What's up with you? Meistens gar keine direkte sondern mehr ein weiterer Gruß in der Art. If you don't want to start a long conversation, you can use one of these standard replies: This is the most common answer. You can search the forum without needing to register. Thank you for supporting LEO by making a donation. as well. Teile dieser Seite funktionieren nur mit aktiviertem JavaScript. A person who likes to be grammatically proper might answer this way. Es ist einfach nur eine höfliche Frage. Infographic: How many words do you 'need'? 1. Habe 3 Jahre in England gelebt und die Leute dort wollen eigentlich die Antwort garnicht wissen. This question is similar to "How are you". Please note: Contributions to LEO GmbH are not tax deductible. With William H. Macy, Maria Bello, Alec Baldwin, Shawn Hatosy. We have 100 great names for men and 100 great names for women for you to choose from right here, right now! We put a lot of love and effort into our project. ControlUp is an advanced computer management and monitoring platform for managing a large amount of Windows servers, workstations and user sessions. This is a friendly, polite answer that's suitable for coworkers, clients, and acquaintances that you haven't seen in a while. Was sagt man da? You can answer this way if your life has been really busy and exciting lately. "auf" as a locative preposition (on top/on with contact) The thing that stands out most about "auf" as a locative preposition is that it can be dative or accusative depending on the type of clause But you don't have to answer honestly. If you give a negative answer like this one, it usually means that you want to tell the listener your sad story. It would be more natural to respond with another greeting: It would be more natural to respond with another greeting: If the person does not see you very often and it’s someone who is checking in with you after 6 months or a year it would mean “What is going on in your life?” or it could still mean “What are you doing right now However, a lot of English speakers don't know or care about this. 10 Antworten, wenn du nicht weißt, was du schreiben sollst. Just getting ready for Vanessa's graduation.". LEO.org: Your online dictionary for English-German translations. Why Memorize? should be answered with an adverb. The 3 biggest improvements you can make to your English writing, The key to understanding natural spoken English, 5 steps to achieving your New Year's resolutions, 8 reasons why your English isn't improving, How your brain learns English (and how it doesn't). One simple console to manage and control your virtual network in order to improve end-user experience. The problem with language learning "levels". Ein paar der Sprüche werden dir auch dabei helfen von nun an schlagfertig auf dumme Kommentare antworten zu können. verwendet, der Fragesteller erwartet zu 99% keine ehrliche Antwort, bzw. This answer is formal. Du suchst coole Sprüche für jede Lebenslage? One other thing that you should know: all of these questions can also be used to mean "Hello". “Was geht ab?” is the German equivalent of “What’s up?” or “What’s happening?”. Registration and use of the trainer are free of charge. — Gut, ist gebongt. “What are you up to?” What does this mean? Er schreibt so etwas wie: „Hey, wie geht's dir?Was hast du denn die Tage so vor?“ (Er will hier mal abchecken, was du so machst.Sich aber nicht festlegen, falls du keine Zeit hast. So they'll usually ask what's wrong: B: I just found out that I'm being laid off. [Chorus] G And I said Heyeyeyeyey Am Heyeyey C G I said Hey Whats going on? Never tell yourself that you "know" an English word or phrase. This question means the same thing as "What's up" and can be answered in the same way. The preposition auf forms part of the group of prepositions that can be used in the accusative or dative, depending on the context. on, near, during. The people who do are "by the books" types who insist on using grammatically correct language. The meaning of "auf" in German. It's more common and much, much more casual. Directed by Wayne Kramer. When not to answer. But with our help it will not be impossible! You might answer this way if someone you don't know, like a waiter at a restaurant, asks how you are. Hallo, die Amerikaner sagen öfters zur Begrüßung sowas wie what's up, whats poppin oder what's going on. This is another really common answer. People usually give positive answers to the question "How are you?" Z.B. One other thing that you should know: all of these questions can also be used to mean "Hello". This question means the same thing as "What's up" and can be answered in the same way. It might make you seem a little angry or rude. This is an enthusiastic, excited response. Die Fenstergröße wurde verändert. When not to answer. whats in my head and I, I am feeling a little peculiar. Here are some links to help you get started: Improve your English skills with Phrases AudioBook. G