Enjoy! Rotten Fields: Very large and stalking through corn is pretty inefficient, though possible. Don’t circle them, because your rapidly changing direction will inform them that you’re nearby. IMPORTANT learn to recognize if gens are being worked on from a distance (check if pistons are moving, and listen for sounds if there's no line of sight). You can stalk a person face-to-face (i.e. Follow them until you break them out again. Now you need to focus on breaking them out as they’re leaving. Stalk people from as FAR AWAY as you possibly can; it’ll be much harder for you to get noticed, let alone revealed. Many people at high ranks neglect healing if this perk is involved, so there’ll be a few people injured most of the time, making it easier to predict who will possibly come to rescue a teammate and who will remain on a faraway gen. Save the Best for Last: An unexpected solid choice, even for stalking ghostfaces. Wrecker’s Yard: (B) An average score for an average map. You can patrol the middle of the map and accumulate stalk on passing survivors, and set up for a snowball. ohhh, i'm glad that you asked, Burger king myers is a meme build for the shape which involves 2 add ons: Judith's Tombstone and Scratched mirror. You may worried about losing your ruin, but if they get haunted grounds, they get exposed. 0 perk ghostface with 0 addons is another meme build that guarantees all 4 survs escape but it's a funny build none the less; The devil outfit one cracked me up. I’ll soon catch someone working on a gen and hopefully mark and down them quickly. If you down a survivor, sometimes you’ll see another survivor who you won’t be able to hit. Tbh though, I wrote this a while back and it def needs to be updated. Object of Obsession: Still very effective against ghostie if used correctly. For an explanation of his power, lore, addon descriptions and teachable perks, I suggest reading the wiki (link below) as I won’t be discussing them here. There are times during the match where you'll find survivors grouped together, like during hook saves, or sometimes you'll find a survivor when your power's on cooldown. All rights reserved. share. Pretty easy to use, just run away if you see him coming. ^A build like this with very meta perks will help you climb quick. If he’s far away, hide behind cover. If nobody touches a gen for a while, I venture further out of the gen area and Whispers will tell me where they are. Corrupt Intervention lets me patrol a small area without exposing myself to the survivors. Torment Creek: (B-) Probably one of the better Coldwind maps, you can creep around the main building, and less corn=better stalks. Pop Goes the Weasel: With how quickly you can down people with GF, you’re bound to get good use out of it. Wretched Shop: (B) Basic loops and a decent ability to stalk the building gen, making that loop pretty ineffective. It’s probably his best perk. However, small hills don’t count-never attempt to stalk from these. Blood Lodge: (F) Not many good places to hide and the gens are mostly nestled in extremely safe loops. He's every single other killer minus a power. This way you can catch other survivors off guard rather than when they’re nearby and waiting to unhook their teammate. Danny Johnson or "The Ghost Face" is one of 22Killers currently featured inDead by Daylight . Also, some generators have very poor stalkability, and you just need to get a regular m1 hit. Sub NOED somewhere if you don’t care about survivor salt. I almost finished translation without "A Compilation of Cheeky Stalk Points." Don't crouch-walk across the map, you move really slowly. ... glad to know my build is on the right path. The weak loops along with your indoor stealth power will make you unbeatable. Think of yourself as their babysitter; they can't run off killing people if you're watching them like a hawk :). I tell you when translation finished :). I get a lot of downs from it. Not only is this such a lame way to play, it won’t even be that effective against good survivors since you won’t be able to end chases quickly enough. Crouch this distance away from them and circle the survivor while holding the stalk button until you find a spot you can stalk. Rather, the skill involves tracking and predicting survivor movements without the need for a lengthy chase. Jaee 8,483 views. Instead, stay focused and salvage whatever you can from the match. 1 Overview 2 Background 3 The Ghost Face's Perks 4 Load-out 4.1 Weapon: Tactical Knife 4.2 Power: Night Shroud 4.2.1 Power Trivia 4.3 Add-ons for Night Shroud 5 Achievements 6 … Now I know exactly who will come for the save, since few injured survivors would want to attempt a rescue with a wild Ghostface on the loose. