Šok podno Tornja: Trener i djelatnici dobili otkaze, nije se moglo intervenirati", "PRESEDAN U HRVATSKOM SPORTU! On 5 July, a parliamentary election was held in the country, and in general the country was mostly reopened during the 2020 summer tourist season. Aug Hier wurden acht neue Fälle bestätigt und 30 weitere Personen haben eine erhöhte Körpertemperatur. On 26 October, it surpassed 25,600. On 14 April, the number of active cases reached its peak of 1,258. Neće raditi ni vrtići ni fakulteti", "Hakeri napali online nastavu u Hrvatskoj! 2.093 people are still hospitalized, with 244 patients on ventilator. On 25 May, the number of deaths reached 100, surpassing it the next day. Companies that were out of work or were seriously hampered by the pandemic were partially or entirely exempt from tax payments on profit and income, and from contributions. Toller Strand Insel Murter in einer schönen Bucht Schöner Beach in einer Bucht mit angeschlossenem Campingplatz. Murter ist nun ein potenzieller Krisenherd und wurde somit offiziell zur roten Zone erklärt, um eine mögliche Expansion zu verhindern. [103], On 21 April, Croatian Handball Federation (HRS) voided all competitions. [84] On 12 March, HNS decided to suspend all competitions until 31 March. Jun The pandemic in Croatia occurred during the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Zdravko Marić was asked to comment on to what extent the virus has affected the national economy, and if it could trigger an economic crisis. November 2020). Ulica don. [67], Celine Dion was set to perform on 5 June in Arena Zagreb as part of her Courage World Tour; however, the concert was postponed on 24 April. [61], Postponed or cancelled concerts include Croatian jazz musician Vesna Pisarović's concert in Dom Sportova and pop singer Nina Badrić's concerts in Novi Sad, Čačak, Kruševac and Maribor. [124], On 15 February, during a Croatian Table Tennis Superleague match which was played in Dubrovnik between the local team Libertas Marinkolora and guest team STK Starr from Varaždin, a number of insulting comments were posted on the official Libertas Marinkolora Facebook page towards a Croatian player of Chinese origin, Tan Ruiwu of STK Starr which referenced the coronavirus. [34], On 18 March, a hotel Le Méridien LAV in Split announced it would close from 23 March to 15 April. On 21 April, it surpassed 800. [60], On 2 March, Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra issued a statement that their joint concert with Filarmomica di Milano conducted by Daniele Gatti, set to be held in Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall on 10 March, had been cancelled due to the Italian orchestra coming from the affected Italian area which would've increased the risk of exposure to the virus. Primarily because no one knows how long the coronavirus crisis will last."[28]. The number of deaths was reported to be 108 in weekly report of 23 November. Was Sie im Sommerurlaub 2020 beachten müssen. On 23 June, it surpassed 100 again. This included a comment by the manager of Libertas Marinkolor Marko Habijanec in which he instructed one of his players (who was facing Tan in the next match) to "Beat this virus." 'Idiotsko ponašanje, "Divjak: "Imali smo 10 hakerskih napada. Don Delaš sparked controversy throughout previous week when he invited believers to his Palm Sunday Mass, held Masses despite misdemeanor charges and warnings from the Archdiocese of Split-Makarska, and even verbally assaulted the police officers who intervened during one of his Masses a few days prior. [51], On 11 March, it was announced that kindergartens, schools and universities in Istria County would be closed from 13 March, with students of the first four grades of primary school keeping up with classes via the TV channel HRT 3 or via Sharepoint from Microsoft Office. [29], On 14 March, the Government banned price increases and set the 30 January price as the highest possible for the following products: flour, milk, milk powder, eggs, sugar, salt, rice, pasta, fresh meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, canned meat, canned fish, edible oil, baby food, baby diapers, drinking water, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, soap, as well as water disinfectants, space disinfectants, hand sanitisers including concentrated alcohol, hazmat suits and other protective clothes and shoes, goggles, protective gloves, protective shoe covers, protective masks, respirators/transport fans, medication, medical products and bed covers for medical system; to avoid price increases amid panic buying. [93] The players stated that the pay cuts were not the problem, claiming that the club had not previously informed them and had led no negotiations with them, therefore reached no agreement about the pay cuts. [6] On the same day, the Ministry announced the formation of a National Crisis Headquarters for the coronavirus pandemic. No one in government is negating the