As soon as Christmas and New Year are over, everyone will be... A story that might interest many tourists visiting this part of Italy alludes to graffiti by Michelangelo in Florence , specifically a simpl... Update 20 February 2019 : Tours of the Vasari Corridor. Weitere City Cards und Rabattkarten für Touristen. The new basic fare is 1.20 €, for a 70 minute ticket (you buy the tickets at tabacchi stands or ATAF kiosks) - you must stamp the ticket when boarding (even if no one else seems to - you don't want to get busted without a validated ticket … This is the time of year when many readers ask me, " When do the poppies appear in Tuscany? " Tickets valid for 90 minutes cost €1.50 (€2.50 on board or €1.80 via SMS using an Italian SIM card) and a 10-ticket carnet/monthly pass is €14/35. Of cours... Today, I'll be giving a positive answer to this question: Is Tuscany Europe's top budget tourist destination? On the ATAF (Florence Bus) website there is a route planner, but it uses a rather old map … Answer 1 of 9: Hello. ATAF Florenz Tickets & Tarife ... Angebote für Touristen . Answer 1 of 5: Hi, Does anyone have current information whether the 24-hour tickets are still being sold in Florence ? Tuscany 2020 - things to see and do when you visit Tuscany, Florence bus tickets - tickets for the ATAF buses in Firenze, How to visit the Vasari Corridor in Florence, How to get from the airport to central Florence, Swallows, swifts and house martins in Tuscany, Tuscany, Europe's top budget tourist destination, Bella Toscana Tuscany tourist information, Accommodation and things to see & do in Chianti. Up-to-date news on what to see and where to stay in Chianti and all of Tuscany. bus ticket validation machine in florence ATAF Plan your public transportation route in Florence. ), call toll-free 800 424500 (from mobile phones: 199104245) or visit www.ataf… In Tuscany , we... Wild flowers in Tuscany. Freie Fahrt mit ÖNPV mit dem Florenz City Pass. The historical libraries of Florence preserve some of the most important book, periodical and manuscript collections in Europe. To me this means it is a valid ticket. They are available from any kiosk (news stand) and from many cafés (bars), and at tobacconists. The fact that they weren’t valid is misleading to say the least, but if you read the fine print on the back, or text beneath the Italian text, then yes it does say ‘ticket … All rights reserved. Tuscany, Italy - what to see and where to stay when you visit Tuscany, Italy. IMPORTANT: there are no legitimate tours of the Vasari Corridor being offered cu... Of all the misplaced expectations that visitors to Tuscany report, bread probably leads the pack. " This multiple ticket may be used by one or more persons simultaneously (to a maximum of 4), and must be validated as many times as there are passengers (one validation per section). Things have changed. The 4X90 minutes ticket is a booklet of 4 tickets each valid for 90 minutes. Sign indicating a tobacconist - they usually also sell bus tickets. What you need to know before renting a car in Italy. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. For information about services (times, routes, fares, etc. If you're under lock-down due to Coronavirus, maybe this is the moment to take some Italian lessons using Skype. Powered by. The most useful ATAF office is the one at via Alamanni 20r. Copyright ammonet InfoTech 2010 - 2020. Buy tickets for local city buses and trams at the ATAF ticketing window (windows No 8 and 9) inside the main ticket hall of Florence's central train station; if the queue is too long, use the orange ticketing machine in front. According to the ATAF website, they now sell a "carnet" of 10 single-ride tickets for 14 euros. © 2020 Lonely Planet. All rights reserved. You can also now buy tickets directly on the bus, for 2.00 €, at night only, I think - this may have changed recently too as they try to become more customer "friendly". I have searched extensively ATAF's website and they don't have them in the different types of tickets listed. Many first time visitors to Tuscany ask me how to get from the airport to central Florence . I want emails from Lonely Planet with travel and product information, promotions, advertisements, third-party offers, and surveys. From ATAF website" Prezzo: €4.70. One-way tickets cost €1,20 and may be purchased at ATAF client points, authorized dealers (newspaper stands, tabacchi, cafés), equipped ticket machines and on board (for € 2). They used to sell one, single 10-ride ticket -- for something like 11 euros. Mobil in Florenz: Auskunft allgemein: Die meisten Sehenswürdigkeiten in Florenz befinden sich alle im Stadtzenrtum und sind fußläufig erreichbar. Why is Tuscan bread so bad? There are a few simple but important things to know about using the city buses in Florence, Italy. I can unsubscribe any time using the unsubscribe link at the end of all emails. Validate ticket on board or risk an on-the-spot €50 fine. We are booked to stay at a Hotel which is a 15 minute bus ride away from the centre. Now is the time to consider reserving your vacation accommodations in Tuscany . There is no central ATAF station per se, the routes all have their own beginning and ending point (capolinea), but many buses have Santa Maria Novella train station as a main terminus. The tickets were bought in good faith and state at the top of the ticket clearly ‘Ticket valid 90 minutes’. My husband & I will be in Florence for 6 nights, immediately after Easter 2019. There are also two ATAF offices very near the SMN railway station where you can buy tickets. And a year or so ago, they also sold a five-ride ticket … Buy tickets for local city buses and trams at the ATAF ticketing window (windows No 8 and 9) inside the main ticket hall of Florence's central train station; if the queue is too long, use the orange ticketing machine in front. In Tuscany, one of the most pleasing events of Spring is the return of the birds we call swallows, swifts and house martins. Watermark theme. ATAF bus tickets should be bought BEFORE you board the bus. ATAF tickets Buongiorno, There are several options for purchasing bus tickets for the ATAF Florence city buses, my favorite was always the 10 trip carnet normally available at the larger … Florence bus tickets - tickets for the ATAF buses ... Should I rent a car or hire a driver to explore Tu... How can we do an olive oil tasting in Tuscany?


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