains, valleys, and shorelines featured in Sunset Valley at night. Here is a map of the town with info on each of the buildings Sims can visit and interactions available there. The area directly behind city hall has some of the poorest houses, and behind that zone is a middle class area. 9 Sun Song Ave +15 Alto family 20 Summer Hill Court 1. Jolina family 91 Landgraab Avenue 1. This area leading to Crystal Springs hosts a Pink Diamond spawn point. Around the World of Glimmerbrook Civ 5 The Lighthouse over looking the far sea and guiding way to the Sunset Valley shores. Sunset Valley is the world that shipped with The Sims 3. The Sims Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. 4: EverFresh Delights SupermarketThe Supermarket sells almost every type of fruit and vegetable in the game. The abandoned mine can be found close to Pinochle Point, there are glowing yellow eyes peeking out of it during the day and night. It's a great pit stop for fishermen and gardeners to sell their goods. Picnic areas, restrooms, and outdoor grills are offered to give Sims a nice place to enjoy the day. Rock mural depicting an alien attack on ancient Sims. 130 Redwood Pkwy +20 You can also purchase books that will teach you a fish's favorite bait. Sims with the athletic skill may want to swim here to raise their level. Additionally, there is a social interaction titled "Joke about Sunset Valley" under the funny category. Feeding Sims and How to Best Manage Hunger During Pregnancy Bring the Garlic! 15 Summer Hill Court +30. An above aerial screenshot of the same intersection at night. The amount of space (in squares) for building goes from 19x29 at the smallest to 60x60 at the largest. World Adventures adds no buildings to the town, Ambitions adds several -- the Salon/Tattoo Parlor, Fire Department, Consignment Shop, and a Junkyard. With The Sims 3 Ambitions expansion, it also includes buildings like the Library and Fishing Holes which can be upgraded with more equipment to increase their profit potential. It's a good pit stop for Sims taking part in beach fishing. This guide to the primary town of The Sims 3 will teach you various secrets, special seed locations, and provide helpful information about most of the locales in SV. Add new page. Roomies household and Crumplebottom family. Beautiful Vista lots are the best place to build a home, simply because of this permenant boost. It's a can't miss as you're likely to find something good on most trips. As the Sunset Valley description states, there seems to be a rivalry between the Landgraabs and the Altos. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? The main part of the town is the park, where Sims can have a picnic, go fishing, or take a stroll and maybe meet someone new; there is also a local cinema, a gym, restaurants, shops, pools, and other recreational facilities. This guide to the primary town of The Sims 3 will teach you various secrets, special seed locations, and provide helpful information about most of the locales in SV. Sims 3 Seasons An intersection showing the public pool, hospital, art gallery, and school at night. 1. 11: Crystal SpringsThis place is quite far out of the way but offers Angel Fish, Lobster, and Vampire Fish for your troubles. Your Sim is better off jogging or working out at home. In EA's Burnout Paradise, an area is also named Sunset Valley which may have given its name. There's also an omni-plant in the garden here, which can be tended by your Sim. It's also the place to go to change your Sim's name. Jednak gdy wiele lat później do miasta wprowadziła się rodzina Alto, w mieście zgęstniała serdeczna dotąd atmosfera. Anyway, I'm working on a revision of sunset valley with tons of new ️ ️ ️ ️ in it, and I need to know how to depopulate it without corrupting the CAW file-I'm currently using the master controller method and it isn't saving, and I need to … Many players believe that Sunset Valley is. Sims 3 Pets if (document.getElementById("tester3") == undefined) For now, I'm only covering 4 but I know many people play both games and may be unaware I'm now producing videos for the series. This page also serves up links to all the other info on Sunset Valley Carl's Sims 3 Guide has available. Only base game items used in keeping with Sunset Valley. Sims can also take part-time jobs as spa specialists and receptionists here. Sunset Valley is mentioned in The Sims 4, specifically when getting a postcard through the computer. The theater is a great spot to play for tips with any one of the instruments. The town is very unique on all accounts and hosts a whopping 25 playable families. This is also a place for Teens to get a part-time job. The park in the middle of town was replaced with a small lake, and only a few neighborhoods and families from the PC version were found here. Simowie też nie wierzyli, że córka chciwej pary, Holly pomimo swych złych rodziców ma cechę Dobra. All of these will serve to boost your Sim's mood to various degrees. Carl's Guides With the release of patches, Sims can no longer go Klepto on the museum and will find the ability disabled. They need only stick their toes in the door to satisfy the wish to visit, however. There are other more effective forms of entertainment to be found around town. Alvi family 43 Water Lily Lane 1. Expansions and Sunset ValleyThis guide is largely for the Vanilla version of The Sims 3 and focuses more on its version of Sunset Valley. 