problem, the problem is quite evident. Citizens of Croatia who work in those regions were banned from crossing the border as well. On 6 May, it surpassed 1,600. Assembly", "Coronavirus LIVE Updates: 9th Croatia Case Driver from Varazdin", "Strah od koronavirusa: Prva kompanija otkazala letove za Zagreb", "Jutros stigli u Split: Talijani s trajekta Marko Polo prebačeni u karantenu", "Croatia Airlines: 'Svi koji stižu letom iz ovih država idu odmah u karantenu na 14 dana, "Hrvatska zatvorila granične prijelaze s BiH", "U Hrvatskoj potvrđeno 46 slučaja zaraze. Es zeichnete sich über einige Tage ab: Zunächst hatte am Wochenende Österreich Kroatien als Risikogebiet eingestuft, dann hatten der bayerische und baden-württembergische Ministerpräsident wegen vermehrter Corona-Ausbrüche unter Kroatien-Urlaubsrückkehrern gefordert, den Adria-Staat auf die Liste der Risikogebiete zu setzen. [98] The same day, the Croatian Basketball Federation (HKS) has decided to cancel all competitions for the 2019–20 season. There have been 2.323 new recorded COVID-19 cases in Croatia in the last 24 hours, so 19.161 cases of COVID-19 remain active. Nov [5] Beroš held a meeting with the Ministry's Crisis Headquarters on his first day regarding the coronavirus epidemic. ", "HNL se neće nastaviti prije 16. svibnja", "NASTAVAK NOGOMETNIH NATJECANJA 30. [75], On 19 March, Croatian Bishops' Conference announced that, as of the next day, all Masses would be closed for the public. However, on 20 June, the number of active cases hit 50 again, surpassing it the next day. A lot of people are making off the cuff statements. [104], After HNS had previously decided on 20 April that Prva HNL season would not be continued before 16 May,[105] on 6 May they decided the season would restart on 30 May. [96] The same day, Real Madrid player and Croatia captain Luka Modrić donated 100,000€ to Zadar General Hospital for purchase of an X-ray generator. [30] Prime Minister Plenković informed President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen of the Government's decision a day later. [86], On 13 March, the Wings for Life World Run, set to be held in Zadar, was cancelled. Concerns were raised about the increased probability of the virus entering Croatia because of the number of Chinese workers working on Pelješac Bridge. Procesija na Plenkovićevom i Beroševom Hvaru dobila je dozvolu", "Ovakvi prizori na Hvaru dosad nisu viđeni: pogledajte veliki fotoizvještaj s ovogodišnje procesije 'Za Križen, "Premijeru su na Hvaru uručili zahvalnicu jer ih je pustio da u karanteni organiziraju procesiju", "VIDEO Svećenik iz Splita obrušio se na novinare: 'Neka vas đava nosi, ajte kvragu, "Incident u Splitu: Napadnuta novinarka, crkvenim vratima joj prikliještili ruku", "Beroš o plaćama u zdravstvu: Svi oni koji su odradili svoj posao će biti plaćeni", "SVE UTAKMICE PRVE HNL IGRAT ĆE SE BEZ GLEDATELJA Objavljena najnovija odluka HNS-a: Evo na koga se odnosi, koliko će trajati, a stigle su i upute", "OTKAZAN MEĐUNARODNI TURNIR QATAR AIRWAYS U DOHI", "PREKID SVIH NOGOMETNIH NATJECANJA DO 31. [88] The same day Šuker revealed that he would support UEFA Euro 2020's postponement at a videoconference in Nyon on 17 March. [110] On 26 June, Djokovic's coach, Croatian tennis legend Goran Ivanišević, confirmed that he tested positive for the virus as well. On 31 March, it surpassed 800. [87], On 14 March, Dalić was confirmed to be in self-isolation until 18 March as well as HNS president Davor Šuker, director Damir Vrbanović, spokesman Tomislav Pacak, and director of International Affairs and Licensing Department Ivančica Sudac. Those who did not have residence in Croatia or an address to spend the self-isolation at would be placed in quarantine instead, and those who refuse would be sent back to where they came from. [80][81] Minister of the Interior Davor Božinović confirmed the next day that three criminal charges and one misdemeanor charge were filed. Die Anzahl der Neuinfektionen in Kroatien liegt aktuell bei 2.323. [68], During April 2020, there had been widespread media speculation that the 2020 Croatian parliamentary election would be called earlier than originally planned, due to the uncertainty created by the still-ongoing worldwide pandemic. Das Land kämpft mit hohen Infektionszahlen. [120], On 19 March, after the first recorded case in the city, Dubrovnik Airport was closed. [33] The government proposed short-term economic measures, like postponement of tax payments and loans for struggling businesses for at least three months in response to the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. [76], On 9 April, on Maundy Thursday, Civil Protection Directorate allowed the inhabitants of the island of Hvar, which had no active cases, to hold five centuries old night procession Za križen under the condition that only fifteen people take part in it. Corona-Alarm in Kroatien: Neuinfektionen auf hohem Niveau In Kroatien schwankt die Zahl