Rank: EX 柄の青い宝玉には神代の魔力(真エーテル)が貯蔵・保管されており、これを解放すると黄昏色の剣気を放つ。 Rank: C He asks the others to protect him and Ritsuka while he goes to slay Fafnir. The pinnacle of holy swords. [6], If he is summoned as a Servant, Siegfried will think of himself about how he is told of as a hero that killed a dragon, but in the end, the only thing he did was give birth to further tragedy. 耐力:A The group split up to search, with Siegfried going with Ritsuka, Mash, and Mozart. [2][4], After the accumulation of the endings of his many adventures, where in the process, he obtained the demonic sword Balmung and an overcoat that makes one disappear and hides one's figure, Siegfried's most well known feat was being crowned a "Dragon Slayer" by battling the evil dragon Fafnir for the treasure of the Nibelungen family and finally defeating and killing him with his holy sword. Please look forward to it! The Servant version of Siegfried cannot instantly replenish the mana he expends. He wields the precious sword Balmung which he received from the Nibelungen family, and has been in battles ever since he was a young man, having faced and fought in many campaigns and several adventures. Endurance: A [12], In the initial plans of the Yggdmillennia team, Saber would go out to the front lines and receive the attacks of enemy Servants as Lancer's protector. Because they possess overwhelmingly immense power, they must not act out of their own will and try to grant their own wish. He participates in the Great Holy Grail War while carrying a wish he couldn't fulfill during his lifetime, but he is forced to unwillingly shackle himself due to his cowardly Master. I want to acknowledge myself. That is the foundation of his personality, and it deepened the antagonism between him and his Master Gordes. Artoria boasts the highest rank of resistance to magic amongst the Servants. Balmung possesses an incredibly high activation rate, but it remains slower than that of the original Siegfried due to the degradation of Siegfried's Magic Core upon his summoning as a Servant. Rank: A++ Siegfried, the Dragon-Blooded Knight 種別:対人宝具 [3][4] The blue jewel encased in the hilt of the sword contains mana from the Age of Gods, and it is possible to pull out the sword's power to the maximum with just a small quantity of it. It also has other advantages such as increasing attack power and accuracy. But when he bathed in the dragon's blood, a single linden tree leaf happened to stick to his back, making it his one weak point that would bring about his irrevocable death. The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Saber_of_Black_(Siegfried)?oldid=6978637. [20], Siegfried was designed by KN and written by TYPE-MOON for the original cancelled online game project. Attacks that can penetrate the armor's protective effects have their effects greatly reduced, as even the blows of the mighty hero Karna, which are able to easily sunder the bodies of Servants, gouge their vital organs, and dismember their bodies, are unable to leave more than scratches that are easily healed through Siegfried's connection with his Master. Type: Anti-Unit 余談ですが、奈須さんに妄想語らっていたときは「こいつの胸がピカピカ光るんですよ、三分過ぎると!」と言ってましたが、真面目にやるとあまりに間抜けなので消えました。 筋力:B+ Legend It is unclear if Riding is applicable to aircrafts. Rider regretted not being able to talk to him anymore. In modern times, the Einzberns excavated Avalon at Cornwall and passed it into the hands of Emiya Kiritsugu. Height/Weight: 190cm/80kg Servants of Fate/Grand Order x Himuro's World, https://typemoon.fandom.com/wiki/Saber_of_Black?oldid=168319. This humongous magical power is also the source of Artoria’s Magic Resistance. He is an undisputed great hero and “dragon slayer” who appears in the “Nibelungenlied”. If I weren't a prince, if I were just an ordinary man... Wouldn't I have been able to earnestly pursue my own will? また、アーサー王の父ウーサーは、マーリンの計らいで竜の因子を持った後継者を造り、アルトリアは人であり ながら竜そのものの魔力を帯びるに至った。. Even so, I can't help but think. Armament: Armour, Sword Level 4 Bond This is because a hero is such a being. 「ニーベルンゲンの歌」に謳われる万夫不当の英雄。 