Zinn - Relief. Fayl:Carl Spitzweg - Der arme Poet (Neue Pinakothek).jpg. 92% Reinzinn und echtem Steinharz hintergossen. Erstickungsgefahr, da kleine Teile verschluckt werden können ! Carl Spitzweg -. This is a study for what has become one of Germany's most famous and popular paintings, "Der Arme Poet". Heinrich Heine Der arme Peter wankt vorbei, Gar langsam, leichenblass und scheu. ---- sehr schöne Tiefenwirkung ----. 53 no.3) Text & Translation Composer; Poet; Performances ; Der arme Peter wankt vorbei. Part of a series or song cycle: Der arme Peter (Op. Der arme Poet (The Poor Poet), one of the landmarks of German painting, is now being shown for the first time in Winterthur in a major exhibition on Carl Spitzweg. 53 no.3/3. In 1839, Spitzweg was a beginning artist who in the 1830s lived for a long time on the top floor of It depicts an impoverished poet writing in a cold attic under the shelter of his umbrella which protects him from a leaky roof. Boshqa tilda oʻqish; kuzat; Tahrirlash; Fayl; Fayl tarixi; Fayllarga ishoratlar; Global file usage; Metama’lumot; Size of this preview: 767 × 600 piksel. The poet is shown in his shabby attic room on a simple mattress lying on the bare floor, wearing a worn-out and patched jacket and a sleeping cap. Der arme Peter wankt vorbei (1840) Op. Welt gesamt (außer EU). Other resolutions: 307 × 240 piksel | 614 × 480 piksel | 983 × 768 piksel | 1 280 × 1 001 piksel | 3 202 × 2 503 piksel. Es bleiben fast, wie sie ihn sehn, Die Leute auf den Strassen stehn. “Der Arme Poet” (painted 1839) in is the most popular painting by the German Painter Carl Spitzweg. “The Poor Poet” by Carl Spitzweg “The Poor Poet” by Carl Spitzweg depicts the popular cliché of the poet concentrating only on his art; his material wealth and appearances are not a priority. Together with Der Bücherwurm (The Bookworm) , Der Kaktusfreund (The Cactus Friend) and other masterpieces, it is the highlight of the first exhibition on the Biedermeier master in Switzerland in almost 20 years. It exemplifies a romanticized movement of genre painting which embodied values strongly associated with the Biedermeier era.


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