Songs; Photos; Find a Gathering; Buy the Book. This sites contains much information on the Rainbow Gatherings and the Rainbow Family Rainbow Newsgroup, alt.gathering.rainbow (aka AGR) The Rainbow Family is a counter-culture group started in the 1960s, but their famous Rainbow Gatherings have attracted drugs and violence. They have no official hierarchy and no rules, relying instead on a shared ethos and tradition of mutual respect. Attempts have been made to contact the copyright holder, – this brother used to keep an up to date list of forthcoming Rainbow Gatherings but has paused for a while as he became a father. Here you can find some songs, which we were singing on the Rawfood Gatherings - at first Bhajans and Mantras, then other Rainbow songs, in alphabetic order. Enjoy ~ To listen to/download more field recording music made at rainbow gatherings: 1998 Arizona by Hawker and 1981 Washington. Rainbow Spirit Twenty-Seven Songs and Chants Celebrating the Spirit of the Rainbow Family of Living Light These audio recordings are from the video of the same name, produced and copyrighted 1998 by Conscious Wave, Inc., a Non-Profit Corporation (PO Box 86, Broomfield, Colorado 80038-0086). Here you can hear the spirit of Rainbow music in some songs recorded at some American Gatherings: More can be heard and downloaded from Tenali’s Music of the Rainbow site Sahara Piksie’s song always stayed in my mind as an anthem of the free-spirited soul. It’s comprised entirely of rainbow gathering field recordings. Rainbow Music This is a collection of mp3's recorded at various Rainbow Gatherings. This page aims to provide an introduction to the rainbow, with a narrative of my experience of gatherings around the world. I am a late comer to "rainbow". Rainbow Songs This is a collection of Rainbow Songs posted over the many years ago on AGR, and loving reformatted by several folks. Because they are mainly passed on by word of mouth, there are often several versions. 39:38. In one member's own words, they are "the largest best coordinated nonpolitical nondenominational nonorganization of like … The rainbow songs page contains lyrics and streaming audio of rainbow gathering songs. The unofficial Rainbow Family Web Site. There are also some large groups on Facebook where you might get news of a Gathering: We Love You (Official Full-Length) Rainbow Gathering Documentary by Jonathan Kalafer. Rainbow Gatherings are a temporary village in nature lasting for a cycle of the moon that draw hundreds or thousands of attendees. ... Rainbow Spirit - Songs and Chants of the Rainbow Family (with times) by Ananda Das. The first rainbow gathering of … I love the Rainbow songs with their often esoteric lyrics. Like any field recording, anything and everything may find its way into the song… Listen over on the Podcast page.


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