Living in Bodrum, Pruva’s vice-chairman gets to see one of his other loves only once a month – the football club Galatasaray. Stewart Campbell meets the 28-year-old Turk who gave Daniel Craig AKA James Bond an experience (and a shower) he’ll never forget. Chiara Gasparetti – Marketing Manager Italy, Palazzo Colonna – Piazza dei Ss. Berth seven.” With a vampish smile, the femme fatale from 2012’s Skyfall stands and wishes Bond luck. “ Engel & Völkers Yachting” ha venduto il panfilo di lusso Regina che è stato protagonista sul grande schermo, al fianco dell’attore Daniel Craig nel ruolo di James Bond, del film Skyfall del 2012. “When I leave they’re going to kill you,” the haunted beauty Severine purrs at James Bond in a Macau casino, leading him to glance at the three bodyguards watching nearby. The 31-foot-wide deck provides ample room for relaxing, sunbathing, or al-fresco dining near the bow and stern of the ship. In the meantime there’s a busy boat manufacturing and charter business to run. “This yacht is the absolute epitome of glamour. The secret agent raises his Martini glass to the three heavies before quickly dispatching two of them with a briefcase and leaving the third to become dinner for a hungry Komodo dragon. Up until that moment all the shots on board had been legitimate, but the film crew couldn’t get all their gear below deck for Bond and Severine’s moment in the shower so it had to be done in a studio. On the sailing yacht side, he admires the sleek lines of Alloy’s 67 metre Vertigo. “We thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for our company,” he says, still clearly energised by the fact that it is his boat that’s been immortalised. Want to know about the James Bond Skyfall Location in Scotland? It was really very difficult to prepare the yacht for them but we succeeded finally.” Soft furnishings had to be changed and some re-upholstering was required inside and out. Skyfall, der neue James Bond Film jagt von Rekord zu Rekord. “To see our yacht on the Hollywood stage? Well, what can I say? Apostoli 73 – 00187 Roma – Italia, Engel & Völkers: Engel & Völkers è una società leader a livello mondiale nell’intermediazione di immobili residenziali e commerciali di altissima qualità, yacht e aeroplani nel segmento premium. He says he started “at the lowest level, in the charter department”, when he was 22, straight out of university. He was too busy smiling. In the sheds at the moment is a 37 metre sailing yacht and the company is doing research and development on a 45 metre explorer, which is a break from the more traditional gulets it is better known for. Here is an exact step-by-step guide, GPS location, and plenty of information on James Bond Skyfall in Scotland. “Regina” Yacht from James Bond “Skyfall” is On Sale, Again It also comes complete with amenities like an incredible set up of jet skis, water skiing, canoeing and snorkeling. Glamorous, alluring and the epitome of elegance, the 56m/183’ sailing yacht REGINA was the perfect setting for the iconic 2012 James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’. That small embellishment aside, it was Regina in all her glory up there on the silver screen and Boyacı, her indecently young owner, couldn’t have been more proud. Bond joins Severine on deck, where the severe-faced henchmen and desolate island in the distance do a great job of highlighting the beauty of this classic-looking ketch. “We did lots of modifications. “If you survive, I’m on the Chimera. He frequents Catherine’s Café Plage – “delicious food, pleasant atmosphere and a very nice beach” – and the island’s Abracadabra restaurant, where Italian food always precedes a night of dancing. Euro). Le sei cabine presenti arrivano ad ospitare fino ad un totale di dodici persone. I’m sure this yacht has garnered the attention of the entire world when Skyfall came out in 2012. Just after the movie came out we got dozens of charter enquiries, and it’s still going on. And we all know what happens next. Der in Istanbul gedrehte Skyfall mit Daniel Craig und Javier Bardem hat nicht nur weltweit bereits über 500 Millionen Dollar eingespielt, jetzt wurde auch noch die Luxusyacht „Regina“ über die Bootsagentur Fraser Yachts für …, * Fonte: Franchise Direct “Top 100 Global Franchises Ranking 2011, Sicurezza durante le immersioni subacquee, Tutti i numeri della rivista Nautica online. L’imponenza, l’eleganza e il design degli interni in mogano, marmo e onice rappresentano i punti di forza dell’imbarcazione. Attualmente l’azienda opera in 32 paesi e in quattro continenti. Der neue „James Bond“ lässt die Kinokassen überlaufen (Einnahme weltweit: schon 460 Mio. Boyacı says it took his company a month to get the yacht ready for the film. In one of the last shots of Regina in Skyfall, we see her from the air, beautiful and poised as she sails easily towards what we soon find out is Severine’s