Click on the image to take a Virtual Tour in and nearby the VLT. Images of systems with multiple exoplanets are extremely rare, and — until now — astronomers had never directly observed more than one planet orbiting a star similar to the Sun. It is also surprisingly unchaotic, contradicting theories that all galaxies in the early Universe were turbulent and unstable. ESO telescope spots galaxies trapped in the web of a supermassive black hole. “If true,” says team leader and PhD student Andrew Allan of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, “this would be the first direct detection of such a monster star ending its life in this manner.”, Design achievements for actuators and sensors of the main mirror of ESO's ELT, Newly processed Venus ALMA data made available to the community, Contract signed for the ELT’s second prefocal station as design for the first close to approval, New planetarium show: Unseen Universe — look at the sky with superhuman eyes, Science operations restarted at Paranal following pause due to the pandemic, Winners of Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2020 announced, New Report Offers Roadmap to Mitigate Effects of Satellite Constellations on Astronomy, Winner of Summer AstroCamp 2020 ESO Prize Announced, Take Part in the New Virtual Guided Tours to ESO’s Observatories, Funding Opportunities in Chile (Anuncio de Oportunidades), ESOcast 222: Ten Fascinating Paradoxes about the Universe, The Most Productive Ground-based Observatory: A Look Back at ESO’s Science Results of 2019, Summer AstroCamp 2020 applications open soon, Milestones Reached in Incredible Journey of ELT Main Mirror Segments, ESO signs agreement with UN Women, celebrates International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Girls’ Day Event at ESO Headquarters in Garching, Germany, Science in School: Issue 49 now available, ESO at the Big Science Business Forum 2020, ESO helps European company win major international contract, ELT MICADO Instrument Passes Preliminary Design Review, 2020 Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition Opens, The Planets 360: a musical tour of the Solar System, Satellite Constellations and their Impact on Astronomy, Contract Signed for ELT’s Mirror M5 Cell Structure, A winter special: Enlightening Time Travel, Solar plant to supply energy to ESO’s Extremely Large Telescope, Science in School: Issue 48 now available, Enjoy each day of 2020 with the ESO Calendar, ESOcast 209: Outreach and Science During the Total Solar Eclipse at La Silla, ESO Astronomer Awarded a European Research Council Synergy Grant, ProChile Holds Innovation Summit at ESO Supernova in ESO’s Headquarters, Germany, 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded for Discovery of Exoplanet Orbiting a Solar-type Star, Construction of the ELT Dome Foundations Begins, Winners of the 2019 European Union Contest for Young Scientists Announced, Winners of Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019 announced, Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics awarded to the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration, Science in School: Issue 47 now available, First 18 ELT Primary Mirror Blanks Arrive at Safran Reosc, ESO and ESA confirm that asteroid 2006 QV89 will not hit Earth in 2019, ESO Astronomer awarded the Sparlamento Prize in Research and Development 2019, Former ESO Astronomer and Head of Instrumentation Division Guy Monnet wins 2019 Tycho Brahe Medal, Winner of Summer AstroCamp 2019 ESO Bursary Announced, ESO and Irish Research Council sign studentship programme agreement, ESOcast 203: Chile Chill 13 — Celestial Symphony, Exciting Experiments During Total Solar Eclipse at La Silla, Paranal Observatory hosts Microsoft President, On the increasing number of satellite constellations, 10 000th student visits the ESO Supernova, Planetarium shows available for booking until the end of 2019, GASP program receives 2.5 million euros from the European Research Council, Science in School: Issue 46 now available, Chilean Senate awards medals to ALMA for contribution to first image of black hole, 2019 Olivier Chesneau Prize Awarded to Jozua de Boer, Live Webcast and Reddit AMA Session of the First Result from the Event Horizon Telescope, ESO Remains World’s Most Productive Ground-based Observatory, Media Advisory: Press Conference on First Result from the Event Horizon Telescope, ESO and Czech Republic sign Training Programme agreement, IAU Astronomy Education Conference comes to ESO Supernova, ESO Becomes Shareholder in Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory, ESO Supernova April–June programme springs online, President of Armenia visits ESO Headquarters, ESOcast 194: Cutting Edge of Contemporary Astronomy, Joint EIROforum DG statement on equal opportunities, Catch a Star 2018 Contest Winners Announced, Astronomy & Astrophysics celebrates 50 years since its first issue, World’s largest convex mirror blank ready for final touches, 2019 Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition Opens, ESOcast 190: Chile Chill 12 — Fire in the Heavens, New baseline schedule for ESO’s Extremely Large Telescope, ELT’s HARMONI spectrograph passes Preliminary Design Review, Winner of La Silla Total Eclipse Public Competition Announced, Exciting new programme at the ESO Supernova, Science in School: Issue 45 now available, Win a Fully-Paid Trip to the La Silla Total Solar Eclipse 2019 and other ESO sites in Chile, ESO Supernova Receives Gold Rating for Sustainability, Join ESO’s Second Social Media Gathering, #MeetESO, Launch of CERN–ESO Science-Art Project Simetría, Winners of Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2018 announced, Winter Astronomy Camp 2018 ESO bursary winner announced, ESO to host its first Teacher Training Workshop for Danish educators, Mexica Archeoastronomy: New Free Planetarium Show, Programme for the ESO Open House Day 2018 Now Available, ESO’s La Silla Observatory to gain cutting-edge SOXS instrument, German Research Foundation selects the ORIGINS Cluster as a new Cluster of Excellence, Winners of the 2018 European Union Contest for Young Scientists Announced, ESO’s VLT Adaptive Optics Facility receives the 2018 Paul F. Forman Team Engineering Excellence Award, New Planetarium Show: The Sun, Our Living Star, Exciting Autumn Programme at the ESO Supernova, Release of the ESO Archive Science Portal, Media Advisory: Invitation to attend La Silla Solar Eclipse 2019, Winter Astronomy Camp 2018 applications open, ESOcast 173: First Successful Test of Einstein’s General Relativity Near Supermassive Black Hole, Live Broadcast from ESO Announcing News from the Heart of the Milky Way, Media Advisory: Press Conference at ESO HQ Announcing News from the Heart of the Milky Way, Captivating new programme at the ESO Supernova, ESOcast 170: The 2 July 2019 Total Solar Eclipse Over La Silla, ESOcast 167: VLT sees `Oumuamua getting a boost, Science in School: Issue 44 now available, Live Webcast from the ESO Supernova on Asteroid Day, Contract signed for detectors of ESO’s ELT instruments, ESOCast 165: Fast-Track Your Career with the ESO Fellowship Programmes, Contract Awarded for Coating Plant for ELT Primary Mirror Segments, Winner of Summer AstroCamp 2018 Bursary Announced, New Planetarium Show: Europe to the Stars, Irish Membership of ESO Approved by ESO Council, Claudio Melo Becomes ESO Representative in Chile, Prizes Awarded to 2018 Photo NightScape Winners, ESO’s Very Large Telescope Celebrates 20 Years of Remarkable Science, Discover your Place in Space at the ESO Supernova, ESO Supernova Offers Unforgettable Learning Experiences, ELT Foundation Work Started on Cerro Armazones, Contract Signed for ELT Primary Mirror Segment Supports, Opening campaign for the ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Centre, Printed ESO Supernova Programme Now Available, Science in School: Issue 43 Now Available, Media Advisory: Press Conference to Mark Inauguration of ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Centre, First Shell of ELT Deformable Mirror Completed, Your Events in the ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Centre, ESO Supernova Programme Now Available Online, Clarification of Brazil’s Involvement in ESO, ESO Signs Contract with Chilean Company for ELT Technical Facility, ESOcast 151: Chile Chill 11– ALMA from the Air, Starmus V — Star-studded Line Up for 2019, ESO at the Big Science Business Forum 2018, ESOcast 149: Fast Track Your Career With the ESO Studentship Programme, AstroCamera 2018 Competition Open for Entries, 5th Photo NightScape Awards Open for Entries, Catch a Star 2017 Contest Winners Announced, 2018 Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition Opens, ESO Director General meets European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Science in School: Issue 42 now available, ESO to Build ELT With Full Primary Mirror, Willy Benz Elected Next ESO Council President, De Zeeuw-Van Dishoeck Graduation Prize for Astronomy 2017 Awarded to Laura Driessen, ESOcast 139: Why Astronomers Want to Use ALMA — ALMA and the Cold Interstellar Clouds, Winners of Fifth