Excalibur converts the mana of the wielder into light, and as the sword is swung, the light is released from the tip of the blade like a laser beam and destroys everything in its path. Profile In the story, Artoria retained her Magic Resistance of A while having Emiya Shirou and Rin as Masters, regardless the two’s differences in power and characteristics. ランク:A+ Gordes had been shaken pitifully and was crushed by humiliation as he had lost Saber. 少年時代から遠征を繰り返し、ニーベルンゲン族との戦いで財宝を、ファブニール退治で不死身の肉体を手に入れた。しかし竜血を浴びた際、背中に菩提樹の葉が貼りついていたため、そこだけが弱点となる。長じてブルグント軍に加わったジークフリードは、戦争で多くの手柄を立ててブルグント王の妹・クリームヒルトと結婚し、ネーデルラントの王位についた。しかしこのときにアイスランドの女王・ブリュンヒルトとブルグント王の婚姻を奸計をもって助けたことが尾を引き、後にブルグント王の家臣により弱点を突かれ暗殺されてしまう。これが物語の後半、夫の暗殺に対する妻・クリームヒルトの復讐劇へと繋がっていく。 After they're defeated, Ritsuka explains the situation to them. 原典である魔剣『グラム』としての属性も併せ持っており、手にした者によって聖剣、魔剣の属性が変化する。 She cannot control Pegasi, Griffons, Dragons, and other Magical Beast, Divine Beast Ranked Phantasmal Species. However, there aren’t many heroes who possess the skill to pull off the tricky feat of aiming for Siegfried’s back while fighting him in the first place. Orleans: The Wicked Dragon Hundred Years' War. When he goes all out in a defensive battle, Siegfried is effectively a moving fortress. But even so, if I don't have you kill me…[8] », Without spending in any significant degree the Rhinegold, Siegfried entrusted his best friend his only weakness. Unfortunately, the moment he was summoned as the Servant Saber, that special characteristic of his was highly degraded. [22], Comment from Yuichiro Higashide & Ototsugu Konoe. Mash Kyrielight and Jeanne d'Arc protect everyone from the flames though. Illustrator and Voice actor He was also afflicted with multiple cursed by Jeanne Alter. If facing a Noble Phantasm used by a proper hero, it gains defensive values equivalent to B+. Gordes impatiently orders Saber to use his Noble Phantasm, but Saber ignores his Master's urgings as he tries to figure out the mystery behind Rider's invulnerability. If the opponent is someone who attacks with sorcery, Artoria will charge without fear and determine the outcome of the battle with a slash. 義兄の望みを叶えた結果、義兄の妻とクリームヒルトが対立状態に陥り、戦いを防ぐためにはジークフリート自身が死ぬしかない、という状況にまで追い込まれた。 With him possessing the noble lineage of royalty, being known for various his adventures and heroic tales and having met a tragic end, there are few heroes who are as heroic as him. In Fate Route, Artoria learned that Shirou was her “sheath”, which led the duo to emerge victorious in the Holy Grail War. In the light novels, Siegfried as he was portrayed in the “Nibelungenlied” forms the basic essentials of his character, and he only knows about the Norse Valkyries from second-hand knowledge. Saber of Black is the Saber Class Servant of Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia of the Black Faction in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha. True Ether is being stored in the blue jewel inserted on the handle, which is employed by invoking the True Name. ジークフリート - セイバー Siegfried and the others eventually arrive in Thiers, where they encounter Elizabeth Bathòry and Kiyohime bickering. Balmung was planned to be given to him as payment for this. Legend Good heavens! Sieg possesses the “Galvanism” ability, which the Servant Siegfried does not have, and can draw out the needed prana all at once when activating the Noble Phantasm. ジークフリード Aランク以上の攻撃も、Bランク分の防御数値を差し引いたダメージとして計上する。 Siegfried is an undisputed great hero admired in the "Nibelungenlied" and a famed "Dragon Slayer" that can match a thousand, seen as one of the vital cornerstones of the Black Faction's strategy during the Great Holy Grail War. He was defeated and imprisoned in the town castle though when Jeanne d'Arc Alter and her Servants attacked. When his wife and the wife of his brother-in-law wounded each other’s honor and a collision between them became inevitable, he once more granted everyone’s wish. パラメータ Although he manages to ward off the spear's barrage by maneuvering his sword with the smallest possible movement, and by closing the distance one step at a time, Karna holds the advantage in terms of range thanks to his long spear and thus manages to strike Siegfried seventy-eight times in different vital points every single time. Type: Anti-Army 英霊となった彼は、生前の「他者に望まれた英雄」としての己を省みて、一つのささやかな夢を抱いている。 