doom. L’attore Daniel Craig, alias Agente 007, e la Bond Girl Bérénice Marlohe sono solo alcuni degli ospiti di alto profilo che sono stati a bordo dello yacht di lusso. Completato nel 2011 lo yacht a vela Regina, con i suoi 56 metri di lunghezza e 9,5 di larghezza, può raggiungere una velocità massima di 12 nodi. dati di navigazione o indirizzi IP) e fanno uso di cookie o altri identificatori necessari per il funzionamento e per il raggiungimento delle finalità descritte nella cookie policy. Boyacı could be forgiven, though, for not caring too much about this sad twist in the plot. As the first images of his newest in-build yacht Spectre are released, we look back at this prolific owner's yachting history. In 2012, the sailing yacht “Regina” featured in the James Bond film “Skyfall” starring Hollywood actor Daniel Craig. He was eventually promoted to vice-chairman in mid-2014 and is loving the position he occupies. Regina was chosen by EON almost by chance: one of the Turkish production company’s workers had seen her cruising in Göcek, and EON approached Burgess to find out more about her. Up top, meanwhile, the rigging was altered to provide the camera with open views of the deck. “James Bond is one of the biggest trademarks in the world and to use our yacht was a great opportunity. I respect people with experience but young people should be given a chance.”. Informativa You might remember the beautiful yacht we saw brief shots of in the 2012 James Bond movie "Skyfall." Die Yacht „Regina“ aus dem James-Bond-Film „Skyfall“ hat einen neuen Eigentümer. It was just an incredible feeling.”, Boat International Media Ltd© 2008 - 2020, The 50 Most Expensive Yachts For Sale Now, On board with Jonathan Rothberg, owner of 55m explorer yacht Gene Machine, Geist: On board the new Spirit 111 sailing yacht, On Board with Guy Laliberté, Owner of 54m Sailing Yacht Tiara, On Board with Herb Chambers, Owner of 80 metre Excellence, On Board with Frédéric Jousset, Future Owner of the World's Largest Catamaran, How to Homeschool Children on Board Your Superyacht. Boyacı is a lucky man, therefore, to be able to spend so much time on such a boat. „Skyfall“ jagt weiter von einem Rekord zum nächsten. “The aim was to build a classic yacht using only natural materials that would be ultra comfortable for the charter guest,” Boyacı says. They wouldn’t have been disappointed with the yacht’s digs, though, with her six comfy cabins housing 12 guests. Boyacı doesn’t have any stories of actors throwing TVs overboard or going wild on raki, and instead reports that the two stars – Daniel Craig and Bérénice Marlohe – were “very polite people”. So far, his youth isn’t working against him. But that’s just fine. On board sailing superyacht Regina, star of James Bond film Skyfall 2015-03-19 By Stewart Campbell She was the stunning beauty that lit up Skyfall – not Bond girl Bérénice Marlohe but Doğukan Boyacı’s spectacular 56 metre schooner superyacht Regina on which the film was shot. * Con un totale di più di 700 sedi, Engel & Völkers offre ai suoi clienti privati ed istituzionali una vasta gamma di servizi professionali su misura. “She had to be really strong in sailing and completely different from the normal gulet.” She achieves that with her Roaring Twenties charm and big square deckhouse, which covers an expansive saloon that was transformed into Severine’s bedroom for Skyfall. Though the yacht is offered first and foremost for charter, he always makes sure to spend two weeks on board each year – one week in the Med and one in the Caribbean. “I always feel very young but I have not encountered any problems. But this boatbuilding scion says he is most attracted to modern explorer yachts, especially Oceanco’s 81 metre Alfa Nero and the latest output from Icon. Dichiari di accettare l’utilizzo di cookie o altri identificatori chiudendo o nascondendo questa informativa, cliccando un link o un pulsante o continuando a navigare in altro modo. C’è poi la cabina padronale che domina sulle altre con un salotto e uno spogliatoio privato e diverse aree interne ed esterne che offrono ampio spazio per il relax. But this particular Bond girl wasn't an actress – it was a super-yacht. Only a few people were in on the secret of that now famous shower scene, and one of them was Doğukan Boyacı, the 28-year-old vice-chairman of Pruva Yachting, manufacturer and owner of the 56 metre superyacht known in the film as Chimera, but in reality as Regina. Il 5 ottobre 2012, in occasione del Global James Bond Day, ricorrenza che celebra i cinquant'anni del personaggio di 007 cinematografico, è stato pubblicato sull' iTunes Store il brano Skyfall, l'inedita title track del film, cantata dall'artista britannica Adele. “Engel & Völkers Yachting” ha venduto il panfilo di lusso Regina che è stato protagonista sul grande schermo, al fianco dell’attore Daniel Craig nel ruolo di