So I wake in the morning and I step outside Am and I take a deep breath and I get real high and C G I Scream at the top of my lungs WHATS GOIN ON? In that case, you don't have to answer. This answer makes it sound like you're having a tough day. Hey, man // Not much // Hi //.... Klassisch in dem Zusammenhang ist "Nuthin'. It would be more natural to respond with another greeting: So how do you know whether someone really wants to know how you are, or they're just saying "Hi"? Finding the perfect, cool name for games can be hard in 2018! It means “What are you doing right now?” if the person sees you regularly. Soll man da wie im Deutschen antworten mit nothing special, what about you oder einfach nur hello, hey, hi sagen? Lustig oder zum Nachdenken: Wir sammeln die besten Zitate und Whatsapp Status-Sprüche auf Englisch über Liebe, Freundschaft, das Leben und mehr. Offering forums, vocabulary trainer and language courses. You can follow it by sharing something interesting that's happening: "Nothing much. Watchin' the game, havin' a Bud...", It's always OK to say "Not much. This is a more friendly-sounding answer than "fine". There are a few questions that English speakers ask at the beginning of a conversation. Answer this way if you do mostly the same things each day. MiaoMiao is a smart reader for FreeStyle Libre sensors. You can tell that it's just a greeting if: Improve your English ability by understanding and memorizing common English phrases. Pass auf, dass Du den Alarm anstellst, bevor Du gehst. Technically, the question "How...?" Was geht ab? Het Amsterdams Universiteitsfonds AUF biedt extra faciliteiten voor studenten, onderzoek, onderwijs en academisch cultureel erfgoed. Hier ist eine großartige Sammlung witziger, cooler Sprüche, die dir mit Sicherheit ein Lächeln auf das Gesicht zaubern werden. Diese Frage hab ich mir schon öfter gestellt... Das Gleiche was Du auf die deutsche Frage: "Was ist los?" The answers discussed above all work for "How's it going?" The official text is the English version of the website. You need to be logged in to start a new thread. antworten würdest :). Here's another answer that will also work for "How's it going", but not for "How are you?". In an old school Las Vegas casino, its top gambling jinx breaks his curse when he falls in love, much to his boss' consternation. Continuous glucose readings every 5 minutes straight to your smart phone or smart watch. Please consider reporting inaccuracies to support@16personalities.com or join our translation project! This question means "What's happening in your life?" Disclaimer: All non-English versions of the website contain unofficial translations contributed by our users.They are not binding in any way, are not guaranteed to be accurate, and have no legal effect. wird ausschließlich neutral im Sinne von "Was geht?" You need to be logged in to use the vocabulary trainer. 3. Bitte laden Sie die Seite neu, um sie der neuen Größe anzupassen. — Ok, I will.) This phrase means that you're doing the same things every day, and you're a little bored of it. It's just a bit fresher than "Nothing much" because it's a little less common. If you don't care as much about grammar, you can answer "Good" or "Pretty good". Registration and participation are free! Also available as App! ", Vergleichbar mit "Alles, was nicht fest ist" auf die Frage "Was ist los?". In that case, you don't have to answer. One other thing that you should know: all of these questions can also be used to mean "Hello". Learn about 'por' vs. 'para', Spanish pronunciation, typing Spanish accents, and more. Here's a list of common answers to them: This is a simple, straight answer. ist an dieser nicht interessiert. These questions are simple tools to find out if there are any interesting topics to discuss: You've certainly heard these questions, but you might be confused about how to answer. This question means the same thing as "What's up" and can be answered in the same way. G We have a name for every type of personality out there that […] Expert articles and interactive video lessons on how to use the Spanish language. My theory of "hook phrases", How the Benefits of Tutoring to Learn a Language Outweigh Those of the Classroom Environment, they're walking by you and don't stop to hear your answer, the tone of their voice doesn't go up at the end. In that case, you don't have to answer. This is more to-the-point. "What's up?" Type Chinese Pinyin syllables to get a list of corresponding Chinese characters. Genauso ist es mit dem "How are you?". Your contribution supports us in maintaining and developing our services. If you don't say anything else, though, it might be a signal that you don't want to continue the conversation. (Make sure you switch the alarm on before you leave. It's always good to ask a question back to the other person if you want to continue the conversation.


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