Interview By Ville Krannila & Kimmo Tattari / Semptember 2009. About a dozen years ago, browsing through the fiction in my local library in Seattle, I came across a book by John Lawton. TA = Detective T. Armstrong JLT = Dr. John Lawton-Taylor LL = Laura LeDeaux, witness' attorney TA: For the record, would you please state your name and address. Here John gives us an update and details on his latest project On The Rocks, as well as his thoughts on his recent work with Ken and other gigs on the go. The album was written by Dr. Milen Vrabevski and the songs focus on the power of positive thinking. Worth a chance, I thought, and took it out. It featured a London policeman named Troy and was set during World War II. In the interview below Lawton discusses how he came to be involved with the project. John Lawton, most famous for replacing Uriah Heep vocalist David Byron back in the 1970’s, has released a unique album titled The Power of Mind. Many know him as a singer whose voice delivered URIAH HEEP’s greatest commercial hit, “Free Me”, but there’s more to the singer’s talent than that. It’s a privilege and a great honor for us, to have the possibility to discuss with one of the living legends of the rock music scene. John Lawton: Hi Chris and Stamatis, … Interview John Lawton sits down with his friend and fellow author Livia Vaccaro to talk about Paul Auster, New York jazz clubs, the Berlin Wall, and his novel Now We Take Berlin.. Dear John, we’d like to thank you very much for this interview on behalf of “Black Velvet Radio”. An Interview with John Lawton. JLT: John Lawton-Taylor, MD. He’s a respectable man, John Lawton. In December 2008 John entered the world of television by presenting the Bulgarian travel documentary series "John Lawton presents" which also includes music from the Mamonama album. John's performance is outstanding, and the album's favorite cut amongst the Heep-family followers. Posted on August 26, 2013 August 27, 2013 by chrisnickson2. Dr. Lawton-Taylor and Attorney LeDeaux came to the Sheriff's Department for the interview. I live at 7786 Poplar Pike , Germantown, Tennessee. Steel Mill took another trip towards Western Finland, Salo more specifically, and hooked up with John Lawton for a chat. Thanks a load to Mr. Lawton for being so kind in answering my questions.


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