James Bond, del film Skyfall del 2012. A bordo non mancano: TV satellitare, impianto stereo e una moto d’acqua. A classic fictional character needs a classic yacht, even one that was built as recently as 2011. At the time of writing Regina was in the British Virgin Islands, enjoying another successful charter season and it was near here that Boyacı recently spent time on the yacht. I programmi di formazione intensiva nella propria accademia immobiliare interna e l’alto livello di garanzia della qualità che ne disciplinano la prestazione di servizi sistematicamente strutturata sono i fattori chiave alla base del successo dell’azienda. It led to lots of enquiries and Regina had wonderful charter seasons in the Med and Caribbean. The sailing yacht featured in the James Bond film "Skyfall" is now on sale through Engel & Völkers...[+] Yachting for 8.85 million euros. He flew over to hook up with her at the Antigua Charter Yacht Show in December, which handily is also his favourite place in the Caribbean. Locazioni, vendite, consulenza e valutazioni formano le competenze di base del personale composto da circa 8.500 collaboratori. In the film, we’re treated to sweeping shots of Regina as she leans elegantly with the wind on the approach to the island lair of bad-guy Raoul Silva. “Questo yacht è un modello assoluto di glamour. While some serial superyacht owners like to keep the same name for each of their yachts, other stick to a theme and there is no better example of this then John Staluppi's series of yachts named after James Bond films. “Regina” Yacht from James Bond “Skyfall” is On Sale, Again “Regina” Yacht from James Bond “Skyfall” is On Sale, Again Built in 2011, Regina can travel to a speed of up to 12 knots. Severine paces the yacht’s saloon before stepping into a steaming shower. Amburgo. It took eight days for filming to wrap on the yacht and the actors were on board every day, along with director Sam Mendes, although they stayed ashore at night. Yare tastes good: lo show cooking che promuove ciao, territorio, mare e yachting, Ottimi risultati della sperimentazione del progetto ISOLEM, Progetto ISOLEM: smaltire e raccogliere i rifiuti in mare grazie ai pescatori di Viareggio, Nautica e Pagine Azzurre in TV con Giuseppe Fiorello, Boot Düsseldorf 2021: Un punto interrogativo. If your planning on visiting Glen Etive Scotland, you don’t want to miss this essential guide!. By the time you read this Boyacı will already have jetted back to the Caribbean for another week aboard Regina, this time around St Maarten and St Barths. You might remember the beautiful yacht we saw brief shots of in the 2012 James Bond movie "Skyfall." The first gulet it produced, in 1996, was named Doğukan. Questo sito o gli strumenti di terze parti in esso integrati trattano dati personali (es. “Questo yacht è un modello assoluto di glamour. Cut to Chimera. Al di là del suo design classico è la sua grandezza impressionante che ne rappresenta l’unicità” ha detto Anissa Mediouni, CEO della “Engel & Völkers Yachting”. Con il suo sistema di licenze, Engel & Völkers è l’unica azienda tedesca tra le prime 100 società di franchising nel mondo. Now all our clients and brokers know Regina as the ‘ James Bond yacht’.”. North harbour. They loved the yacht, according to Boyacı, telling him that Regina was “quality and luxury”. Photo credit: Engel & Völkers Yachting Are you a massive 007 fan and always in awe of the fantastic locations that Bond is always jetting off to? It’s unlikely you’ll see Bond on a big modern superyacht such as this any time soon, unless it’s to take out a bad guy. She was one of the most memorable Bond girls in "Skyfall". She was the stunning beauty that lit up Skyfall – not Bond girl Bérénice Marlohe but Doğukan Boyacı’s spectacular 56 metre schooner superyacht Regina on which the film was shot. Away from the silver screen she is open to charter in the Mediterranean cruising grounds of Turkey, allowing guests a unique opportunity to step aboard and experience the 007 lifestyle for real. But he plans to travel with the team next season and watch them compete in Europe’s premier club competition, the Champions League. Besides her classic design, it is her impressive scale that really sets this schooner apart,” said Anissa Mediouni, CEO of Engel & Völkers Yachting. He spends another week on board Primadonna, his company’s 21.5 metre gulet. The superyacht was launched in 2011 for charter, to an exterior design by Turkey’s Ayberk Apaydın and an interior by Aylin Örs. It was all done in collaboration with EON Productions, maker of Bond films, which did a lot of filming for Skyfall in Turkey, particularly around Istanbul and Fethiye. You might think that 28 is too young to be in such an enviable position but Boyacı, son of Pruva founder Bedirhan Boyacı, was not just gifted a top job.


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