A hero is a being that fulfills the wishes of others, and must not ever tread any further than that. 属性:混沌・善 Alignment: Chaotic Good  Gender: Male [6], « I lived and died as a hero. [2] However, a shadow was cast on such flamboyant glory around the time he got married with Kriemhild. Of course, the mana consumption is extreme, thus it cannot be fired consecutively. Class: Saber 竜殺し A Such is the extraordinary rank of Artoria’s Magic Resistance, sufficient to shake the very foundation of the Servant System. After escaping to a ruined fort, Siegfried's wounds are healed by Marie Antoinette but the curses afflicted on him prevent a full recovery. Intelligence: A widely-renowned hero regarded as invincible and a walking fortress, Siegfried is an incredibly skilled swordsman whose skills had long surpassed the realm of man. Hagen, I am invincible and so have never once been wounded by you. Astolfo would guide the golems and control the situation with Avicebron, while Chiron would act as support by shooting at areas where a hole in the enemy lines could be made. ■ 悪竜の血鎧(アーマー・オブ・ファヴニール) [11], Siegfried's main Noble Phantasm is Armor of Fafnir, a continuously active armor that negates all attacks of B rank and below. [8] From Siegfried's point of view, it was the best way to solve the antagonism between Kriemhild and Brünnhilde, but he committed a fatal mistake. 正当な英雄から宝具を使用された場合は、B+相当の防御数値を得る。 Saber and Lancer both battle in a death match situation. [4][6] He is the type to talk with a simple, unsophisticated tone and hold back his words to the absolute minimum needed. Class: Saber VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. [5][6] He had always answered to people's expectation, but what was wished from him in the end was his own death. Excalibur was not forged by mankind, but crystallised within the Earth, using the wishes of mankind as the basis. 宝具:A Her hatred wasn't pointed only to the killer Hagen, but also to her own brother Gunther. Gordes orders Saber to restrain Rider, and Saber stepped up to Rider in a single stride and grabbed his arm and neck. ————悪竜の血を浴びた逸話を具現化した宝具。 Level 2 Bond As the Homunculus was punched almost to death by Gordes, Rider starts questioning about Saber's pride as a hero. The reason the weak point on his back is exposed is because of a “curse” that forces him to do so. Artoria is able to resist an action force onto her powered by one stroke of the Command Spell. She and Georgios then remove the curses from Siegfried while Elizabeth and Kiyohime join the group. Balmung. 戦場では常に前面へと出て仲間を守る。 Because of that, there seems to be an occasional misunderstanding. Afterward, it was planted into the body of Emiya Shirou to save his life, eventually becoming the link that led to his bond with Artoria. 伝説 Both Berserker and Saber's attack were ineffective against Rider, while Rider paid little attention to Berserker and clashed with Saber once again. There lies what I sought. Maximum Targets: 1 Object アンロック条件:絆レベルを5にすると開放 It was truly a perfect formation as an academic theory, but they were forced to tearfully change tactics due to Siegfried unbelievably leaving the battlefield before the war actually began.[6]. 近衛:変身ヒーローであるところのジーク君は最終巻でも見せ場が!ご期待ください! He had always answered to people's expectation, but what was wished from him in the end was his own death. The group learn the two just made contact with Georgios. The greatest and most powerful Noble Phantasm of Artoria (Translator’s Note: Not Avalon?). Agility: B Even modern magi of the highest level cannot wound her directly with sorcery. Type: Bound Field A spectacular combatant, he is able to battle Karna, a demigod of the highest caliber and said to be one of the only Servants to hold a candle to the Gilgamesh on even ground in martial combat. Parameters ), the Dragon-Blooded Knight (竜血の騎士, Ryūketsu no Kishi?) After the era is restored, he and Georgios express how honored they were to have fought alongside each other. In other words, when Siegfried goes all out in a defensive battle, he is effectively a moving fortress. 