Frage: wieso sich Menschen immer gegenseitg bekriegen müssen … An Tagen wie diesen (Czech translation) Artist: Fettes Brot; Song: An Tagen wie diesen 4 translations; Translations: Czech, English #1, #2, Russian Czech translation Czech. All right with you? Fettes Brot - An Tagen Wie Diesen - tekst piosenki, tłumaczenie piosenki i teledysk. Wünsch ich mir Unendlichkeit. Mornin', what's up. ! Maybe I’ve seen it too often yeah one sees it nearly every day, But why can’t even that no longer scare me these days. I'll get started, fetch my breakfast. Then it happens that I get fear of something occurring to us, That one loses the one one loves, that this really occurs. "An Tagen wie diesen" von Fettes Brot-Kritik an der Gesellschaft, man hört so viel schlechte Propaganda von überall und überall von morden und so n scheiß, dass man schon ganz abgestumpft ist, aber dennoch angst hat. / Alles klar bei dir? When people croak of dirty water someplace? Well, that's why I asked, to be honest. This dumb feeling, this emptiness in my head. How dare this filthy beast die right before my eyes? An der Stelle heißt es: „Komm, ich trag dich durch die Leute. Was geht? "Fett" is a German slang term for "excellent" and brot is slang for "hash". Stuff like that can’t happen to us and what if it did? What's up with the beast just dying in front of my eyes? Turn on the walkman, close the front door. English translation of lyrics for An Tagen wie diesen by Fettes Brot. What has happend to me, how is this possible? On such a normal Saturday, A brutal assault happens in a brutish way, In which six people died, the wounded cry names, Those horrible deeds won't let me fall asleep now, Now I ask myself how it feels like to loose one's child, Even before it celebrated its first birthday, Maybe it was an assassin full of hate for his enemy, Maybe there was love for family or they were even fathers too, Sometimes when I see the news something strange happens to me, Then it happens that I fear something happening to us, To loose the loved ones, that this really happens, In the middle of the night I wake up and am sweating, Go to the bed of my daughter and hear how she silently breathes. What did he just say on such a normal Saturday, Happened in brutish manner a totally brutal attack, Where six people died, the wounded cry out names, And I still see precisely the picture on TV, Now I ask myself what’s it like when you lose your child, But that’s surpassing my imaginary faculty, Maybe the attackers were full of hatred for the opposers, Maybe there was love for familes and they were as well even fathers, Sometimes when I watch the news I feel something weird happens to me. That makes... J'adore connaître les parokes de chansons ..., Falcom Sound Team JDK - 空を見上げて (Sora wo Miagete). A million threatened to starve dead estimated by the UNICEF, While I just shred healthy fruit in the moulinex, Know that that’s really gruesome but f* man I feel nix. LT → German, German (Low German) → Fettes Brot → An Tagen wie diesen → Czech. UNICEF estimates that a million people are threatened to starve, While I just cut my healthy fruits with the Mulinex, I know that this is really cruel but, sh*t, I don't feel anything. Nearly nine, ok. An Tagen wie diesen haben wir noch ewig Zeit. Gleich neun - okay. Maybe I've seen it too often, it's on TV nearly daily. hi can anyone tell me what am tagen wie diesen by fettes brot is about i do not need a word for word translation only a few quotes and the general meaning of the song thanks a million! They have nowt to eat there anymore and I’ve stones in my stomach! A A. On days like these. Fettes Brot haben ein Dutzend Liebeslieder geschrieben entlang solcher Spalten und Risse in unseren Welten von heute. And the questions tear me to bits, I can’t stand the sh*. Something like this cannot happen to us and what it if did? Thanks for the comment, full original lyrics were added. Wie spät? When people die because of polluted water? German lyrics (complete): Bis die Tränen trocken sind Episode 1: „Du driftest nach rechts“. Like a smile of glee thereby the sun’s glow. Artist: Fettes Brot; Song: An Tagen wie diesen 4 translations; Translations: Czech, English #1, #2, Russian English translation English. Zobacz słowa utworu An Tagen Wie Diesen wraz z teledyskiem i tłumaczeniem. An Tagen wie diesen (English translation) Artist: Fettes Brot; Song: An Tagen wie diesen 4 translations; Translations: Czech, English #1, #2, Russian English translation English. Moin moin - was geht? What on earth is up with me, damn how ‘s it possible in which way? / Gleich neun - okay! In the middle of the night I wake up and am drenched in sweat, Sneak into the bed of my daughter and hear her breathing all muted. Wie spät? Hab keine Angst, ich gebe auf dich Acht. A A. Dny jako tyhle (Renz) Ahoj, jak je? Versions: #1 #2. Jdu koupit něco ke snídani. Mornin‘ Mornin‘ – what’s up? Po deváté. 2005: Fettes Brot und Finkenauer – An Tagen wie diesen (Sample) 2006: Fler – Neue Numma 1 (Sample) 2008: Extra 3 – Schily-Song (Parodie auf den ehemaligen deutschen Innenminister Otto Schily) 2009: J.B.O. An Tagen wie diesen Lyrics: Moin, moin! Alles klar bei dir? Want to just go out, gettin’ breakfast now, Switch the walkman on, shut the door in front, Run the street along, up to the general store, ‘Cause they’ve got the very best buns far and wide, At the counter I can skim what the papers write, And razed to the ground in only one night, “Situation again dramatically aggravated, today fantastic weather“, Suddenly there’s a bang sound, thousand shards all around, The neighbour’s cat in a road accident is found. Je všechno fajn? How late? Everything alright, how late is it? Analyse der einzelnen Strophen "Tage wie diese" v n den Toten Hosen Thema des Songs Ist: Freude über das Hier und Jetzt Vorfreude auf etwas Altbekanntes und Vertrautes („Ich wart seit Wochen, auf diesen Tag..."; "altbekannten Weg") Begeisterung: erkennbar durch die fröhliche Versions: #1 #2. And the questions torment me, I can't stand this sh*t anymore, They have nothing to eat over there and I feel like having stones in my stomach, What did he just say? Turn on the walkman, close the front door. A A. At the counter I can have a look into the newspaper writing: And it was extinguished in just one night, The situation just got worse, today the weather is wonderful", Suddenly there's a bang, a 1000 shards everywhere. - Okay. An Tagen wie diesen ( ترجمۀ انگلیسی) هنرمند: Fettes Brot ترانه: An Tagen wie diesen 4 ترجمه ترجمه‌ها: انگلیسی #1, #2, روسی, چکوسلاواکی Fettes Brot (German pronunciation: [ˈfɛtəs ˈbʁoːt]) are a German hip hop group who formed in 1992.. Fettes Brot means fat bread in German. On days like this. “ In der dritten Strophe geht es neben dem Wunsch, das Schwimmen und Tauchen in der Menge kein Ende nehmen zu lassen, darum, sich gegenseitig zu beschützen. Walk through the street, up to the shop. LT → German, German (Low German) → Fettes Brot → An Tagen wie diesen → English. Kolik je hodin?


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