RC Cirrus SR22 . EUR 450 - 499. Lindinger. Page 4 Heat-shrink tubing, Order No. EUR 450 - 499. Together with Pierre Robin Jean Delemontez took the Jodel Robin through the DR100, 200 and nosewheel DR300/400 series between 1957 and 1972. Similar RC Models. RC Cessna 310 . Not liable for printing errors! Avions Pierre Robin was formed by Pierre Robin and the principle designer of Jodel Aircraft, Jean Delemontez, in October 1957 as Centre Est Aeronautique. Graupner Jodel Dr 400/180 ARF 2,5m Lindinger - Austrian retailer View. The CEA Jodel Robin was based on Jean Delemontez's earlier D10 concept, a four seater whose wing had been constructed but then shelved when the D11 work became more urgent. The Robin DR400 first flew in 1972 and is still in production. GRAUPNER GmbH & Co. … Kit. ARF. RC Cessna 185 . 3391.8 Assembling the JODEL ROBIN DR 400/180 Wings with undercarriage and tailplane GRAUPNER GmbH & Co. KG D-73230 KIRCHHEIM/TECK GERMANY We reserve the right to introduce modifications. Following on from our PA-28 series, C152 and Duchess Model 76 aircraft, this highly detailed simulation of the Robin DR400-180 Regent has been developed by Just Flight's in-house team following comprehensive, hands-on research with a real-life DR400, G-BEUP, based at Goodwood Aerodrome with SportAir. Development. The Robin DR.200 is a family of French conventional landing gear single-engined light touring or training cabin monoplanes. Originally produced by Centre Est Aéronautique the company later changed its name to Avions Pierre Robin. Graupner Jodel Dr 400/180 ARF 2,5m Lindinger - Austrian retailer View. Of all the light aircraft types produced here, the 'DR' models (Délémontez-Robin), evolved from the Jodel models (abbreviated from Edouard Joly and Jean Délémontez), are by far the most iconic. EUR 350 - 399. DR.400/160 Major Role Four-seat light aircraft Manufacturer Avions Pierre Robin: First flight 1972: Number built: 1292+ Developed from: Robin DR.200: Variants Robin DR500: The Robin DR400 is a wooden sport monoplane, conceived by Pierre Robin and Jean Délémontez. Originally flown as the DR.200 which was a variant of the earlier DR.1050M1 with a strengthened wing and longer fuselage. The current model is designated 'DR401'. The Robin DR-400 series of light aircraft owes its origins to the Jodel series of wooden construction light aircraft. Page 5 Using the RC system, bring the servos in the middle position and install the servo levers. Graupner Jodel Robin Dr400/180 2,2m ARF Lindinger - Austrian retailer View. RC Globe/Temco Swift . ARF & PNP. From the first DR100 to the current DR401 model, these aircraft are all distinguished by their characteristic 'cranked wing' outer panel dihedral and their wonderful all-wood construction.


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