ESO Astronomy Camp Bursaries Announced, Exciting New Virtual Reality Mode for ESO Virtual Tours 6.0, ESO to Participate in FORSCHA Event again. ESO & Chile Dark skies preservation Terms and Conditions ... Universitäts-Sternwarte München, the Astronomical Observatory of Padova and ESO. ESO’s La Silla Observatory to Host New Planet Hunter, ESO Supernova has a new partner: Softmachine Immersive Productions GmbH comes into play, ESOcast 124: Q&A with Tim de Zeeuw, ESO's Outgoing Director General, Hint of Relativity Effects in Stars Orbiting Supermassive Black Hole at Centre of Galaxy, ESOcast 120: Chile Chill 10: VLT Main Mirror Recoating, Chilean Minister of Energy Sees Paranal Connect to National Electricity Grid, ESO and ESA Reach Agreement to Site Test-Bed Telescope at La Silla, Mayan Archaeoastronomy: New Free Planetarium Show, Astronomers Build the Most Advanced Observatory in the World from LEGO®, ELT Primary Mirror Prepares to Flex its Muscles, Red Dots: The Live Search for Terrestrial Planets around Proxima Centauri Continues, Winner of Summer AstroCamp 2017 Bursary Announced, Science in School: Issue 40 Now Available, Fifth ESO Astronomy Winter Camp for Secondary School Students, Meet ESO at the Big Science Business Forum 2018, ESO Awards ELT Sensor Contract to Teledyne e2v, MUSE: New Free Film about ESO’s Cosmic Time Machine, ALMA Receives Over 1700 Proposals for Next Observing Cycle, Start of Strategic Partnership Discussions Between Australia and ESO, ESOcast 106: Chile Chill 9 - Lasers Over Paranal, 2017 Olivier Chesneau Prize Awarded to Rachael Roettenbacher, ESOcast 104: Data2Dome: From the Universe to You, ESO and Partners Launch Innovative Data2Dome Planetarium System, Media Advisory: Extremely Large Telescope First Stone Ceremony, Attempting the Impossible: Taking the First Picture of a Black Hole, Science in School: Issue 39 Now Available, Pale Red Dot Campaign Wins Guardian University Award, ESOcast 96: Ultracool Dwarf and the Seven Planets, 2017 Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition Opens, ESO Announces Support of Summer AstroCamp, ESO Awards Contract to Polish the ELT Tertiary Mirror, Win a Trip to Paranal with the Photo Nightscape Awards 2017, Catch a Star 2016 Contest Winners Announced, Orbit of Proxima Centauri Determined After 100 Years, Space Scoop Selected as Great Website for Kids, Science in School: Issue 38 Now Available, Winner of 2016 De Zeeuw-Van Dishoeck Graduation Prize for Astronomy Announced, ESOcast 89: Chile Chill 8 - A Bird’s Eye View of ESO’s Observatories, Winners of 2016 Photo Nightscape Awards Announced, ESO Hosts Workshop on Communicating Science to Society, Winners of Fourth ESO Astronomy Camp Bursaries Announced, First Light for Largest Adaptive Optics System, ESOcast 88: Fulldome Specialists visit Chile, ESPRESSO Sees Light at the End of the Tunnel, Programme for the ESO Open House Day 2016 now available, ESO racks up five million views on YouTube, New ESO Supernova Partner: Evans & Sutherland, Winners of the 2016 European Union Contest for Young Scientists Announced, Media Advisory: Green Power Comes to La Silla, Winners of Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016 announced, Science in School: Issue 37 now available, ESO Staff Share Prestigious Award Celebrating Innovation in Laser Technology, ALMA Residencia Design Featured at Prestigious 2016 Architecture Biennale, Media Advisory: Press Conference at ESO HQ to Make Important Announcement, ESOcast 87: Planet found around closest Star, Record Amount of Time Requested in Cycle 4 Proposals for ALMA, Exciting New Virtual Tours of ESO’s Observatories and Facilities, ESO Signs Contract to Polish the E-ELT Secondary Mirror, Agreement to Build Band 1 Receivers for ALMA, ESO Council Launches Search for Next Director General, New Exoplanet Hunter to be Sited at ESO's La Silla Observatory, ESO Supernova Basic Construction Complete, La Silla Observatory Opens for Public Visits during Winter, ESO Signs Agreement to Build Detectors for MOONS, ALMA Sounds, an Interactive Project to Search for a Common Cosmic Language, Science in School: Issue 36 now available, New Video Compilation: ESO’s La Silla Telescopes in 2016, Fourth ESO Astronomy Camp for Secondary School Students, ESOcast 84: The New E-ELT Design Unveiled, Media Advisory: ESO Press Conference about Largest Ever Contract in Ground-based Astronomy, GALACSI Adaptive Optics System Ready to be Mounted on the VLT, An Infrequent Visitor to the Skies Above Paranal, Teacher Training on Kepler’s Laws and Modern Astronomy, Planning Starts for MOS