生前に果たせをかった願望を抱いて、聖杯大戦に臨 んだが小心者のマスターによて、不本意な束縛を余儀なくされる。. [5], Siegfried has a reserved attitude, but as a matter of fact, there is a side to him more stubborn than anyone else regarding his own personal principles that is demonstrated even to his own Master. Sex: Female Since the advantage of Invisible Air lies in “invisibility”, the accuracy increase will not occur while engaging opponents who possess Eye of the Mind or do not depend on vision. He wielded Balmung in every battle after that. [5][6][14] Having surmounted every field of battle without a single defeat, until losing his life at the blade of betrayal striking his back, his only weak point, he is a magnificent warrior,[11] and he stands as the greatest hero of Germany,[10] and next to Sigurd as one of the most powerful of all Norse myth. Instinct is the ability to instantly identify “the best personal course of action” during combat. I won't fight for the sake of someone else. (Translator’s Note: It is probably more “decreasing opponent's evasion” in RPG terms.) [4] The man who was once his friend granted the hero's wish. Creator: TYPE-MOON [5] His brother-in-law, the Burgundian king, loved a certain woman, the queen of Iceland, Brünnhilde. Range: Extended melee range, Kilometers with Balmung. Ritsuka's party eventually arrive in Lyon's ruins, needing Siegfried to slay Fafnir. 竜種の血を引く者に追加ダメージを負わせる。. ランク:A+  種別:対軍宝具 It may not have been a crime, but it wasn't a behavior that should be praised either and it was a request that ended up coming back to him as punishment. [5] He had always made the wrong decisions at the most critical of moments. Furthermore, the sword Kriemhild used to kill Hagen was Siegfried's beloved Balmung, so there are people that said that after twists and turns, Siegfried could get his revenge. He was a great national hero of Germany who had many variations legends attributed to him, with his most famous appearance being his introductory role in the epic poem of Nibelungenlied where his character was esta… Higashide: This the instant-Servant and homunculus, Sieg-kun. Mana Burst: A Being able to discern Cú Chulainn’s ultimate technique certainly reflects her skills, but having exceptional Instinct also helped her immensely. [19] As a result, should his True Name be revealed it would be fatal,[11] as a result of his renowned legend, knowledge of his weakpoint will be known to all should his identity be exposed. Jeanne eventually arrives in Thiers with Georgios, and tells the others of Marie's noble sacrifice. Even while knowing that, the hero stopped himself from resisting. However, Artoria can ultimately only control normal mounts. Bound to his own desires, he tried to overlook the weak who cowered before him. Other Servants can fight for nearly an entire day without stopping. [4], Siegfried's legend came into existence around the 5~6th Century and had spread to many lands. Balmung: Phantasmal Greatsword, Felling of the Sky Demon: Siegfried's golden greatsword and a descendant of the greatest demonic sword, Gram. Siegfried is an honorable knight who will drag out fights with worthy opponents and won't resort to dishonorable tactics. 魔力:C But it is precisely because he is such a heroic hero that he was unconsciously burdened by binds. Due to the Nibelung treasure promised a life untroubled by money, but Luck is Rank-Down. He did not seek salvation for himself, so he ignored the silent cries of those who had. In the Fourth Holy Grail War, Artoria unleashed the condensed air and used it as a long-range weapon that mauls down groups of enemies --- “The Iron Mallet of the Wind King”. It may have changed his fate had he refused, forcing the use of Command Spells, but he chose to submit as a Servant of the Saber class, bringing about a fatal misunderstanding between them.