It is the musical show which she presents for two years, together with Dimitra Galani and Yiannis Parios, in Athens and Thessaloniki. She has two of his songs recorded with Greek lyrics by Lina Nikolakopoulou. The album is I Agapi ine zali (Dizzy with Love) with lyrics by Alkis Alkeos, Nikos Kavadias, Andreas Mikroutsikos and Babis Tsikliropoulos The title song becomes an enormous hit. B-side: "Kai na ‘mouna to palikari", George Dalaras (T. Soukas, Pythagoras), A-side: "Ti talaiporia", Haris Alexiou (G. Hadjinasios, S. Tsotou) The songs of this album are all written by herself. Manos Loizos had written the music and the lyrics were written by Manolis Rassoulis and Pythagoras (Pythagoras Papastamatiou). The group "Triphonon" appeared along with her on stage. Mikroutsikos, L. Nikolakopoulou), from the LP Krataei xronia afti i kolonia, A-side: "Magissa", Haris Alexiou (N. Antypas, L. Nikolakopoulou) Juli 1969 in Tübingen; gr. The recording took place at the Studio Guillaume Tell in Paris with Greek and foreign musicians. In 1994 her album Hey! Haris Alexiou (Nikos Portokaloglou) On October 22, the album Haris Alexiou - A tribute to Manos Loizos was released, containing the live recording and video-taping of the concerts given at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus the previous June during the Athens Festival. An album with the same title resulted from this work. Her popularity reached its peak and since then, she is "Haroula of Greece". B-side: "Lovely mandolin [Kokkino garifallo]", Yannis Parios and Haris Alexiou (Nikos Ignatiadis, S. Fassois), A-side: "Gia ta paidia", Haris Alexiou, Bessy Argiraki, Anna Vissi, Tolis Voskopoulos e.t.c. This cooperation is repeated in summer 2000 in Istanbul and İzmir. She appears on the Keramikos Music Hall, this time singing more "laika" songs. An album that, despite its unusual content, managed to go platinum, just a few months after it was released, receiving people's recognition and love. In 2006, Haris Alexiou is back with Sour cherry and bitter orange, an album depicting the traditional aspects of contemporary music. The third act is a medley with her hits, old and new. Oktober 2006 Haris Alexiou (griechisch Χάρις Αλεξίου, eigentlich Charíklia Roupáka, Χαρίκλεια Ρουπάκ …   Deutsch Wikipedia, Haris Alexiou — Saltar a navegación, búsqueda Haris Alexiou Χάρις Αλεξίου Información personal …   Wikipedia Español, Alexiou — ist der Name folgender Personen: Elli Alexiou (Έλλη Αλεξίου; 1894–1988), griechische Schriftstellerin Haris Alexiou (Χάρις Αλεξίου, eigentlich Charíklia Roupáka, Χαρίκλεια Ρουπάκα; * 1950), griechische Sängerin Margaret Alexiou (Μάργαρετ Αλεξίου) …   Deutsch Wikipedia, Alexiou — ( gr. 1986 is the year of her first collaboration with composer Thanos Mikroutsikos. From this album, "o Fantaros" ("The Soldier") immediately becomes a big hit, while "Ola se thymizoun" ("All Things Remind Me of You") is considered one the most beautiful Greek ballads of all time. She has worked with the most important Greek songwriters, has performed at the greatest musical theatres in all five continents and has received several important awards. The French TV channel "MCM International" films and shows her concert at Lycabetus Theatre. B-side: "To prosklitirio", Haris Alexiou (T. Soukas, Pythagoras), A-side: "Kampana tou esperinou", Haris Alexiou (A. Kaldaras, L. Papadopoulos) In 1983 she records is the album Tsilika, a collector's item, with old rebetika songs written between 1900 and 1935. Read more. In 1991 she appears in Attikon Theatre of Athens with a special show called In Three Acts. (A. Papadimitriou, Ph. The same year Haroula conquers the French public appearing in "Théâtre de la Ville", getting dithyrambic reviews from the French press. Haris Alexiou gehört sicherlich zu den guten griechischen Sängerinnen. She also works with Paolo Conte, a well-known Italian singer ang songwriter. Men * Alexandros Alexiou, Greek footballer * Peter Vagenas (born 1978), American soccer player Women * Elli Alexiou, Greek writer * Haris Alexiou (born 1950), Greek singer Wikimedia Foundation. B-side: "Ksimeronei", Haris Alexiou (A. Vardis, H. Alexiou), from the LP Ksimeronei, A-side: "Omorfe mou kosme", Haris Alexiou (Nasos Nakas-Nanopoulos) B-side: "Aspra, kokkina, kitrina, mple", Haris Alexiou (D. Moutsis, G. Logothetis), A-side: "San louloudi tsakismeno", Haris Alexiou (S. Kougioumtzis, K. Athanasiou) At the same time, Haroula tours Europe giving concerts at the most prestigious theatres, conquering both audiences