and HIRES Instruments on the E-ELT, Media Advisory: First Light Event for VLT’s Four New Lasers, Winners of art&science@ESO Residency Award 2015 Announced, Science in School: Issue 35 now available, Win a Trip to Paranal with the Photo Nightscape Awards 2016, APEX Celebrates Ten Years Exploring the Cold Universe, Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016 Competition Dates, Ireland to Explore Possibility of Joining ESO, Agreement Signed for E-ELT MAORY Adaptive Optics System, De Zeeuw–Van Dishoeck Graduation Prize Awarded to Sebastiaan Haffert, Science in School: Issue 34 now available, Laser Guide Star Units Accepted and Shipped to Chile, MUSE Observations Enable Prediction of Once-in-a-lifetime Supernova Replay, ALMA Links with Other Observatories to Create Earth-sized Virtual Telescope, Winners of Photo Nightscape Award 2015 Announced, ESO Telescopes Observe Swift Satellite’s 1000th Gamma-ray Burst, Ceremony Marks Excellent Progress in Constructing ESO Supernova, ESO Art & Science Residency Applications Open, Winners of Third ESO Astronomy Camp Bursaries Announced, ESOcast 77: Mysterious Ripples Found Racing Through Planet-forming Disc, Astronomy Week at the Chilean ExpoMilan Pavilion, 10 000th Free Image Published in the ESO Image Archive, Rock Star and Astrophysicist Brian May Visits Paranal, Agreement Signed for METIS Instrument for E-ELT, Winners of the 2015 European Union Contest for Young Scientists Announced, ESOcast 76: A Polarised View of Stellar Magnetism, Agreement Signed for E-ELT HARMONI Instrument, Agreement Signed for MICADO Camera for E-ELT, Earthquake in Chile: No Casualties or Damage at ESO Sites, Science in School: Issue 33 now available, ESO and ESA Directors General Sign Cooperation Agreement, Powerful New Black Hole Probe Arrives at Paranal, ALMA Greatly Improves Capacity to Search for Water in Universe, Paranal Observatory First Choice to Host World’s Largest Array of Gamma-ray Telescopes, Science in School: Issue 32 now available, ESO Signs Contract for Deformable Shell Mirrors for E-ELT, Catch a Star 2015 Contest Winners Announced, Invitation to Polish Industry Day in Warsaw, Astrophysicist Michel Mayor Receives Kyoto Prize, Programme for The Long Night of Science 2015 Available, Contract Signed for Final Design and Construction of Largest Adaptive Mirror Unit in the World, Revolutionary New High-speed Infrared Detector Sees First Light, ESO Signs Technology Transfer Licence Agreement for Cooling System, Third ESO Astronomy Camp for Secondary School Students, Open House at ESO for the Long Night of Science, ALMA Cycle 3 Call for Proposals Attracts Record Number of Proposals, ESO and East Asian Observatory Meet for First Time, 2015 Olivier Chesneau Prize Awarded to Julien Milli, ALMA at Full Stretch Yields Spectacular Images, ESO Now Delivers Videos and Fulldome Material Faster, Winner of ESO Art & Science Residency Announced, Science in School: Issue 31 now available, Astrocamera 2015 Competition Open for Entries, Win a Trip to Paranal with the Photo Nightscape Awards 2015, ALMA Performs Its First Very Long Baseline Observations, Plaque Commemorating Leiden Statement Unveiled, ESOcast 72: Looking Deeply into the Universe in 3D, Groundbreaking Ceremony for ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Centre, First Light for Laser Guide Star Technology Collaboration, 2014 European Astronomy Journalism Prize Winner Announced, Media Advisory: Groundbreaking Ceremony for the ESO Supernova, New High-speed Fibre Optic Data Link to ALMA, ESO Awards Contracts for E-ELT Primary Mirror Segment Support System Units, ESOcast 71: New Exoplanet-hunting Telescopes on Paranal, ESO Hosts Workshop on Public Awareness of Research Infrastructures, ESOcast 70 — Green Light for E-ELT Construction, Winners of Second ESO Astronomy Camp Bursaries Announced, ESOcast 69: Revolutionary ALMA Image Reveals Planetary Genesis, Winners of Photo Nightscape Award 2014 Announced, Science in School: Issue 30 now available, Tools, best practices and methodologies for Technology Transfer, ESO Exhibition A Window to the Universe Reopened in Antofagasta, Bright planets imaged as La Silla restarts observations, Flowers of stellar wind could be due to stellar companions, Interview with Resembling a butterfly with its symmetrical structure, beautiful colours, and intricate patterns, this striking bubble of gas — known as NGC 2899 — appears to float and flutter across the sky in this new picture from ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT).


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