[11]. Talk about Siegfield It was ironic that Queen Guinevere and the serving knights grew more distant from Artoria precisely because she was too ideal. He tried to resist the order with all his might, but as he was about to release his Noble Phantasm, Gordes used a Command Spell to retract his previous order due to Darnic's intervention. Normally, a human soul wouldn’t be able to endure a Heroic Spirit's existence inside a body. The ability to reinforce one’s weapon and body through the infusion of magical energy. Unleashing the true name of Avalon will deploy a Bound Field that provides the greatest defence. To fight not for "somebody else's sake", but only for the justice he himself believes; an ally of justice--. I won't fight for my own sake either. However, two kings felt that the allocation of treasure was done unfairly (both kings felt they were being treated unfairly, so it’s highly possible that it was actually divided up fairly without Siegfried favoring either one) and fought Siegfried, but he killed them in return. Because the Scabbard of the Holy Sword stopped her from aging, Artoria continued to reign as the ideal king. It is a sword of twilight that has reached A rank and possesses the quality of both a holy and cursed sword. [4], Adding to the growing ranks of the Burgundians, Siegfried brought them many victories and married Kriemhild, sister of the Burgundian king, accessing the throne of The Netherlands. Rider, tired of the fight as it isn't going anywhere, commented that Saber should try to laugh before his death before he was shot by Archer of Red's arrow, sending him backwards and crashing into several trees. CV:諏訪部 順一 ILLUST:近衛乙嗣 A hero acts out of the supplications of the people, and therefore should not act without being asked. However, his back, which was not bathed in the blood, does not gain defensive values, and he is unable to conceal it. Since “knights” are soldiers who are proficient in mounted warfare, Saber’s rank in Riding is very high. That is my dream, my wish. Range: 1~2 Such meanness and wickedness were certainly not things he had striven for. Gender: Male Through this ability, it is possible to negate the penalties inflicted by visual and auditory interference to a certain extend. Siegfried was the protector of Lyon when he was summoned into the Singularity. 聖剣を携えた威風堂々たる騎士。 1 Profile 1.1 Appearance 1.2 Personality 1.3 Development 1.4 Identity: Seigfried 2 Plot 2.1 Fate/Apocrypha 3 Abilities 4 Relationships 4.1 Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia [2] Due to knowledge of this trickery spreading around, the hero wounded the woman's honor and pride. A hero is a being that fulfills the wishes of others, and must not ever tread any further than that. When receiving regular A rank attacks, the armor’s defensive rank of B will be subtracted from the attack’s offensive rank of A… in other words, it will be reduced to effectively an E rank attack, but in the case of an attack by a Noble Phantasm, the armor’s defensive value will rise to the rank of B+. Armor of Fafnir. All things considered, they were more or less an even in terms of strength, due to their fight prolonging for several hours without any of them using their other Noble Phantasms. Even though he loved humans and the world, he never managed to fill that emptiness no matter what he did. ■ Balmung: Phantasmal Greatsword, Felling of the Sky Demon Noble Phantasms Das Rheingold: The endless fortunes that Siegfried gained from defeating Fafnir, an extreme amount of riches that remained even when his great-grandson was an old man. His tall stature, slender body and tanned-colored skin are proof of him having been soaked in the blood of a dragon. She is capable of completely neutralising grand sorceries involving magic arrays and instant contracts. 最大捕捉:1人 50 while the rest were at 30-40. Siegfried as he was portrayed in the "Nibelungenlied" forms the basic essentials of his character, and he only knows about the Norse Valkyries from second-hand knowledge. 