and critics. Alexiou gave three concerts under the title "Everything reminds me of you", dedicated to Manos Loizos, at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus in June 2007, participating in the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of his birth. Her charismatic voice, combined with a unique way of performing and a strong scenic presence, very soon led her to the top. B-side: " I sinavlia", Haris Alexiou (N. Antypas, L. Nikolakopoulou), A-side: "Ei", Haris Alexiou (N. Antypas, L. Papadopoulos) The summer of the same year, she appears in Odeon of Herodes Atticus with a show directed by Mauro Bolognini. Giannis wuchs in einer musikalischen Familie auf und wurde… …   Deutsch Wikipedia, Giannis Dragatsis — (griechisch Γιάννης Δραγάτσης, Künstlername Ogdontakis (Ογδοντάκης), * 1886 in Smyrna; † 1958 in Athen) war ein griechischer Rembetikomusiker und Violinenspieler. B-side: "Oi dyo zitianoi", Yannis Parios (Ap. From Greece to Australia, from Russia to Africa, from America to Japan, Haris Alexiou travels around and shows the world the feeling of the Greek song. In 1996, she writes then lyric for "Nefeli's Tango" on Loreena McKennit's music. B-side: "Minoraki", Haris Alexiou (Haris Alexiou) Sie wird als „der griechische Topstar schlechthin“ … B-side: "Ta mavra koroideveis", Haris Alexiou (S. Kougioumtzis, M. Eleftheriou), A-side: "O fantaros", Haris Alexiou (M. Loizos, M. Rasoulis), from the LP Ta tragoudia tis Haroulas See all reviews from the United States. The album is entitled This Cologne Lingers on for Years with lyrics by Lina Nikolakopoulou. The same year, she founds her own record company, "Estia", in order to produce all her future ventures in discography. In this show, Lavrentis Macheritsas and other younger artists participate. Her tour ends with a triumphal appearance at Theatre Olympia in Paris. It is the first year after the fall of the military junta, a time for the political songs and the revival of "rebetika" songs, and Alexiou sings traditional songs, ballads, modern songs, folk songs and rebetika. Αλεξίου) is a Greek surname and may refer to:. Kaldaras, G. Samoladas), A-side: "Tous antres tha katarasto", Haris Alexiou (G. Hadjinasios, N. Gabriilides) In April 2005, remastered and repackaged editions of her 16 albums under the banner of Minos EMI were released. This song along with other live recordings from her concerts around the world, is included in the album Around the World '92-'96. B-side: "Pali monaxo to paidi", Haris Alexiou (T. Voskopoulos, E. Lymperopoulos), A-side: "Hasapiko 40", Haris Alexiou (M.Hadjidakis, N. Gatsos) Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. Χάρις Αλεξίου Background information Birth name Hariklia Roupaka Born B-side: "Periexomeno den exeis", Mpampis Tsetinis-Pitsa Papadopoulou (H. Vasiliades, Pythagoras), A-side: "To parasinthima", Haris Alexiou (Apostolos Kaldaras) B-side: "Mes stou Vosporou ta stena", [George Dalaras] (Ap. He directs her and later he goes to the recording studio with her. B-side: "Kai na ‘mouna to palikari", Yannis Parios (G. Hadjinasios, S. Tsotou), A-side: "Poios to kserei", Haris Alexiou (Manos Loizos) (A. Papadimitriou, Ph. griechischen Essen, Wein, usw. In summer 1997, responding to the invitation of Olympic Games Committee "Athens 2004", she gives a concert at Pnyka Hill very close to Acropolis. In 1992 she starts her cooperation with Polygram, successfully presenting a new style in her songs. Nikolaou) Meeting Manos Loizos was the beginning of a lifelong friendship and a prolific cooperation. B-side: "S’ Ehasa", Haris Alexiou (N. Antypas, L. Papadopoulos), A-side: "Oi filoi mou", Haris Alexiou (Haris Alexiou) In 1987, world-famous Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis invites her to appear in his club "Sirius" with the "Unpredictable Songs". [1] Haris Alexiou appeared in the Greek musical scene in the early 1970s. Oktober 2006 Haris Alexiou (griechisch Χάρις Αλεξίου, eigentlich Charíklia Roupáka, Χαρίκλεια Ρουπάκα; * 27. The same year she travels around the world with concerts in Cyprus, the U.S.A., Canada, Israel, several European countries, finishing in Paris at the Mogador Theatre. B-side: "Pote tha se varetho", Fatmé (Nikos Portokaloglou), A-side: "Dimitroula mou [1990 cover]", Haris Alexiou (old folk song) Verified Purchase. B-side: "Parapono", Haris Alexiou (Nasos Nakas-Nanopoulos), A-side: "Kokkino garyfallo", Yannis Parios and Haris Alexiou (Nikos Ignatiadis) In the summer of this year, she sings in Hadjidakis's