der täglich gemeldeten Corona-Neuinfektionen aktuell stark. [47], On 16 April, Jutarnji list reported about the Association of Tour Operators and Travel Agents of the Czech Republic (ACCKA)'s letter to the Czech Government about allowing Czech citizens who are confirmed to be negative for the virus to travel to Croatia and Slovenia, among other countries, during the summer via special corridors. On 6 July, the number of recorded cases surpassed 3,200. Auf der Insel Murter in den Orten Murter und Betina hat sich die Situation um das Coronavirus zugespitzt. Before 29 March 2020 full official data was updated at 4:00 PM, between 30 March 2020 and 29 August 2020 full official data was updated at 2:00 PM. Millionen Touristen reisen jährlich in das Land auf dem Balkan. Zaprešićani pred kolapsom, trener otišao", "Hrvatski rukometni savez poništio sva natjecanja u ovoj sezoni! On 19 October, the number of recorded cases surpassed 25,600. [59], On 25 June, as Croatia imposed obligatory self-isolation for all passengers entering the country from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia and Kosovo; this, however, was not obligatory for students entering the country to take Matura exams. Apr Growth factor is defined as today's new cases/new cases on the previous day. Feb [39] On 14 April, International Monetary Fund predicted an even worse scenario, a large decrease of 9% in GDP by the end of 2020. On 28 April, the number of active cases dropped below 800. [43], The City of Zagreb reported 6% fewer arrivals in February than in the same period the previous year. [15][16], For the citizens, the Government set up a website koronavirus.hr for all information they are interested in, as well as a new phone line 113 that has volunteers answering their questions. No, nazire se i jedna dobra vijest", "Koronavirus smanjio broj turista i u Zagrebu", "STIGLA PRVA TURISTIČKA STATISTIKA ZA OŽUJAK U prvih deset dana mjeseca ožujka bilježimo pad dolazaka i noćenja turista u iznosu od čak 30 posto", "Muzej grada Splita donio odluku: Podrumi Dioklecijanove palače zatvaraju se za posjetitelje", "Turizam i ugostiteljstvo u tjednu od 16. do 22. ožujka pali 78%, trgovina se drži na samo 2% pada! [37][38], On 9 April, World Bank predicted 6.2% decrease in Croatian GDP and 9% increase in unemployment rate. Es gibt 2 Strandbars mit Snacks, einen Obstverkäufer der auch Essen anbietet. On 3 June, it dropped below 50. He said: "It is very difficult to forecast what will happen because the situation is changing on a daily basis. Oct [118] However, later the same day, it was confirmed by Police Department of Brod-Posavina Chief Antun Valić that since the previous night passengers entering the country from Bosnia and Herzegovina were obliged to stay in 14-day self-isolation. On 7 September, it surpassed 200. In March 2020, a cluster of cases were reported in numerous Croatian cities. [117], On 15 March, Croatian Institute for Public Healthcare director Krunoslav Capak confirmed citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia would not be obliged to stay in self-isolation. [71] All parties drew major criticism for not wearing masks or keeping social distance in their headquarters,[72] most notably the winning Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) whose members hugged and sang together. Mar [57] On 6 May, Minister Divjak announced that Matura in optional subjects would not be held. KOŠARKAŠKI SAVEZ DONIO KONAČNU ODLUKU - NEĆE BITI PRVAKA Prekidaju se sva natjecanja za ovu sezonu! Die Anzahl der Neuinfektionen in Kroatien liegt aktuell bei 3.603. Ali ne razmišljamo o produžetku školske godine, stići ćemo sve rokove, "Konačna odluka: Esej iz hrvatskog jezika se neće pisati 16. svibnja", "Divjak: Mature će biti, naš cilj je da to bude u lipnju", "Šokantna odluka: Ministrica Divjak otkazuje izborne predmete mature", "Nakon pritiska javnosti, ministrica naglo okrenula ploču: Pišu se svi ispiti mature! Jun He also recommended believers who had symptoms of respiratory system infection, had visited affected areas, had been in contact with a carrier of the virus, were elderly or suffered from chronic illnesses not to attend the Mass. On 7 July, they predicted an even worse scenario – 10.8% decrease – while their prediction about next year recovery did not change. [35], From 19 March, all non-essential activities in the service sector were closed. On 27 August, it surpassed 6,400. The suspension refers to public passenger transport by road within the country (except for taxi services), international public passenger transport by road, passenger transport by rail, tram and other city public transportation, as well as all other types of public transportation (such as funicular railway). On 26 May, it dropped below 100. However, it was cancelled on 21 June as Bulgarian player Grigor Dimitrov contracted the virus. Zajc in Rijeka YouTube Channel", "Virtualnim programima se priključuje i riječki HNK: "Zajc uz