6: Divisadero Budget BooksThe Book Store is a one-stop shop for Sims looking for recipes, sheet music, skill books, or a good read. 6: Landgraab Industries Science FacilitySims can turn in Insects here for cash, take a Logic or Gardening class, and join the Science Career. Keaton family 86 Landgraab Avenue 1. A night view of Sunset Valley, main commercial area. They'll of course get scared off by the occasional zombie bear attack for their effort. There are a total of 86 Sims living in Sunset Valley. Some of which will never be useful to your current Sim, but you'll likely visit most of them as you experience more of the game. 2: Police DepartmentThe Police Department in Sunset Valley serves only two purposes, aside from the occasional opportunity. I've launched a Youtube Channel for The Sims. Image looking out to the water and the lighthouse. The Sims; The Sims 2; The Sims 3; The Sims 4; The houses in Sunset Valley are diversely priced, but every little group of houses are generally similarly priced. This is an occasional wish for Sims, and isn't a bad idea as it's a fun activity that provides a long-lasting moodlet if the movie is good. The moodlet is very helpful as it will help your Sim any time they're home. This should be very helpful to Gardeners, and Sims trying to make a Simbot or otherwise needing Life Fruit for Ambrosia. You can also buy bubble bath, birthday cakes, rubber duckies, and mood light candles. Bella Goth; Mortimer Goth; Agnes Crumplebottom; Tragic Clown; Malcolm Landgraab; Kaylynn Langerak; Nancy Landgraab; Gunther Goth; It really could stand to have an outdoor grill, or something to accomodate a day in the Sun. 100 Redwood Pkwy +15 Anyway, I'm working on a revision of sunset valley with tons of new ️ ️ ️ ️ in it, and I need to know how to depopulate it without corrupting the CAW file-I'm currently using the master controller method and it isn't saving, and I need to … There are both Vanilla and Chocolate versions to download. Summer Hill Court contains the largest, most expensive lots. Clavell family 306 Skyborough Boulevard 1. It's one of the cheaper businesses to own, and also provides part time job opportunities. 1: SimhengeThis location named after 'Stonehenge' offers several butterfly spawn points, and other collectibles. 18: Abandoned WarehouseThe Outstanding Citizens corp is home to the Criminal Career. 3: Private BeachThis place isn't noted on the map, but is a great spot for higher level fishermen to catch Alley Catfish, Red Herring, Tuna, Tragic Clownfish, Siamese Catfish, Shark, and Lobster. Sims by neighborhood, Sims from The Sims 3 (base game), Sunset Valley. All of the NPC Sims have their voice set to Voice Type A for both males and females with the pitch dead center. The Bistro also offers cooking classes, and for Late Night owners, mixology classes. They have a great article on their site with all sorts of info on this world, and they have also released a trailer for it! It's also a good spot to find a chess partner, as you can hook Sims visiting the park into playing with your Sim. Tutorial: Using The Sims 4’s New Stair Customization Tool If you want your Sim to be a Chef, send them here for employment. Writers will love its free computer, when they're getting started in te skill. This photo features the police station and a part of the town square at night. Altowie wszczęli kłótnie z Landgraabami. Along the east side of Sunset Valley are some very nice homes, probably for upper-middle class Sims. 10+ Mods That Add or Improve Gameplay in The Sims 4 While I will touch on what changes in the various buildings here due to expansions, the buildings that are exclusive to expansions are covered on those pages. Kennedy family 67 Water Lily Lane 1. The most expensive lot, 15 Summer Hill Court, is on the same hill as the Landgraabs' and Alto's mansions (although if the Pets expansion pack has been installed, this lot may be taken up by the equestrian center). 16: Central ParkThe Park is a pretty great place for families to hang, and for Sims to meet others. This is Sunset Valley - a Large world, No CC, only the base game Spawners added. Hopefully this is a long term thing! 