We will send your items within 3-5 business days, after payment. …. “Kill?” I realized I could never properly explain that word to this creature in DeRopp’s garden. My attorney was slumped over the wheel. On the way down the escalator I saw the Life man twisted feverishly into the telegraph booth, chanting his wisdom into the ear of some horny robot in a cubicle on that other coast. “You know,” he said. Indeed: “Las Vegas at Dawn – The racers are still asleep, the dust is still on the desert, $50,000 in prize money slumbers darkly in the office safe at Del Webb’s fabulous Mint Hotel in the bright heart of Casino Center. But I can’t abandon the fucker. ‘Drug suppression in Vietnam is almost completely ineffective,’ the report said, ‘partially because of an ineffective local police force and partially because some presently unknown corrupt officials in public office are involved in the drug traffic'”, To the left of that grim notice was a four-column center-page photo of Washington, D.C., cops fighting with “young anti-war demonstrators who staged a sit-in and blocked the entrance to Selective Service Headquarters.”. “We’re just good patriotic Americans like yourselves.” Both of their buggies were covered with ominous symbols: Screaming Eagles carrying American Flags in their claws, a slant-eyed snake being chopped to bits by a buzz-saw made of stars & stripes, and one of the vehicles had what looked like a machine-gun mount on the passenger side. (Holy Jesus, Sam! Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas - Massive Core Free a cappella フリーアカペラ #FearandLoathinginLasVegas #MassiveCore #フリーアカペラ The only hope is to somehow get it across 300 miles of open road between here and Sanctuary. “First I got run down by the CHP, then that kid spotted me! Perhaps if I explain things, he’ll rest easy. I jammed the hash pipe back into my pocket just in time. I had pushed my luck about as far as it was going to carry me in this town … all the way out to the edge. Deliverance! “You better hope there’s some thorazine in that bag, because if there’s not you’re in bad trouble tomorrow.”, “Music!” he snarled. “Order some golf shoes,” I whispered. “Look,” I said, “you’d better put that goddamn blade away and get your head straight. No mercy for a criminal freak in Las Vegas. I turned away. Forget LSD, I thought. Not now. And why else would he back away from the road? All I could think was, ‘O Jesus, here we go again: Who’s divorced me this time? All I did was take your gibberish seriously … and you see where it got me? “But let’s forget that bullshit about the American Dream,” he said. Why don’t you pull over and sleep a few hours?”, I instantly understood what he was telling me, but for some insane reason I shook my head. “I’m leaving here in two hours – and then they’re going to come up here and beat the mortal shit out of you with big saps. No, it was too much. “I have to get out to the track.”, He backed away as I eased the car into low gear. Share to Twitter. …. “That man remembers my face.”, “That’s good,” I said. He’s a very crude man.”, The clerk nodded warily. Very soon, I knew, we would both be completely twisted. To relax, as it were, in the womb of the desert sun. But when? “We’ve wandered into a time capsule!”, Heavy hands grabbed our shoulders. Original Price €22.66" “Which one of you wants to get cut?”. “One of these days I’ll toss a fucking bomb into that place! But he didn’t move a muscle until he’d made the whole circle. “He can’t handle the medicine. I was just about to leave for the airport. “Let’s have lunch!” he shouted as I turned into the street. Because I had no money to pay it. “This man is my client. Shoot the pasties off the nipples of a ten-foot bull-dyke and win a cotton-candy goat. This is what it’s all about. “Incredible,” I said. He got hold of my woman!”, I laughed. And our Life team is here (as always, with a sturdy police escort. “With a mind like yours, you’ll probably want the land-crab. Was I dangerous? “It won’t stop,” I said. No, this is not a good town for psychedelic drugs. “We’ll be back,” he yelled. The mind recoils in horror, unable to communicate with the spinal column. He smiled. This was it: The crisis. I went into the men’s room to eat mine. So I took the $300 and left. He took a long snort and fell back on the seat, staring straight up at the sun. Heinous vibrations, overwhelming sound. And so did I. To jangle the bastards right down to the core of their spleens. There was a definite valid urgency in the message. “Here’s how it is. Jesus, bad waves of paranoia, madness, fear and loathing – intolerable vibrations in this place. I went back to the blockhouse bar/casino that was actually the Mint Gun Club – where I began to drink heavily, think heavily, and make many heavy notes. Not with the soaking sweats … wild red eyeballs and trembling hands. One Army intelligence specialist said the pistol slaying of his Chinese interpreter was defended by a superior who said, ‘She was just a slope, anyway,’ meaning she was an Asiatic. From freedom, to prison, and then, back to freedom again – all in 30 seconds. …, “Well; anyway, here I am. Avoid those quick bursts of acceleration that drag blood to the back of the brain. … You could strike sparks anywhere. Some gibberish by a thing called “Three Dog Night,” about a frog named Jeremiah who wanted “Joy to the World.”, First