Step 1. I was recently doing a bit of customization for a Divi child theme and, because the client had no use for the “project” custom post type (for portfolio items), I … Hover over the category you want displayed as the first filter and click the Quick Edit menu item that appears. This is the Featured Posts design from the Divi example above with a … In this example I did some more styling to the Projects example within the Copywriter layout pack. I’m not sure what you are having issues with, this is guide doesn’t involve the default Introducing Divi Ajax Filter. This snippets removes the “Projects” section of the Divi WordPress theme from Elegant Themes.. I’ve styled the header text, content text, read more text, add more text, and the filter text. Preparation . add_filter( 'et_project_posttype_rewrite_args', 'et_projects_custom_slug', 10, 2 ); Replace the custom-slug string in the code above with anything that you want ( ex : book ). ... Set the number of the projects, choose categories, show/hide title, categories, pagination and change the background. The absolute lack of documentation along with some of the mandatory stuff like the Projects custom type for Divi Builder is absurd. Filter WooCommerce Products, Posts, Projects, Custom Posts and so much more with the Divi Builder. It works perfectly with Extra. For your prep just make sure you have some projects created and all the ones you want to display are in a category. If you mix Posts and Projects, there will only be one Category 1 filter. View Example! Easy Install! Masonry Filterable Portfolio plugin for Divi Builder! Then navigate to Projects > Categories and we are going to prefix our categories so we can order them.. Set also titles, captions, overlay, shadows, filters, fonts, colors, borders and animations. Lastly, you might need to refresh your permalinks for this change to take effect. Be aware that Filterable Grid for Divi uses the Name field of the terms, not the Slug field for filtering. I’ve put in a feature request with Elegant Themes to, at a minimum, include new filters in a future version of Divi Builder that will allow both the ‘project_categories’ and ‘project_tags’ taxonomy creation functions to be hooked into, allowing for these taxonomy labels to be changed to whatever a … If you have multiple terms called “Category 1”, e. g. one inside Posts and one inside Projects, they will all match a possible “Category 1” filter. If you're reading this it wouldn't hurt to take some time to visit the ET website and add your voice to those asking for docs and adjustments to the plugin.


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