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. However, this won’t work on all loops. Father Campbell’s Chapel: (B) Not too shabby, you can chill at the main building while also guarding that gen from the other side. Grim Pantry: (B) Strong loops at the central structure, but you can also use it to stalk people afar. Rancor: Lets you know where everyone is, but unfortunately it can only be used up to 5 times a match. Shelter Woods: (A-) Decent cover, dim lighting, few loops. I cannot understate how important this is; this is the best thing you can do to avoid getting seen, let alone broken out of stealth. Maybe soon ;), I really wish I knew about this guide sooner! Faster crouch speed addons aren’t terrible. In this video I showcase a simple yet effective build for Ghostface. Of the ultra rares, the Security Camera can be very useful, and the Tape can come in handy when stalking in spots that are normally pretty safe (like inside tiles). Just go into stealth and pick them all off again. Don’t stalk people from 5 feet away and expect them not to notice you. If you’re clearly losing, don’t panic and attempt to bumrush survivors. - Dead by Daylight Jaee. Most importantly, keep your eyes PEELED! Instead, by 99ing some people and injuring others, you have an opportunity to set up a snowball and downing many people in the span of a few minutes. I’m not a fan of this playstyle, and it’s definitely counterable. Dead by Daylight - Complete Ghostface Guide by a Devotion 14 GF Main (v3.5.0). All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. The building is still counterable though. You’d be surprised at how often this occurs. Take some time to learn how Whispers works in order to use it to its max potential. © Valve Corporation. Spine Chill: A pretty effective anti-ghostie perk. Sloppy,corrupt,nurses and thana have been working out really well for me following Tru3's hit and run play style with him. A recently popularized build encourages playing ghostface without stalking at all, just hit and run the survivors. A good map for most killers. He was introduced as the Killer of CHAPTER XII: Ghost Face®, a Chapter DLC released on 18 June 2019. Rancid Abattoir: (F) Cornstalking is necessary with an abomination of a main building. Lean-stalk them if you can; you’ll probably get revealed by the downed survivor but not before accumulating a hefty bit of stalk on the other survivor. (don't listen to the pic above; never fully stalk people from far away). Temple of Purgation (B-) Mother’s Dwelling but without the building. Here are the best and most toxic Dead by Daylight killer builds that are sure to see you victorious against survivors. I’ll 99 stalk this person and leave them for the moment, if they aren’t approaching a gen. Other structures include the tractors on Coldwind. If you think there are people healing in the area, use Whispers to track them down and pay attention to healing noises nearby. Kindred: While you won't be seeing the killer all the time, you can see him after he hooks someone and you'll have a good idea of where he'll be next, allowing you to act accordingly. On the other hand, if you fail to expose someone before they reveal you, sometimes its better to hit them, even if they're at 99% stalk. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). If you accidentally mark someone too early, don't chase them if they're in a safe area. The new Ghost Face killer has come to Dead by Daylight!Trying to decide whether or not you should make the plunge? Entity Education: Ghostface (Danny "Jed Olsen" Johnson) - Dead by Daylight Tutorials and Knowledge - Duration: 42:26. int3r4ct 77,094 views If there’s 4 blendettes then it’s a GG for me (not really but it does get more difficult). A recently popularized build encourages playing ghostface without stalking at all, just hit and run the survivors. Please see the. :). If they’re heading towards a gen, then follow through and down them, but if they’re not, then just leave them for now and go back to patrolling your gens. I’m not a fan of this playstyle, and it’s definitely counterable. You should play pretty defensively when stalking: always prioritize hiding instead of stalking survivors who are able to reveal you. #TheGhostface #DbD #Scream. I still like Whispers better though. save. Just let them go and move on. Just your run-of-the-mill map, less trash than trash tier. If you’re being stalked and the killer is very close, run through him as he can’t stalk you if you’re in his character model, but you can still break him out of stealth. While most of the time you'll be stalking survivors normally, there's always a chance you'll be noticed, there are several locations in the game where you can stalk with a little to none chance of being noticed. After playing the character since release against all types of players and learning everything there is to learn about him, I painstakingly created a Complete Ghostface Guide for ya'lls. Also, it doesn’t inform the survivor of your direction, so if you approach them from an unexpected angle, they might even run into you. This mainly provides insight on how strong stalking can be. on gens/totems) for this to work. I've always wanted to be a good ghostface :)), ayyy glad you liked it! The worst part is that you can’t even abandon the chase right away since your power has yet to recover (unless you’re using the best two recovery addons). Sloppy Butcher is actually very important for this playstyle to work; without it, everyone often ends up healing before you have time to down another survivor, making it difficult to predict their next movements. Mother’s Dwelling: (B) Decent main building but one of the largest maps in the game. Sprint Burst: Probably the most effective one here, and my least favorite to go against as ghostie. It'll also save time by preventing you from straying from your generator patrol route, should you choose to save the stalked survivor for later. Gas Heaven: (B-) There are many gens in the center area of the map with good loops nearby, and not a lot of cover.


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