Lennon, now this, I thought. “Why not five?” I smacked the bar with my open, bleeding palm. …. “Great God! You bastards! Nobody had bothered to say. Jesus, just one hour ago we were sitting over there in that stinking bagnio, stone broke and paralyzed for the weekend, when a call comes through from some total stranger in New York, telling me to go to Las Vegas and expenses be damned – and then he sends me over to some office in Beverly Hills where another total stranger gives me $300 raw cash for no reason at all … I tell you, my man, this is the American Dream in action! All the facts? I was tempted to have my attorney pull into the next airport and arrange some kind of simple, common-law contract whereby we could just give the car to this unfortunate bastard. About five miles back I had a brush with the CHP. I got all the makin’s right here. They seized my American Express card after that one, and now the bastards are suing me – along with the Diner’s Club and the IRS. But only half at first, I thought. “Those bastards have changed the lock on us,” he groaned. “Thanks for the ride,” he yelled. Six? Watch For Free. “You can’t park here!”. Even on the Run, in the grip of a serious Fear …. How could I be sure he’d recognized me? This is not even the story I was supposed to be working on. Are you prepared to go to court?”, I grabbed his shoulder and gently spun him around. The perfect FearAndLoathingInLasVegas Bathtub Acid Animated GIF for your conversation. What’s the score, here? Can she see me behind these mirrors? …”, “Washington (AP) – A House Subcommittee report says illegal drugs killed 160 American GI’s last year – 40 of them in Vietnam … Drugs were suspected, it said, in another 56 military deaths in Asia and the Pacific Command … It said the heroin problem in Vietnam is increasing in seriousness, primarily because of processing laboratories in Laos, Thailand and Hong Kong. Or just think it? No mistaking that flat hollow boom. “Hell yes! The Circus-Circus is what the whole hep world would be doing on Saturday night if the Nazis had won the war. “Holy shit, look at that bunch over there! He’ll have the details. Ah, devil ether – a total body drug. Ah yes. “What if I told you I had a Vincent Black Shadow?”, He stared up at me, saying nothing, not friendly. Because it goes without saying that we can’t turn him loose. I lunged backwards into my attorney, who gripped my arm as he reached out to take the note. Against that heinous background, my crimes were pale and meaningless. CynthiaMiller. What am I doing with it? But after a while you learn to cope with things like seeing your dead grandmother crawling up your leg with a knife in her teeth. The rental-man watched him nervously. But I wasn’t about to throw the bastard away, either. Very tense. “Don’t worry,” I said. “Because in spite of his race, this man is extremely valuable to me.” I glanced over at my attorney, but his mind was somewhere else. “Don’t come anywhere near this place!” I shouted. Share to iMessage. Investigators of the sheriff’s homicide team who went to arrest the suspects said that one, a 24-year-old woman, attempted to fling herself through the glass doors of her trailer before being stopped by deputies. The idea is to show him that you were always in total control of yourself and your vehicle – while he lost control of everything. “I have the ticket in my briefcase.”, “What’s the number? The kid in the back looked like he was ready to jump right out of the car and take his chances. They could wait for the rest, he said – but then he got stomped, which convinced him that maybe he’d be better off borrowing enough money to pay the whole wad. And it was extremely important, I felt, for the meaning of our journey to be made absolutely clear. The place was full of noise and drunken shouting. Roll the windows down for a better taste of the cool desert wind. There was also the socio-psychic factor. Here it comes. And you barely missed the pump!”, “No harm done,” I said. I nodded, barely able to speak. The whole car was full of it – all over the floors, the seats, the glove compartment. “Did you put him onto her?”. I once lived down the hill from Dr. Robert DeRopp on Sonoma Mountain Road, and one fine afternoon in the first rising curl of what would soon become the Great San Francisco Acid Wave I stopped by the Good Doctor’s house with the idea of asking him (since he was even then a known drug authority) what sort of advice he might have for a neighbor with a healthy curiosity about LSD. “This is Doctor Gonzo in eight-fifty,” he said. “Incredible,” I said. How long can we maintain? I’m a fucking sinner! I had run far enough, so He nailed me … closing off all my escape routes, hassling me first with the CHP and then with this filthy phantom hitchhiker … plunging me into fear and confusion. We promised, but the moment we got inside we lost control. I had witnessed the start; I was sure of that much. This culture has beaten me down. It was the only way to do it. He leaned over to turn the volume up on the radio, humming along with the rhythm section and kind of moaning the words: “One toke over the line … Sweet Jesus … One toke over the line …”. The only visible action was at the start/finish line, where every few minutes some geek would come speeding out of the dust-cloud and stagger off his bike, while his pit crew would