Click Click Lyrics: I had a dream that I stole the maps / I erased all the borders and that was that / I cut the power and spun the traps / I knocked down the walls and laid em flat / I had a dream Click click, click click click. Click-Click* Lyrics: Lyrics from Snippet / I shot the sheriff / Killed the deputy, spared the reverend / Smack your parents, split the marriage / Slash the niggas, he with the sheriff / I'm with the Click Click Lyrics: We get that paper baby boy, it's easy / You want to be who? Yes Lyrics: Back of my head i feel the slaughter / Take somebody else's daughter / Out in the fields where no one goes / To a place i know we'll be alone / Take to the grass that rolls like One in thirty five is saying sorry through a bottle Say it's your job to scrape a living up, that's all it does Well think it back over it, hurts twice as much as living. Take another picture with your click, click, click, click camera Take another picture with your click, click, click, click camera Sure, I got pictures of my own Of the people and the places that I've known Here's one: I'm carrying your suitcase Outside of Alphabet City But in someone else's life Where Maria is a wife ClariS – Click Lyrics [Intro] Kioku ga hiraku oto kikitai kara Kimi ni sashidasou [Verse 1] Aa konna ni mo taisetsu na omoi mo Toki no suna ga ooikakushite Aimai ni shite shimau, keredo Unmei nante kotoba wa CHIIPU da nante Issho ni waraiatteru kimi ga Sono hito dattari suru … One shot, this is it, … Itchy finger, finger, trigger, trigger Faster faster faster faster. You can't be me / Shorty gave me that ass on GP / Rolling in a G-500, or the Porsche, roof open / And I know that you're


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