Distance, hygiene rules and everyday masks served to protect everyone. In addition, travel returnees from risk areas will be able to end a corona quarantine at the earliest by means of a test on the fifth day after their return. An estimated eight billion euros are missing for the development of a vaccine. Berlin (dpa) - Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has criticised the discussions on further relaxation of restrictions in the fight against the corona virus in an exceptionally harsh manner. The Robert Koch Institute put its risk estimate from the epidemic at "moderate," with its head, Lothar Wieler, noting that the situation continued to be extremely dynamic. The airline, which has suffered heavy losses, hopes to be able to offer more flights again, particularly to overseas destinations. According to experts, a noticeable effect in containing the pandemic can be expected from a usage rate of 15 percent. The second quarter, which saw the peak of the corona crisis, was surprisingly robust. She criticized that during this time not everyone was ready for multilateral cooperation. Health Minister Jens Spahn also sharply criticized the Berlin protest march. Edition Deutschland: download the magazine as an e-paper for free. A flexible plan is proposed with the aim of gradually lifting controls, according to a paper the authority plans to present. We are sorry, but the email address you entered does not appear to be valid. This could be shopping for elderly neighbours, calling the family, telling a bedtime story for the grandchildren over the phone or writing letters to relatives in nursing homes that you are not allowed to visit now. Ethics Council chairwoman Alena Buyx (photo) referred to the very controversial social debate on corona immunity certificates. This is shown by the new "Public Service" citizens' survey conducted by the civil service association dbb. The public health authorities in Germany have reported 2,034 new corona infections within one day (data as of 22 August, 0:00 am), according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on Saturday morning. Climate issues would be "just as much on the agenda as health issues". It must also be clear that the approval of a vaccine does not immediately solve the problem, Drosten said. She said, however, that Germany would pay more into the EU budget - most recently it was 13.4 billion euros more than Germany got back through EU programs. Berlin (dpa) - The bicycle boom in the Corona crisis continues unabated. Therefore, Merkel said, the number of patients must be doubled only every "12, 13, 14 days". Berlin (dpa) - The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research has increased funding for coronavirus research. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen had organized the donor conference together with the New York-based non-governmental organization Global Citizen. Halle (dpa) - The National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina recommends that, under certain conditions, primary and lower secondary schools should be gradually re-opened as soon as possible. Munich (dpa) - Stadtwerke München and Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft test germ-free escalators. Several planned easing measures in the affected district were postponed. On Saturday, the Robert Koch Institute reported 378 new corona infections within one day. Curevac was the second German company, after Biontec of Mainz, to receive approval for a clinical trial. The fans could only follow the action on television. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), health authorities have reported 1226 new corona infections within one day. Already during the rallies, the hygiene rules were not observed, so the police ended them. "In principle, these steps can be taken this year.". Covid-19 ist eine schwere Krankheit, die durch das Coronavirus ausgelöst wird und sogar tödlich verlaufen kann. The value was last higher on 9 May with 1251 new infections registered. "This is undoubtedly worrying," said Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn on Deutschlandfunk radio. Maas continues: "As soon as we are out of the woods, one of the first tasks will be to gradually and in a coordinated way reduce restrictions on free travel and the internal market." Berlin (dpa) - According to its ambassador in Berlin, Wu Ken, China is open to an international investigation into the origin of the corona virus Sars-CoV-2: "We support research exchange among scientists," Wu told the magazine "Der Spiegel". "Our establishments were the first to be affected by the consequences of the coronavirus and we will be the ones in all our forms of operation to be the last to be allowed back on the grid," said Dehoga President Guido Zöllick. In the future, anyone entering Germany from abroad will have to spend two weeks in domestic quarantine as protection against the coronavirus. Merkel emphasized: "We must do everything possible to prevent an uncontrolled increase in the number of cases and to keep our health system efficient." He has so far only mild symptoms and is in domestic quarantine. Researchers at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) have identified highly effective antibodies against the corona virus SARS-CoV-2. "This year's holiday will not be like the one we know from the past," Maas said on Monday on ZDF's "Morgenmagazin". Merkel had joined the cabinet meeting by telephone, and was temporarily doing her work from home. First results are expected at the end of June or beginning of July. This is