What causes ozone depletion events and bromine explosions in the polar atmosphere. 100+ specjalistów o nazwisku „Jan Kaiser” korzysta z LinkedIn, aby dzielić się informacjami, pomysłami i możliwościami kariery. In laboratory experiments, I studied temperature- and wavelength-dependent isotope effects in N2O photolysis. Ulrike Föhner Tel. The small 17O-excess of atmospheric N2O motivated me to consider how best to characterise such anomalies. This approach has been applied to nitrous oxide (N2O), nitrate, oxygen, nitrogen, argon and CO2. I am also interested in rare isotope signatures, such as oxygen isotope anomalies (17O-excess, Δ(17O)) and multiply-substituted isotopologues (clumped isotopes) such as 15N15NO. Click here for other current PhD opportunities in the School of Environmental Sciences. Deadline: 12 January 2021. Bliv medlem af Facebook, og få kontakt med Jan Kaiser og andre, du måske kender. 1991 – 1995. I study global chemical, physical and biological processes in the Earth's atmosphere and oceans, and their variations through time under natural and anthropogenic influences, by integrating fieldwork, laboratory studies and modelling into a coherent framework, often involving the use of stable isotopes. Machen auch Sie sich ein Bild! Oxygen/argon ratios allow separation of physical and biological effects on gas concentrations and provide net community production estimates on unprecedentedly fine scales. seit 1996. I have led studies on the isotopic composition of atmospheric N2O, emphasizing position-dependent 15N/14… Se profiler for personer med navnet “Jan Kaiser” på LinkedIn. I have led studies on the isotopic composition of atmospheric N2O, emphasizing position-dependent 15N/14N isotope ratio measurements and the fate of N2O in stratospheric photolysis and photo-oxidation. However, feel free to email me to discuss projects outside these areas and alternative sources of funding. Apply for an @ARIES_DTP PhD project 'What causes ozone depletion events and bromine explosions in the polar atmosphere? Die Narren in Häusern und … ', involving the Roland von Glasow Air-Sea-Ice Chamber and fieldwork possibilities with the British Antarctic Survey. Katharina Jahnke MScR 3020, voice: (+49)761-203-6228E-mail: Katharina.JahnkeResearch: charge transport through membrane proteins, Dipl.-Chem. All rights reserved. Wyświetl profile specjalistów o nazwisku „Jan Kaiser” na LinkedIn. Perlentaucher-Debatte Literaturkritik im Netz: Angestoßen von Wolfram Schütte.Mit Beiträgen von Sieglinde Geisel, Jan Dress und anderen; Daniele Dell'Agli: Aufruhr im Zwischenreich: Plädoyer für eine Befreiung des Themas Sterbehilfe aus dem Griff der Politik und mit ihr paktierender Verbandseliten; Monotheismus-Debatte im Perlentaucher: Angestoßen von Jan Assmann. AIESEC Alumni © UEA. Chronik. Jan Kaiser betreibt in Uslar zwei Rewe-Supermärkte die von der Rewe-Nord beliefert werden. University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, Norfolk, NR4 7TJ, UK. Jan Kaiser is on Facebook. I developed analytical methods to accurately measure N2O isotopes in troposphere, stratosphere, polar firn air and ice. new portal.GraphViewer({'element':'j_id912988066_416d827f','renderTarget':'flash','content':{id:'90d8a961-acf0-40f4-a85d-d5558d22c184',type:'dk.atira.pure.api.shared.model.person.Person'},'language':'en','texts':{'force':'Floating','circle':'Circle','radial':'Radial','reduced':'The graph is reduced to the latest content because there is too much data to show. Group and guests. Das Team unserer Kanzlei in Freiburg steht Ihnen bei der Mandatsbetreuung jederzeit gerne zur Verfügung. . seit 2005. Auch Stellenangebote von Jan Kaiser (Rewe) können Sie hier finden. Lehrbeauftragter an der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg . BZ-INTERVIEW mit Jan Kaiser, dem neuen Zunftmeister der Narrenzunft "Hüsemer Hase", über die kommende Fastnachtssaison. Markus Keßner Tel. Join Facebook to connect with Jan Kaiser and others you may know. My review of data reduction practices for CO2 isotope measurements revealed systematic uncertainties in global carbon budget calculations. Nitrate isotope analysis: We offer nitrogen (15N/14N) and oxygen (18O/16O, 17O/16O) isotopic analyses of nitrate (NO3–) as analytical service, see here for more information. 1999. Showing <\/em> out of more than<\/strong> <\/em>. () Suche Jobs von Jan Kaiser (Rewe) Supermärkte aus Uslar. Front row, from left to right: David Gnandt, Christian "Widu" Wittekindt (institute's system administrator), Jetmir Haxhija, Back row, from left to right: Mike Castellano, Thorsten Koslowski, Katharina Jahnke, Nora Kremer, Jan Kaiser, Safa ben Amara. There are 100+ professionals named "Jan Kaiser", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. The instrument continuously measures dissolved oxygen, nitrogen, argon and CO2. This approach has been applied to nitrous oxide (N2O), nitrate, oxygen, nitrogen, argon and CO2. I have also developed a sea-going membrane inlet mass spectrometer (MIMS). Se profiler for personer med navnet “Jan Kaiser” på LinkedIn. KAISER & SOZIEN Partnerschaft mbB . Ausbildungsbegleiter. The N2O work led on to the first online gas chromatography-isotope ratio mass spectrometric method to measure Δ(17O) of nitrate, which drastically reduced sample sizes and enabled seawater analyses. Bestellung zum Wirtschaftsprüfer . View graph of relations All at Altbau Physikalische Chemie, Albertstr. GO This pattern allowed me to distinguish photolysis and photo-oxidation in the stratosphere. As a member of the UEA Glider Group, I have been involved with deployments of oxygen sensors (optodes) on autonomous float (NAB 2008) and glider (GOPINA) platforms, in order to provide vital data on the oceanic carbon cycle and biological productivity estimates in a changing climate. Group and guests. The University of Freiburg 1st & 2nd Law State Exam Business, Trade, and Tax Laws. (0761) 3858 - 164 E-Mail: markus.kessner@freiburg.ihk.de: Ansprechpartner “ValiKom Transfer“ – Abschlussbezogene Validierung non-formal und informell erworbener Kompetenzen. Der er 100+ personer med navnet “Jan Kaiser”, der bruger LinkedIn til at udveksle oplysninger, idéer og muligheder. This work allowed reconstruction of past changes and demonstrated increasing agricultural influences on atmospheric N2O. View the profiles of people named Jan Kaiser. 23a, 79104 Freiburg. 1993 – 1995. (0761) 3858 - 141 E-Mail: jan.martin@freiburg.ihk.de. Centre for Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Interdisciplinary Institute for the Humanities, Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies, 'Stable isotope investigations of atmospheric nitrous oxide', 'Sulphur isotope exchange and disproportionation of thiosulphate'. Contact. Kaiser-Joseph-Str. Jan KAISER, Professor of Biogeochemistry of University of East Anglia, Norwich (UEA) | Read 168 publications | Contact Jan KAISER Join Facebook to connect with Jan Kaiser and others you may know. Katharina Jahnke MSc R 3020, voice: (+49)761-203-6228 E-mail: Katharina.Jahnke I discovered that during photolysis the central nitrogen position always becomes more enriched in 15N than the terminal one, but that during photo-oxidation the opposite position-dependent fractionation occurs. Kaiser Group website: https://kaiserlab.org.


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