After escaping Arkham Asylum, he upgraded his outfit to a lighter coloured coat, but kept a similar top hat. Ah, something fun to fry.". Jervis Tetch is shown to be psychopathic and unhinged, and quite sadistic. Batman eventually escaped from the dream-reality, and captured The Mad Hatter, sending him to Arkha… The Mad Hatter eventually escaped from Arkham Asylum. While Scarecrow showed Jervis a new coat and top hat he got for him, Valeska said "Oh, speechless, I know" before removing the mask that covered Mad Hatter's mouth. First Appearance He is one of the few rare supervillains (along with. Whilst not referred to by his comic book alter-ego "The Mad Hatter" within the actual show, he is listed by his alias in cast lists for plot synopsis'. Mad Hatter first appeared as part of the White Knight Universe in Batman: White Knight #2 by Sean Murphy. [6], From the window of his cell, Jervis watches as the Court of Owls obtains Nathaniel Barnes from Arkham Asylum. Gloating, Jerome said "So, how ya been? Jervis tries to get Gordon to choose once more, giving him the choice of who to kill at the count of three. In the time span following Alice's demise and Tetch's continued criminal acts, his mindset grew worse, to the point that he took pleasure in causing death and destruction, even to the point of viewing Jerome Valeska as a visionary for wanting to send Gotham into madness, and joined in on Jeremiah's schemes purely for "fun". Tetch refused to be given a pardon by the mayor as he believed in Jerome's plan. Jerome said "These guys just don't give up, huh?" name cannot be a simple integer. While Ecco contacted Jeremiah, Jim tried to mock Jervis by calling him Jeremiah’s errand boy. Finally losing his edge, Penguin told the other villains that the kidnappings, the concert in the Square was all to draw the biggest crowds, so they can drop the laughing gas on the people. Jervis states that the only cure is to "give in and let Alice win." Jervis is then hospitalized for his injuries. Later, Jervis is being transferred to another jail site. Oh, you look great! Barbara asks that whether or not he can use the hypnosis to make people do anything, but Tetch admits he can only make people do what they secretly want. Crane along with some of Jerome's followers then met with Mad Hatter and Penguin. She does so, but is knocked down by her husband and killed. ", whereon he poked his brother's forehead and added "Plus, you used to draw those stupid things all the time as a kid. name cannot be a simple integer. When the doctor's wife searches for him, Tetch appears in the darkened corridor and taunts her to run. Il portera le costume du Chapelier Fou (Mad Hatter en VO). The swap goes awry when Barbara shows up enraged. He often works as a thief, obsessed with stealing hats to finish his collection of head-wear. Barnes leaves stating that he'll make it right. When he agreed, Mad Hatter proceeded to hypnotize the man. Jerome had Mr. If you wanted him dead, you would have killed him already". To think I used to be the handsome one, right?". Cite error: Invalid tag; As Mario is taken to be locked up in the bathroom, Gordon starts taunting Jervis about how Alice hated him for what he did to her and was happy that she was away from Jervis. Whilst his outfits change in appearance throughout his time in Gotham, they are normally the same style: which includes a suit, long coat and a top hat. Valeska then bounced around the transporter, yelling "All aboard!" Angry, Barbara holds a glass to Tetch's throat, but he cancels the hypnosis, Tabitha intervenes and admits Barbara doesn't take well to rejection, much to his amusement. He hypnotised the headmaster into giving him the information on Jerome's brother and programmed him to blow himself up should anyone come asking the same questions. They were going to need a lot more this toxin to turn the city into a madhouse. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tetch puts the man under hypnosis and makes him feel weightless, and then gets him to stand on the back of the chair, much to the astonishment of the crowd the man does not fall. According to Tetch, he and his sister Alice lost their parents when young and he became her guardian. Jervis, Jim and Harvey flee the scene and hide in a garage. He isn't held for very long, as Ed Nygma makes a deal with Jim to trade Jervis for Oswald. Bullock chased Crane and Tetch through the maze, shooting at them several times during the process. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Legend of the Dark Knight: Nothing's Shocking,, He soon had her committed by Hugo Strange and wasn't allowed to see her after that. He gets the man down from the chair, but before reverting the hypnosis he whispers something in his ear. all three cards for this character type, common, uncommon and rare and 4 dice. Tetch managed to survive Protocol 10 later that night, and when Batman returned to his lair afterward, he found Jervis still standing on the table, mourning the loss of his favorite hat, and wondering if 'Alice' would be angry with him. Mario arrives and holds Jervis at gunpoint. Tetch speaks almost always in rhyme. As Gordon arrives, Jervis speaks through the television and states that he has a beloved pediatrician and Channel 5's favorite anchor hooked up to electrical device that will shock them. When Tabitha asks if he is just in Gotham and has a place to stay, but Tetch, looking at the doctor who