also due to recently amended recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which, in view of limited laboratory capacities, aim to use tests especially for people with clear symptoms such as pneumonia or loss of smell and taste. To do so we need strong United Nations and a strong Security Council,” he said. In Hamburg, around 750 people attended an event entitled "A vigil for the Basic Law". Munich (dpa) - Lufthansa has started the announced trial run with rapid corona tests for all passengers on the Munich-Hamburg flight. At the same time, he warned against discussions about major events and a shortening of the quarantine period in the current situation. Millions of people without work or income are facing nothing, which can lead to hunger, unrest and violence," Müller explained. Due to the pandemic, this event was converted into a pure online conference. In the first six months of the corona crisis, property and liability losses have fallen in some areas of corporate business because there have been fewer accidents. The basis for this is the recommendations of the doctors and the Robert Koch Institute. Article 1 of our Basic Law says 'Human dignity shall be inviolable', and this is being lived at the moment, and I am very grateful for it, and we must continue to act in this way. Rotterdam (dpa) - For the first time in the second wave of the corona pandemic, patients were transferred from the Netherlands to German hospitals. Wiesbaden (dpa) - The Corona crisis has torn a deep hole in German public finances. "Show good sense and heart.". According to a report in the newspaper "Bild", the DFL has set the date at 16 May. There was broad acceptance for the measures, the poll found. "Customers are rather reluctant to shop these days," said Stefan Genth, General Manager of the German Retail Federation (HDE), to the German Press Agency. Berlin (dpa) - In view of the sharp rise in the number of infections, some German Länder have signalled their willingness to admit corona patients from EU neighbours for intensive care again. "Even from domestic quarantine, the Chancellor will continue her official business. Those who do not follow the rules will be threatened with fines. Together with the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the federal government will determine in a list which countries are considered risk areas. Berlin (dpa) - Federal and state governments are taking the reins again in view of the continuing high corona figures just before the autumn holidays. Leisure facilities and restaurants are currently closed, hotels are not allowed to accommodate tourists. The 375 public health offices in Germany play an essential role in, for example, tracking infection chains and ordering tests and quarantines. According to the RKI management report of Thursday evening, the reproduction rate (R-value) in Germany was 0.79 (previous day: 0.81). Germany records 18,633 new COVID-19 cases AniNews.in 07:25. It affects us all. Berlin (dpa) - At a joint press conference in Berlin, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn and the President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Lothar Wieler, expressed "great concern" at the rising corona figures in Germany. April 24, 2020: Merkel: Decisions on relaxation of corona requirements not until May 6th, EU plans trillion-euro program against Corona economic crisis, April 18, 2020: First federal state introduces compulsory masks, Church services to be possible again despite corona, Germany demands more aid for poorest countries, Germans satisfied with management of Corona crisis, Spring weather – Federal government calls for compliance with the contact ban, Steinmeier calls for helpfulness - "showing the best in us", Coronavirus: German military readies 15,000 soldiers for deployment, 2020: Masks instead of costumes - theatres help, Berlin (dpa) - Several theatre workshops help in the, Physician: Younger peoples should also follow rules, Chancellor Merkel calls coronavirus biggest challenge since World War II, March 16, 2020: Dispute over German vaccine company. Just a few examples: The Federal Government is also committed to humanitarian aid and has already provided 363 million euro for humanitarian aid measures in Africa for 2020. Berlin (dpa) - A clear majority of people in Germany are in favour of compulsory masks. In three districts in Thuringia, North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein, the critical value of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days was exceeded. "The virus will continue to dominate our lives for quite some time. At the same time, he appealed to the people in Germany: "I ask you all to continue to have confidence in me, because the rulers at federal and state level are aware of their huge responsibility." Everything you need to know about the corona crisis in Germany and the measures being taken against the spread of the virus: www.deutschland.de/en/corona-virus-germany-overview. Berlin (dpa) - Helge Braun, Head of the Federal Chancellery, has emphasised that the peak of the Corona crisis in Germany is still to come. In many branches, Plexiglas panels are currently being installed at the cash registers, the respective spokespersons announced. There is also a noticeable lack of children's bikes. +++ Here you find the most important news about the spread of the lung disease in Germany. According to a recent survey of 580 retailers conducted by the HDE, the number of customers in the city centres in the third week of November was again 40 per cent below the previous