5: Fort Gnome Military BaseYour Sims can take a handiness class here, and of course join the Military Career. Sims 3 Showtime Sunset Valley założyła rodzina Ćwir i szybko zaprzyjaźniła się z bogatą rodziną Landgraab. Fishing SpotsSomething like this deserves its own page, and we have a ton of maps for Sunset Valley over on the Fishing guide. Late Night brings nothing new to Sunset Valley aside from an infestation of Vampires, but you can add bars and night clubs manually using Edit Town mode. It's a decent spot for Sims to have fun in groups, as there's plenty of room to hang out. There are a total of 86 Sims living in Sunset Valley. Watching Sims paint new things is much more entertaining for the player. It's attached to the nearby lot, and frankly if I owned that lot I'd have the cops on speed dial to stop the trespassers constantly coming to my pool. It's easy to come to this spot and leave with 6 or more collected items. Welcome to our Tour of Sunset Valley. 8: Lofty Cerulean Blue PoolThis place is much like above, but almost feels out of place. This uses fixes from EllaCharmed's Sunset Valley map and works to improve performance and reduce the amount of stuck Sims. The only exceptions are Special fruits. Inspired by Naga's improved Sunset Valley, Jaga Telesin and MrsFlynn have released Sunset Valley 2020 at our forum. It's worth checking out with your Sim, as the giant fighter is a very cool statue and you can see the space shuttle. Sims 3 Generations An intersection showing the school, diner, hospital and gym at night. Edit. Welcome to our Tour of Sunset Valley. P… Expansions Players with Late Night will find this place sells Plasma Fruit, the only special type available. Sunset Valley was totally different in the mobile version. Get to Work For Vanilla Sims 3 (The Sims 3 with no expansions), this list is limited to rabbit holes which your Sim enters but cannot be seen. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. There are 21 available empty lots for players to build on. Hart family 303 Skyborough Boulevard 1. You can send your Sim in to explore, and they may find valuable items like special seeds, pink diamonds and much more. 2350 Pinochle Point +10 Sims 3 University Life 9: Stoney FallsStoney Falls is a good place to catch Alley Catfish and Angelfish, and both of them are used as bait in the build-up to catching perfect Death Fish. Sunset Valley is very large compared to the neighborhoods in previous The Sims games, having a total of 92 lots with various playable characters and about 86 in total pre-made. If you're looking for a particular fish, head directly to Sunset Valley Fishing Spots. For example, the homes by the public beach are generally cheap, making them homes for lower-middle class type Sims, although (if viewing the water as south), the further west you go the nicer they become, until they're more like upper-middle class type homes. Later, we'll also take a walk off the beaten path and spot some of the must-visit places on the outskirts of town for your collecting needs. You'll find showers, bathrooms, snacks and entertainment as well. New Staircase Tool – Sims 4 Maxis Monthly Livestream Recap The entire area becomes active at night time, when ghosts roam the lot and death fish become catchable from the pond in the cemetery. The Sims 4 Cheats, Other Guides 2: Abandoned MineBe sure to look along the path for other collectibles (like Palladium) on your way to this mine that offers loads of metal spawn points, which can be rare varieties. They can get massages, facials, and spa packages here. Video Link Frio family 7 Sun Song Avenue 1. Sims can also take a part time job by clicking the mausoleum itself. You can learn the bait for those fish on the Fish List. This guide will answer a lot of "Where to" type of questions, like where to take classes, join particular careers, and find certain types of items for sale. 5: Wilsonoff Community TheatreThe theatre is home to the Music Career, and offers lessons on Guitar and the Late Night Instruments. Wikis. You'll also find a list of lots that have the Beautiful Vista moodlet. For a while playing a homeless Sim was popular and this was the single best place for them to call 'home'. For maps to all other types of collectibles, have a look at the Maps page for shots using the collection helper. You can join the Journalism and Business Careers here, and take writing classes. Here is a list of the unoccupied lots which will give Sims the Beautiful Vista moodlet which ranges from +10 to +30. 13: Sharma Day SpaThe Day Spa is a great place to spend your Sim's money. Sunset Valley's downtown is densely populated with buildings. 2500 Pinochle Point +10 Games Movies TV Video. This Map features Pink Diamond, Palladium Metal, and Special Seed spawn locations in Sunset Valley. Register Start a Wiki. CollectingI'll mention some of the spots for finding good items like special seeds and pink diamonds in this guide, but if you want to learn almost all of the collecting spots in The Sims 3, head to the collecting guide. The stadium also hosts olympics that Athletic Sims can partake in to win a prize!


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