vas" - online", "Finance Minister reluctant to forecast possible economic downturn due to coronavirus", "Dubrovnik braces for blow to local economy", "Hrvatska ograničila cijene brašna, mlijeka, jaja, mesa...", "PLENKOVIĆ 'Broj zaraženih porastao je na 49' BEROŠ 'Raspravlja se o proglašenju karantene u cijeloj državi, ali nećemo trčati pred rudo, "Kreće kontrola cijena: Ovi proizvodi ne smiju imati višu cijenu", "Plenković: U sljedećim danima obustavit će se rad nekih trgovina, kina, teretana...", "Croatia postpones tax payments due to coronavirus crisis", "Croatia closes most services, shops fighting coronavirus", "Vladine mjere dokazale: Ti ljudi nemaju ni najmanjeg pojma o malim firmama", "Nove mjere vlade: Otpisi i odgode poreza za tvrtke, naknade za radnike 4000 kuna", "Svjetska banka: Hrvatska na putu duboke recesije", "Grozne prognoze MMF-a: Hrvatski BDP past će za golemih 9 posto", "Hrvatsko gospodarstvo 2020. pada od 5 do 9 posto, 2021. će rasti do 4,9 posto", "Javni dug skače na 90% i da kriza za tri mjeseca završi", "MISLILI STE DA NE MOŽE GORE? [21], On 18 March, it was announced that, as of the next day, all cultural institutions in Croatia will be closed. [53], On 16 March, Minister of Education Blaženka Divjak confirmed that the same day CARNET, responsible for online classes in Croatia, had been a victim of a cyberattack making the online classes impossible at that moment. [46] In the week from 16 to 22 March, hotels and restaurants in the country recorded 78% decline in revenue compared to the previous week. Croatian representative Damir Kedžo, set to perform his song "Divlji vjetre" (Wild Wind), was expected to perform at the next edition of the contest,[64][65][66] but on 23 June Croatian Radiotelevision decided that a new representative would be elected in February 2021. Our budgetary projection for economic growth, GDP growth this year is 2.5%, it remains to be seen if we will have to adjust the figure down and if so by how much. On 9 November, it surpassed 51,200. On 17 May, it dropped below 200. [58] However, a day later, the decision was withdrawn after the public pressure. The Ministry of Health warned those travelling to China to avoid sick people, animals, and markets, not to eat any raw or semi-cooked animals, and to wash their hands often and to notify their doctor of their plans to travel to China. ", "ZA NAŠE NAJVJERNIJE GOSTE NAPRAVIO BI SE SPECIJALNI ZRAČNI KORIDOR: Avionom iz Praga slijetali bi turisti s potvrdom da nisu zaraženi koronavirusom", "INICIJATIVA IZ PRAGA PALA NA PLODNO TLO Plenković već odradio razgovor s češkim kolegom, premijeri zadali zadatak ministrima turizma", "HTZ objavio podatke za travanj: 99 posto manje turista nego lani", "Having Saved Summer, Croatian COVID-19 Rates Raise Fears for Autumn", "Zbog koronavirusa zatvaraju se škole u Istri, najmlađi učenici će nastavu pratiti preko HRT-a: Vlada priprema i mjere za pomoć poduzetnicima", "Plenković: Od ponedjeljka se obustavlja nastava u Hrvatskoj. November 2020). Urlaub in Kroatien ist schon länger möglich, das Land öffnete die Grenzen bald wieder nach dem Corona-Ausbruch. The first case in the Republic of Croatia was reported in Zagreb on 25 February, when a patient who had come from Italy was tested positive. [42], On 6 May, European Commission predicted 9.1% decrease in Croatian GDP by the end of the year and then 7.5% increase a year after. Some of the institutions in Croatia preemptively reacted to the potential threat. [99][100] The same day, UEFA decided to postpone all international matches scheduled for June until further notice, therefore postponing Croatia national team's friendly games with Turkey and France, scheduled to be played in Osijek and Nice respectively. [63], On 18 March, Eurovision Song Contest 2020 was cancelled due to the virus pandemic in Europe. [121], On 21 March, traffic with Slovenian regions White Carniola and Lower Carniola was completely suspended. [101], On 9 April, HNK Rijeka confirmed their players and employees agreed about a one-third pay cut for the following 16 months. [62], On 11 March, the annual music award ceremony Porin, set to be held on 27 March in Centar Zamet in Rijeka, was postponed until further notice. By the end of August, however, the infection rates grew so much that epidemiologists started to express concern about autumn and the coming flu season's effect on the health system. Some ensembles will not continue their regular and usual work, because it involves gathering of more people, such as orchestras or choirs, and physical contact, such as ballet ensembles.[26][27]. Letalitätsrate von 1,34%. Number of deaths in Zagreb County shown on the official website is outdated, shown as 10 and comes from 8 August. However, the police then asked the bus driver to go back to Vienna as well and told him that "he shouldn't have let the Singaporeans in the bus in the first place".[127].


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