year's level. The Heinsberg area of North Rhine Westphalia terminated quarantine conditions for several hundred residents after 300 participants at a carnival event on February 15 were thought to be at risk. So far, the pandemic has cost the state 287.5 billion euros, according to a calculation by the Institute of the German Economy (IW). "If the results are positive, we might be able to start clinical trials around early summer," said the SAP founder and patron of the Hoffenheim football club in the "Bild" newspaper (Wednesday). The trend towards holidays at home does the rest. The experts are colloquially referred to as "Wirtschaftsweise". At the weekend, Cologne and Stuttgart reported exceeding the important warning level of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days. The only exceptions are Norway and Finland, which do not intend to reopen their borders until mid-July. Please check you have typed it correctly. In the clothing trade, the minus was even 40 percent. Steinmeier thanked the policemen and policewomen, "who acted extremely calmly in difficult situations. Berlin (dpa) - Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has appealed for understanding for the severe restrictions on public life in the Corona pandemic. The German Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has vehemently advised against such considerations in view of the spread of the coronavirus. The chairman of the advisory body, theologian Peter Dabrock, expressed fears in Berlin on Tuesday that otherwise the necessary trust of the population could be damaged. The total number of hours worked also fell far more sharply than the number of people in employment. These include, among other things, the way to work, necessary shopping, visits to doctors and pharmacies, help for others, visits from life partners, but also sports and exercise in the fresh air - but only alone or with the people you live with. The current increase in the number of cases does not allow direct conclusions to be drawn about the occurrence of infections, as the number of tests carried out has also risen immensely. In addition, an important company would be preserved, which is globally active and plays an "outstanding role" for the competitiveness of the German economy. Medical equipment for the central laboratory in the capital Cotonou has also been made available. In the past two weeks, demand has risen rapidly, said Lieutenant General Martin Schelleis, who is in charge of the relief operations. Magdeburg (dpa) - Saxony-Anhalt eases the contact restrictions that have been in force for six weeks. "In this regard, the government is in intensive exchange with the company CureVac.". It fell from 7.4 to 3.6 hours per day. Berlin (dpa) - The number of new infections reported within one day rose to a new record of 21,506, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Berlin (dpa) - Almost two thirds of people expect further restrictions to be introduced in Germany as part of efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus, according to a survey commissioned by dpa. On Sunday, 16,947 new infections with the coronavirus were recorded in Germany within one day. Several prime ministers of federal states make drastic appeals, especially to young people, to stick to the rules so that the disease does not spread any further. However, they can also be "freed" after five days. New York (dpa) - Foreign Minister Heiko Maas wants pandemics and other health risks to be placed more at the centre of global security policy. And then risk groups such as the very elderly or people with pre-existing conditions will be vaccinated," he told Focus Online (Friday). In addition to the well-known steps such as closing all non-systemically relevant shops, the Bundeswehr and its hospitals will then also be included in the contingency plans. This is reported by theeuropean.de. By clicking 'Sign in and Subscribe' you agree to us subscribing you to our newsletter in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Legal Notice.Emails, which may be sent daily or less frequently, may include marketing elements. "We are prepared for further requests". Berlin (dpa) - There is growing concern in Germany that the spread of the coronavirus cannot be contained fast enough because citizens are not changing their lives consistently. Schulze said that the opportunity to develop a new model of prosperity was already available. This was the largest month-on-month decline in comparison to the same month last year since foreign trade statistics began in 1950. Berlin (dpa) - Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier has defended the rescue package for Lufthansa against criticism that the state should have secured a greater say for the airline in return for aid of over nine billion euros. Everyone who downloads the app will help." They have now applied for the final approval process and are on the verge of "putting an end to this pandemic". "The Chancellor is doing well", government spokesperson Steffen Seibert said in Berlin on Monday. According to the DIVI intensive care register, as of Tuesday 689 people suffering from Covid-19 were cared for in intensive care units, about half of them were ventilated. The so-called open-house procedure provides that suppliers can offer at least 25,000 surgical masks, protective gowns or FFP2 mouthguards and that the federal government buys them at a price set by itself - this is easier and faster than the otherwise applicable public procurement law with calls for tenders. Berlin (dpa) - Federal, state and local authorities have to get by with considerably less tax money because of the corona pandemic. Apparently, the immense economic consequences of the pandemic have so far hardly affected the real estate boom. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn announced that testing would be compulsory, and that this will probably come into force next week. What will be "crucial" for the economy is the spread of the virus being contained and the restrictions on social and economic activities being lifted rapidly, the so-called "wise men" wrote. Due to the pandemic, only 130 guests were allowed to attend, including delegations of citizens from the Länder. Due to these "disproportionate" measures, which could last for months, Germany is unable to run its embassy in North Korea, the spokesperson says, adding that the mission would reopen as soon as the situation returned to normal. The health authorities reported 22,806 new corona infections to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) within 24 hours. At the beginning of the restrictions, no significant effect was initially noticeable. Berlin (dpa) - On Monday evening the events industry pointed out its situation in the Corona crisis with illuminated memorials. The Kunsthalle in the northern German city of Bremen is showing 77 such photos from this Wednesday onwards in the exhibition "Und jetzt Du! Six escalators in the Marienplatz underground station are currently being equipped with special UV disinfection. Soccer matches are also affected. "Let us show each other the best in ourselves - let us show humanity, let us show solidarity," he said in a new video message on Thursday. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert announced that the discussion in the late afternoon would be an "informal exchange" on the challenges facing schools in times of pandemic. At midnight, strict regulations again came into force in the district of Gütersloh and the neighbouring district of Warendorf. The value-added tax on food in restaurants will fall from 19 to 7 percent for one year starting in July. Until a negative test result is obtained, returnees will have to stay at home. Berlin (dpa) - The number of corona patients undergoing intensive medical treatment has decreased significantly in Germany over the past few weeks. This number should be kept below 1.0. Hairdresser's shops will be closed. According to an evaluation of a company survey by the Ifo Institute, economic output is likely to have fallen by 1.9 percent in the first quarter and then slumped by 12.2 percent in the second. Berlin (dpa) - Extended short-time working is to combat a corona-induced rise in unemployment in Germany in 2021 as well. "If we can do this together, our society will not disintegrate in this crisis, but on the contrary: Then it will grow closer together." A total of around 640,000 inhabitants are affected. Health authorities in Germany had registered 2,297 new corona infections on Friday, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) announced. Smaller galleries in particular should benefit from the broad distribution of purchases, and artists should be "encouraged and supported" by purchasing directly from studios. This release would only take place if an authorisation was available. There was also a firm agreement within the Minister President's Conference "to be able to present a good overall package together with the Federal Government, with which one could possibly - depending on the development of the figures over Easter - take first steps". He added that the German states were prepared to provide further assistance. "If radical extremists and anti-Semites come to demonstrations to riot and divide, then everyone should keep well over 1.5 metres distance", Maas told the newspaper "Welt". After video conferences with the Germans' neighbours and holiday countries, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) said he was confident that the worldwide travel warning could be lifted after June 14, at least for the EU. Doctors are concerned that too many people are now behaving in a risky manner. Curfew: Also in the event of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days, a curfew will be imposed at 23.00 for the catering trade. This is hard for tour operators, but cannot be changed in the current situation. "Europe must stand together." This is the result of an ifo survey of 1099 parents in Germany conducted in June. Merkel said that the restrictions in force since the beginning of November had stabilised the situation. This isn't practicable for travellers. People with suspected infection should only have to isolate themselves for five days instead of 14. All rights reserved.~. Wiesbaden (dpa) - The German economy is recovering from the Corona crisis. "That should change fast, given the dynamic developments of the last few days," Spahn said. The police are carrying out massive controls to ensure that the distance rules and the obligation to wear masks are observed. "We must assume that both the pandemic and climate change will change the situation for many people in the world," the Chancellor said in her weekly video message published on Saturday. In the opinion of the consumption researchers at the Nuremberg-based company GfK, the reduction in VAT has resulted in considerable purchasing incentives. This would also be an act of solidarity. "In any case, it is a positive trend and we are of course bringing it together with the measures," Wieler said in an interview with the radio station "Deutschlandfunk" on Wednesday. America