幸運:E [4], Siegfried's self-esteem tends to be negative because of the misfortune caused by the Rhinegold that continues to last, with him being unable to do anything but grant the wishes of anyone that crosses over into his lifetime, and it seems that his reason that once stirred the flow of his thoughts could not be found. [4][5] Yuuichirou Higashide and Kinoko Nasu are the scenario writers for his character in Fate/Grand Order. Even with her Charisma, she could not avert the fall of her kingdom. When I think about it, everything started from him. He then slays Fafnir with the help of his allies. The more he helped others, the more confused he was about his own wish. [19][4] In case he is attacked with a Noble Phantasm, the armor’s defensive value will rise to B+. Although taciturn, his passions run deep. Even Achilles, one of the most famous heroes in the world, failed to leave a scratch on Siegfried due to this Noble Phantasm. Noble Phantasm: A [6], Siegfried is a tall man with silver-grey hair. [6][19][4] When receiving regular an A rank attack, it is only recorded as an E rank attack. Though it was agreed that all would share the names of their Servants, Gordes vehemently disagrees, claiming that revealing knowledge of his Servant's True Name to anyone but Darnic and Lancer of Black would be detrimental to their battle. As Archer retreats into the forest, Rider taunts the two, causing them to become angered at the insult to their pride. [4], Siegfried had surmounted every field of battle without a single defeat, until losing his life at the blade of betrayal striking him in his back. Range: 1-50 Type: Anti-Fortress Gordes, frustrated with Saber, used his Command Spell to order Saber to use his Noble Phantasm to defeat Rider. However, this strong influence is still insufficient to build a vast empire spanning the world, so it remains at rank B (enough to rule a country). But when he bathed in the dragon's blood, a tree leaf stuck to his back, making it his one weak point. 柄に填め込まれた青い宝玉は真エーテルが貯蔵されており、真名を以って発動させる際に使用する。 Dragon Slayer A Saber’s Riding was elevated to A while having Emiya Kiritsugu as Master. Strength: B+ Height/Weight: 190cm・80kg Tier: Low 7-B, 7-B with Balmung, 6-A with Balmung against Dragons, Name: Saber of Black, Siegfried, "Dragon-Blooded Knight", "Dragon Slayer", "Dragon-Slaying Hero", Classification: Heroic Spirit, Saber-class Servant, Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Invulnerability (Armor of Fafnir automatically nullifies any attacks and magical spells below a certain rank and dulls the effects of any it can't completely nullify, reducing attacks that would normally rip off his limbs to minor scratches), Master Swordsman, Damage Reduction with Armor of Fafnir, Energy Projection with Balmung, Statistics Amplification (Increases in strength and durability when fighting a dragon), Vehicular Mastery and Animal Manipulation (Can "ride" nearly any vehicle or mount with supernatural skill), Servant Physiology, Resistance to Curses (During the Orleans Singularity, Siegfried survived numerous high-level curses being cast on him), Attack Potency: Small City level (Fought Karna on fairly even ground, managing to leave minor wounds on him), City level with Balmung (An A+ Ranked Anti-Army Noble Phantasm that matched Clarent Blood Arthur when used by Sieg, and when used consecutively and rapidly, it can match Brahmastra Kundala), Continent level with Balmung against Dragons (Killed Fafnir who can overpower Mash's Lord Chaldeas), Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Can keep up with Karna and a non-serious Achilles), Lifting Strength: Class K (Possesses a B+ Strength Parameter, making him comparable to Achilles), Durability: Small City level (Holds A-rank endurance, making him equal to Heracles and King Arthur at their peaks), higher with the Armor of Fafnir (Nullifies most attacks and even Noble Phantasms, and reduces the damage of the things that can hurt him, such as Karna's blows, to just minor wounds).


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