gas it up and then launch it back onto the track with a fresh driver … for another 50-mile lap, another brutal hour of kidney-killing madness out there in that terrible dust-blind limbo. Humming. I tossed the paper aside and began to pace. “God hell!” he exclaimed. We struggled through the crowded lobby and found two stools at the bar. Yes, no doubt about it … and why not? '”, He accepted a cigarette from somebody in the crowd, still grinning as he lit up. Keep moving. A thing like that could send a drug person careening around the room like a ping-pong ball. “One more hour in this town and I’ll kill somebody!”, I could see he was on the edge. “What class are you in?”, “Class?” he snapped. “When we get to Las Vegas I’ll have you chopped into hamburger. Huge white spansules. “Are you fellas drinking?”, “Just fill the goddamn tank,” my attorney snapped. …. And besides, the magazine is legally responsible. What goes into my book, as of noon, is that I apprehended you … for driving too fast for conditions, and advised you … with this written warning” … he handed it to me … “to proceed no further than the next rest area … your stated destination, right? I glanced over at my attorney, but he was staring up at the sky, and I could see that his brain had gone off to that campground beyond the sun. The door opened at Seven, but nobody moved. “They’ve nailed me!” I shouted. In order to give you the best experience, we use cookies and similar technologies for performance, analytics, personalization, advertising, and to help our site function. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas: A savage journey to the heart of the American dream ... We had two bags of grass, 75 pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high-powered blotter acid, a … “Well, that’s that,” somebody said. It’ll outrun the F-111 until takeoff.”, “Takeoff?” he said. “Two women fucking a polar bear.”, “Please,” he said. But here’s this. “They almost had us there. And no more of these devilish credit-card/reimbursement deals. And next to the photo was a large black headline: Torture tales told in war hearings. Reading the front page made me feel a lot better. … and the first ten bikes blasted off on the stroke of nine. This line appears in my notebook, for some reason. Ray Anderson was on him at once, mumbling, “Cool it, cool it, come on back to the office.” I never saw him after that night, but before he was taken away, the road-person distributed his samples. Calm down. “We want this car parked! Mainline gambling is a very heavy business – and Las Vegas makes Reno seem like your friendly neighborhood grocery store. Whatever it meant. “Hang onto it,” I heard him say into the phone. As I approached the turn I saw … Great Jesus, it’s him, the hitchhiker, the same kid we’d picked up and terrified on the way out to Vegas. It was time, I felt, to get grounded – to ponder this rotten assignment and figure out how to cope with it. What the fuck am I doing out here? The engines were all roaring; we could barely hear each other. “Man, this is the way to travel,” said my attorney. Then it was quiet again. “A black jeep? If you’ve already done that, your item hasn’t arrived, or it’s not as described, you can report that to Etsy by opening a case. I knew it was Lacerda in that plane, heading back to New York. I LOVE IT! Separately, we might pull it off. Lacerda? Just as the door began to close I stepped off and grabbed his arm, jerking him out just in time. What kind of rat-bastard psychotic would play that song – right now, at this moment? His name was not really “Joe,” but that’s what we’d been instructed to call him. I had taken all the grapefruit and other luggage out to the car a few hours earlier. I’ve heard a lot about it.”, “Excellent seafood,” he said. The fuckers are closing in.”, “Who?” he said. They’re easy to spot.”. I had no choice. (20% off), Sale Price €15.33 But sometimes … it’s hard to adjust to a city gig where the night is full of sounds, all of them comfortably routine. I picked up the radio and noticed that it was also a tape recorder – one of those things with a cassette-unit built in. perfect breathable material and I got so many compliments on how cool this shirt was. My attorney was waiting in a bar around the corner. And then the tape recorder, for special music, and some Acapulco shirts.” The only way to prepare for a trip like this, I felt, was to dress up like human peacocks and get crazy, then screech off across the desert and cover the story. Can you grasp that?” I was breathing heavily, feeling crazy, sweating into the phone. Press registration for the fabulous Mint 400 was already underway, and we had to get there by four to claim our soundproof suite. But the shotgun mike was in the trunk and I decided to leave it there. I don’t have much time. He’s not just some dingbat I found on the Strip. “I didn’t think so,” I said. “Never mind,” I said. “They’ll probably have a big net ready for us when we show up.”, He shook his head. “Oh,” I said. “Use all chains.” He was staring at two Mint Hotel Room keys in his hand. Well, you see, officer, I pulled off the road near Mescal Springs – on the advice of my attorney, who subsequently disappeared – and all of a sudden while I was just sort of walking around that deserted waterhole by myself for no reason at all when this little fella with a beard