Failed at COVID-19, but the Economy’s Okay. To this end, institutions for international cultural cooperation have joined forces on the initiative of the Goethe-Institut and the Federal Foreign Office. There are exceptions, for example for persons who have been abroad for less than 24 hours or for certain seasonal workers. "So we have to talk about a trend that shows us that it can't go on like this." At the border with Luxembourg, internal border controls will end at the end of 15 May 2020. Nationwide, restaurants, cultural and leisure facilities are now largely prohibited from opening their establishments. More than 33.2 million infections have been detected. Ulmen/Hanover (dpa) - Service dogs of the German Armed Forces are to learn how to sniff out a coronavirus infection. Brussels (dpa) - According to the EU spring forecast, the eurozone economy could shrink by 7.7 percent this year due to the corona crisis and not fully recover next year either. First, priority must be given to risk groups. Rheda-Wiedenbrück/Berlin (dpa) - With at least 657 infected persons there is again a serious corona outbreak in a German meat factory. The disaster is to last for 14 days. For example, the wage tax has decreased considerably, among other things due to short-time work. It is now important to prevent the virus from spreading again rapidly and uncontrolled. Berlin (dpa) - Corona labs have problems with the large number of tests in Germany. As in July, there had been no additional corona-induced increase in unemployment, said Detlef Scheele, Chairman of the Federal Employment Agency's Executive Board, on Tuesday in Nuremberg. As a matter of principle, people affected by the current phase of the pandemic should no longer get into social situations with a scratchy throat or a runny nose. At the moment, the action mainly affects holiday destinations in North Africa. Berlin (dpa) - Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn has advised citizens not to travel abroad during the autumn and winter holidays in view of rising corona cases. At noon, Maas wants to discuss with his colleagues from popular holiday destinations of the Germans how the travel restrictions due to the corona pandemic can be gradually eased. Schoenefeld Airport on the south-eastern city border in Brandenburg will remain in operation. Berlin (dpa) - More than ten million workers in short-time work, and the worst economic consequences of the Corona crisis are probably yet to come: With a protest organised mainly on the Internet, trade unions warned on 1 May of cuts at the expense of employees. A curfew, which has been repeatedly mentioned in recent days, is expressly not imposed by the politicians. The group presented three possible scenarios. People who return to Germany from countries with a high risk of infection, so-called risk areas, should be tested there. In addition, the experts are in favour of making masks mandatory in buses and trains, for example. "The propensity to buy has risen very sharply", said GfK consumer researcher Rolf Bürkl when presenting the consumer climate survey for the month of July. However, it is likely that there will not be enough vaccine available for the entire population from the beginning. The last higher number was on May 1st with 1639 new infections registered. "We needed this time for the development because we have high demands: The app must be able to be used on all end devices and should, for example, also measure when you listen to music on your mobile phone," the CDU politician told the newspaper "Rheinische Post". Public gatherings of more than two people will be banned throughout Germany for an initial period of two weeks - with the exception of relatives living in the same households. Berlin (dpa) - Negotiations between the German government and Lufthansa on a billion-euro rescue package are continuing. The rapid antigen tests do not detect the Covid 19 pathogen as such, but proteins associated with it. The reason is "considerable uncertainties" about immunity after an infection and the validity of antibody tests, the independent advisory committee explained. It was clear that a vaccine would not be immediately available for everyone, the chairman of the German Foundation for Patient Protection, Eugen Brysch, told the German Press Agency. If the value is below 1 for a longer period of time, the infection level drops. To protect customers, the chains in the checkout area of many stores have floor markings stuck to keep customers at a distance. Revenues from the sales of dry soup mixes more than doubled last week, rising by 112 per cent on the previous week, the GfK reported. The vaccine called "BNT162b2" works very well. Munich (dpa) - Due to the spread of the corona virus, Bavaria's Minister-President Markus Söder has announced that the Free State of Bavaria will declare an official case of emergency. Berlin (dpa) - Most Germans are not planning a summer trip or are staying in Germany, as the new Germany trend published in advance on Thursday evening in the ARD morning magazine shows. He will present a corresponding proposal to the federal cabinet next Wednesday, the CSU politician said on Friday in Berlin after video consultations with his EU colleagues. "If we convince a few million citizens of the app in the coming weeks, then I will be satisfied," Spahn continued. Munich (dpa) - In order to contain the coronavirus, Bavaria's Minister President Markus Söder (CSU) has announced far-reaching initial restrictions for the entire Free State.


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