concerts in many Greek towns. The first important step in her career was her participation with George Dalaras in the album "Mikra Asia" ("Asia Minor") written by Apostolos Kaldaras and Pythagoras (Pythagoras Papastamatiou) in 1972. She is considered one of the most popular singers in Greece and has been commercially successful since the 1970s. Livraison gratuite (voir cond.). The album Di' efchon (L'orale)with music by Nikos Antypas and lyrics by Lina Nikolakopoulou comes as something quite fresh in the Greek discography, giving a new thrust to Haroula's already long career. B-side: "Treis i ora nychta", Haris Alexiou (S. Kougioumtzis, M. Eleftheriou), A-side: "Matia mou matia mou", Haris Alexiou (S. Kougioumtzis, L. Papadopoulos) In September 2000, the album Whispers is released. B-side: "Den yparxei eftyxia" Litsa Diamanti (G. Katsaros, Pythagoras), A-side: "Mais", Haris Alexiou (G. Metsikas, M. Fakinos) 1990 begins with her second collaboration with Thanos Mikroutsikos. [citation needed]. The album was released in both a double CD and a double CD-DVD packaging by Estia recordings. Découvrez toutes les promotions CD & Vinyles, … 1998 is the year of The Game of Love, her second album with songs written only by herself. B-side: "Di’ Efhon", Haris Alexiou (N. Antypas, L. Nikolakopoulou), A-side: "Na ziso i na pethano [Extended New Version]", Haris Alexiou (N. Antypas, L. Nikolakopoulou) In this festive concert, called "Our Own Night", all the big names of the Greek show business are present. B-side: "Stis rizes t’ ouranou", Yannis Parios (Nasos Nakas), A-side: "Dimitroula mou", Haris Alexiou (old folk song) [4], Háris Alexíou — Χάρις Αλεξίου Haris Alexiou en co …   Wikipédia en Français, Haris Alexiou — Haris Alexiou, Konzert im Konzertsaal der Universität der Künste, Berlin, am 21. In October of the same year, she participates in the most important concert of the decade in Peace and Friendship Stadium of Athens. Δέσποινα Βανδή; eigentlicher Name Despina Malea, gr. In the below table, the personal albums certified gold or platinum, in descending order by sales. In the second act she hosts certain groups of modern Greek music and presents songs written by herself. Along with Dimitra Galani, she gave two concerts dedicated to Sofia Vembo at Odeon of Herodes Atticus, an event organized by Athens Festival. The same year, she tours North and South America with Nikos Papazoglou. B-side: "Tosa kai tosa ximeromata" Haris Alexiou (G. Metsikas, M. Fakinos), A-side: "O marmaromenos vasilias", Haris Alexiou (Ap. She is considered one of the most popular singers in Greece and has been commercially successful since the 1970s. It includes her favourite songs performed by her and a piano only. One of the songs, "Dimitroula", originally sung in the 1930s' by Roza Eskenazi, has become an all-time standard. B-side: "Mia pista apo fosforo", Haris Alexiou (Th. In 1989, "The Show in on". B-side: "O doctor", Haris Alexiou (old folk song), A-side: "I garsona", Haris Alexiou (old folk song) Δέσποινα Μαλέα) ist eine griechische Sängerin, die allein in Griechenland über eine Million Tonträger verkauft hat. Einen Abend mit gutem (selbstgekochtem!) und dazu die Lieder von Dalaras, Arvanitaki und eben Alexiou. The result is the album "Keramikos Live". Haris Alexiou (Greek: Χάρις Αλεξίου; born 27 December 1950 in Thebes, Greece as Hariklia Roupaka, Greek: Χαρίκλεια Ρουπάκα) is a Greek singer. Her concerts in stadiums and theatres, with songs written by Manos Loizos, Lefteris Papadopoulos, Nikolopoulos, Spanos, Theodorakis, Stavros Kouyioumtzis and others, were extremely successful. On March 14, 2010 Alpha TV ranked Alexiou as the first top-certified female artist in Greece in the phonographic era (since 1960), Chart Show: Your Countdown and the Number 3 overall ranking with regards to the sale of the personal albums certified Gold or Platinum in Greek discography since 1970, behind the male singers George Dalaras and Yiannis Parios. She has recorded over thirty albums and has been featured on albums of other musicians. The 1980s start with two enormous hits: "Fevgo" ("I'm Leaving") and "Ximeroni" ("The Day Breaks"). B-side: "Tsachpin", Haris Alexiou (old folk song), A-side: "Erinaki", Haris Alexiou (old folk song) B-side: " Gia ta paidia [Instrumental]", Haris Alexiou, Bessy Argiraki, Anna Vissi, Tolis Voskopoulos e.t.c. For many years she collaborated with George Dalaras, Dimitra Galani, Vasilis Papakonstantinou and Yiannis Parios.


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