came up to me, out of nowhere, and he had this horrible linoleum knife in one hand and this huge black pistol in the other hand … and he offered to carve a big X on my forehead, in memory of Lt. Calley … but when I told him I was a doctor of journalism his whole attitude changed. Western Union must have got the names reversed.” I held up the telegram, knowing he’d already read it. By this time the drink was beginning to cut the acid and my hallucinations were down to a tolerable level. Deadly poison! He was lost in a fog of green steam; only half his head was visible above the water line. “And you know? Look what it’s done to that poor bastard. Maybe I should do that, I thought. O Christ, I thought, he’s gone around the bend. … Arriving at Caesar’s Palace for the Tom Jones dinner show in a flashing white Coupe de Ville … At a cocktail party for narcotics agents and their wives at the Dunes? “I left you alone for three minutes! So they put us through the turnstiles and turned us loose inside. “I’ll try,” I said. “Let’s go.”. But by the time I asked this question, there was nobody around to answer. So I stuck with hash and rum for another six months or so, until I moved into San Francisco and found myself one night in a place called “The Fillmore Auditorium.” And that was that. “‘Hot Slots,’ that sounds heavy … 29c hotdogs …”, Suddenly people were screaming at us. “Well … the manager, Mister Heem, would like to meet him.” Now his grin was definitely malevolent. “Now take that stuff and get the hell away from here,” one of them shouted through the slit. It was too much to absorb all at once. “But he has a vicious temper. “I’m damn near intolerably handsome down here where I am. “You have no faith in the essential decency of the white man’s culture. The third brace of ten disappeared into the dust about 100 yards from where we stood … and by the time they’d sent off the first 100 (with still another hundred to go), our visibility was down to something like 50 feet. “I just went upstairs to see this man Lacerda,” he said. “Because this is a very ominous assignment – with overtones of extreme personal danger. I saw him off, then I went back to the airport souvenir counter and spent all the rest of my cash on garbage – complete shit, souvenirs of Las Vegas, plastic fake-Zippo-lighters with a built-in roulette wheel for $6.95, JFK half-dollar money clips for $5 each, tin apes that shook dice for $7.50 … I loaded up on this crap, then carried it out to the Great Red Shark and dumped it all in the back seat … and then I stepped into the driver’s seat in a very dignified way (the white top was rolled back, as always) and I sat there and turned the radio on and began thinking. “Yes, operator, that word was police. My attorney had taken his shirt off and was pouring beer on his chest, to facilitate the tanning process. They would show us no mercy. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, an album by Wes on Acid on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. Want more Rolling Stone? Almost gone. Yes, of course – just bill the room. And the tape, Surrealistic Pillow, needed only to be flipped over. An oddball journalist and his psychopathic lawyer travel to Las Vegas for a series of psychedelic escapades. You've already signed up for some newsletters, but you haven't confirmed your address. Wait till you see those goddamn bats. One toke over the line, sweet Jesus … one toke over the line. Thirty minutes. Which is not really a hell of a lot to ask, Lord, because the final incredible truth is that I am not guilty. Wonderful luck. This is how the world works. They asked. “Then one of ’em says, ‘Where you going?’ And I says, ‘Las Vegas, to the Mint 400.’ So they gave me ten bucks and drove me down to the bus station. The pig had done me on all fronts, and now he was going off to chuckle about it – on the west edge of town, waiting for me to make a run for L.A. “This can’t be true!”, “You mean it’s not for you?” the clerk asked, suddenly nervous. …, And that, I think, was the handle – that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old and Evil. Waving that goddamn marlin spike around and yelling about reptiles. My name is Doctor Gonzo. The Optimism Remains, George Harrison Estate Releases New Mix of ‘All Things Must Pass’ Title Track, Bill Clinton: The Rolling Stone Interview. We haven’t done anything yet!” My legs felt rubbery. “I’m actually the district attorney from Ignoto county. “Room service sent it up,” he said. Just check the list and you’ll see. He took it, then held it up between us and poured the beer out on the road. For all I knew, the whole spectacle had been aborted by a terrible riot – an orgy of senseless violence, kicked off by drunken hoodlums who refused to abide by the rules. Yes, it was definitely time to leave. The rental-man was obviously shaken. That girl understood. “I told him we knew what he was up to. “But you notice they’re all armed. Frank Sinatra’s. “What’s wrong with us? … Lacerda/call … why not a helicopter? …, There was madness in any direction, at any hour. © Copyright 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. But they’re real. They’ve spotted us!”, “That’s the press table,” he said. I was a relatively respectable citizen – a multiple felon, perhaps, but certainly not dangerous.


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