Crit multiplier is not useful with EO and fire penetration with the weapon should be +1 to level of spell skill gems. It also increases your Maximum Fire Resist. The maximum Fire resistance can be increased by allocating passive skills such as Barbarism, Purity of Fire Purity of Fire Aura, Spell, AoE, Fire Radius: 36 Mana Reserved: 35% Can Store 1 Use(s) Cooldown Time: 1.20 sec Requires Level 24 Casts an aura that grants fire resistance to you and your allies. 3. This skill at level 20 will increase that max to 79%. If it ignites (which will happen often since we crit), it applies another -19% fire resistance, for a total of -44%. It also helps clear big packs in heists through doorways. It applies Covered in Ash to help our damage. Important to note that even though we deal fire damage with RF and SR, they don't hit, so they won't trigger EE. A goal with these new spells is that while they are powerful in a variety of character builds, they have additional benefits when self-cast. Whilst getting you up to 84% maximum Fire Resistance through Purity of Fire and Saffell's Frame makes it so you only degen about 10% per second instead of 90%, you’re investing into Regeneration as well with your high Life Pool, which in turn scales your damage; this is ultimately more effective than it would have been if your life was lower. Tawhoa, Forest's Strength - After you get your cluster jewels, Fire penetration becomes much less effective and one-shotting monsters in maps should be no problem. When coupled with Tasalio, Cleansing Water on the Ascendancy tree, it will give us all the Fire Resistance we need forever. It makes gearing so much easier. This gives us Fire resistance! PoE 3.12 introduces six new spells. This is the most important part of using RF. When you or your Allies … Continue reading "Flame Wall PoE Skill Gem 3.12 Build" Infernal Cry is really nice for us for legions and general map clear. Helm. Tasalio, Cleansing water - Gives +100% Fire resistance and enables the life regeneration combo 4. Infernal Cry + Second Wind. That … Hitting an enemy with fire damage will give it fire resistance, which is bad for us. Normally your Maximum Fire Resist would cap at 75%. Spoiler . Mods to look for If you go for rare instead, look for: Life Resist/Chaos Resist-& Fire resistance Added Fire Damage to Spells Body Armour. Flame Wall Build Guide Flame Wall creates a wall of fire which deals burning damage to everything in its area. Ramako, Sun's Light - Good damage to help with early mapping 5. That will reduce its fire resistance by 50% for 5 seconds. Physical as Extra Fire Penetrate Fire Resistance Cast speed These weapons are good but not the best. Wave of Conviction will apply a -25% fire resistance debuff. To proc it, we use Shield Charge/Cyclone during the map, and Storm Brand on bosses.


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