is still under the hypnosis, says something always comes up. Jervis ordered him to look into his eyes while he used his ticking pocket watch to support the hypnosis, causing the pilot's face to become expressionless in the process. Cite error: Invalid tag; Another unsettling attribute of Tetch's personality was his clear incestuous feelings for Alice. Jerome responded "Oh, bro, we might not look the same anymore, but we still think the same. He tells Barbara that once she wakes up she will be madly in love with him. [1], With an unnamed woman as his captive, Tetch started talking about Alice's death. While Scarecrow freed Jerome from the prison cell, Ecco and Mad Hatter proceeded to approach Jeremiah's office room, not unnoticed by all the video camera installed at the maze bunker. Tetch's show is observed by Barbara Kean and Tabitha Galavan. No and Lee arrived and Jervis mocked them by referring to Lee as the woman Jim told her to kill. They're after me and the Scarecrow". They later captured the most important people in the city, and loaded them into the police van. Jerome then put himself behind the wheel and said "Oh, I'm coming. Tetch picks a volunteer whose wife has a very expensive necklace on. Before deactivating the TV monitors, Jervis tells Gordon to "ask an old friend how to get to the end." This shows his mind further deteriorated following Alice's death. Realizing it was a mistake he started his desperate search for her. If any police show up, more people will die. Using a serie… When Jerome heard Bullock yelling, he immediately held Jeremiah in headlock and pointed his gun at him. Use a descriptive title. In DC Comics, Jervis Tetch, also known as the, This is the second live-action adaptation of the supervillain Mad Hatter, with the first one being in the 1960s Adam West television show. He then says to Gordon to meet with him at 87 Fulton Street, Apartment 4C. Upon slitting the woman's throat, Jervis uses her blood to write Jim Gordon's name on a piece of paper as he begins to plan his revenge. After the Arkham Breakout, Tetch arrived in Gotham as a hypnotist in search for Alice until he eventually looked to the bounty hunter, Jim Gordon, to find her. [5], Gordon later visits Arkham Asylum to get the information of the other blood-infected victim. After this show Gordon meets Tetch at the bar. Once doing so, she goes to kiss him but Tetch rejects her saying he has another, much to the amusement of the crowd, and Barbara's psychotic side erupts. Upon arrival at the location, Gordon is called up by Tetch who tells him to look through the telescope where he sees Tetch calling from across the street. At the abandoned amusement park, Tetch has Alice dressed as the titular character as he starts harvesting her blood. Trying to contact Leslie Thompkins, Jervis answers her phone and finds that he has captured her too. Like Crane, who uses his pillow case as a Scarecrow mask, Tetch wears a top hat made of newspaper. Batman warned the Mad Hatter to never take control of his mind again. name cannot be a simple integer. While Tetch began to laugh, Jerome told him that he did a great job keeping Gordon occupied, meanwhile, Crane got his fear gas and Jerome got his information, so everything is going according to his plan. Upon fighting the trance, Gordon shoots the pendulum. And by fish, I mean faces, or feet. During a particular show, he makes a group of people make animal noises, until he reverts the hypnosis. ―Mad Hatter's soundbite in LEGO Batman 2. Tetch stops and is delighted to see her, but she tells him to stop coming after her. He returned to the city after learning of the breakout of 'monsters' from the Indian Hill, and believed Alice was probably among them.Cite error: Invalid tag; He then ran out of the maze bunker, laughing maniacally in the process. Jerome also got a new suit while Jonathan took a coat and a top hat for Mad Hatter. After Gordon does some persuasion on him, Jervis states some comments that leads to Mario Calvi. Crane responded that their cargo is too precious to waste while Penguin took a look at the giant airship. Tetch's new getup following the cataclysm. Lee soon asks the big question of why he infected Mario. Jim fought them off, but Ecco came up behind them and whacked Jim over the head. As the hypnotized doctor does so, Tetch relaxes on the couch. He is known for his mind-control technology. Crane then revealed that Valeska anticipated Oswald's betrayal and that he knew Penguin would go to Jim Gordon. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, Scarecrow and Jerome attacked the prison transporter to the delight of Jervis. Following Alice's death, Jervis began to show clear signs of mental instability when he led a crusade against Gotham City and was willing to endanger the lives of innocent people due to the pain of Alice's death, making clear that her being alive was the only thing that keeping him somewhat in check with reality. Mad Hatter then looked at Penguin in disgust about him betraying the Legion. We have fish to fry. Following the No Man's Land event, his clothing was far more colourful: which involved a patterned waistcoat under his black jacket and a red bow tie. Tetch is eventually caught by Nathaniel Barnes and is sent to Arkham Asylum. However, Mad Hatter and Scarecrow followed Ecco when she transported Jerome to the maze bunker. before he followed them.


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